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  frog flag Garden Art Flag / Frog on Lily Pad

This top quality art flag design in brilliant,bold colors, of a happy wide-grinned froggy, perched on a beautiful lily pad, will decorate and definitely enhance your home. The flag is designed of Permanently Dyed, Weather Proof, Fade and Mildew Resistant, high quality material.

Size:18" T X 12.5" W
Price: $10.95

  Welcome Garden Art Flag/ Frog Reclining on Park Bench

This laid-back ,shooting the breeze frog, welcomes all to enjoy his lifestyle. He is designed in brilliant , bold colors , and made of high quality fabric which is: Permanently Dyed, Weather Proof, and Fade and Mildew Resistant. He will enhance and decorate your home.

Size: 18" T X 12.5" W
Price: $10.95
frog garden flag  

  Frog garden art flag Garden Art Flag / Potted Frog

This Froggy Welcome Flag is designed in vivid colors of red and green and depicts a little green frog sitting atop of an inverted flower pot. The high grade fabric from which it is made is: Permanently Dyed, Weather Proof, and fade and Mildew Resistant. It will surely decorate your home.

Size: 18" T X 12.5" W
Price: $10.95

  Garden Art Flag / Welcome Froggy And Friends

This high quality, brilliantly colored, Froggy Welcome Flag, depicts a happy, smiling frog. sitting atop of a pink dotted mushroom. greeting his two friends, a swirly snail and a red birdie This high quality flag is. Weather Proof, Fade and Mildew Resistant, Permanently Dyed, and made of..the finest fabric.

Size: 18" T X 12.5" W
Price: $10.95
frog flags  

  ceramic toad Blue Ceramic Toad

This great looking toad sitters are great for indoor or out door. They are great for adding a touch of froggy in your garden.
W-SF3256 Large Size 10'" H $49.95
W-SF3258 Small Size 5" $18.95

       White Ceramic Toad

This great looking toad sitters are great for indoor or out door. They are great for adding a touch of froggy in your garden.
W-SF3356 Large Size 10'" H $49.95
W-SF3358 Small Size 5" $18.95
 ceramic toad  

  Farmer Frog Thermometer

The frog days of summer are here! Check that temperature with a cute frog thermometer . He sits nicely anywhere and adds a little froggy ambiance to your home. Measures -20 to +120 F, or -30 to +50 C.

Size: 10" x 6" x 1"

jumping frog solor light Jumping Moving Rock FROG Garden LED Light Show
SOLAR Powered Outdoor lamp

Watch thr frog jump across the rock . it's a small light show at night. Solor powered . This rock comes to life and lights up at night,
Truly a special gift for anyone and any garden.

Size: 6.5" T X 9" W X 3.5" Deep

  Big Froggy Solar Light

Here we have our "Big Froggy Solar Light". Mr. Big Froggy is a robust, big bellied, friendly-looking frog, with a wide infectious grin. Place him on your walk and he will light up the path to your front door, faithfully at sundown. His big yellow belly imparts a glorious large glow that sheds a big spectrum of light. He is a joy to behold, all lit up, smiling, and pointing the way to your home.

Size: 6.5" T X 5.5" W

frog solar light  

  Frog Solar Light Clear Green Frog Solar Light

Charming polyresin sculptures provide a welcome glow in the garden all night long! A solar power panel charges the internal battery during daylight hours.

Size: 6"


  frog planter Toby the Toad Planter

Adorable "Toby the Toad" ceramic planter for your patio. Brightly colored with big eyes on rim.

Size: 6" H X 4" Opening
Price: $15.95

 frog planter Hippy Hops Frog Planter

Adorable Hippy Hops frog planter will make a great gift for any frog lover.

Size: 11"

  frog planter Frog Shape Garden Planter

Enjoy frogs and a garden even when there are no frogs in your outdoor garden ! Keep your plants hoppy, too. Adorable frog shape hand painted porcelain planter is welcome in any home ! Frog-tastic !

Size: 5" -- 2 1/2"H X 3 1/4"Opening

  Smiling Frog Face Planter

Hand-painted porcelain frog shaped planter.Very nice quality, smiling frog face planter with raised flowers will keep your frog collection 'interesting.' Any wood frog would be proud !

Size: 5" x 5.25" x 6.75" ( opening - 2.25" x 3.25" )

frog shape planter

  frog welcome rock 'No Evil" Frog "Welcome" Figurine

A pretty ceramic figurine of the three "Hear no evil", "Say no evil", and "See no evil," famous sculpture, is designed in an unusual shade of pale green. The three frogs are seated upon a rustic type branch with the word, "Welcome", etched out of it. Placed near your front door, either in a small garden patch, or on a grassy spot, the "Welcome", will stand out because of the pale green contrast to the rest of the garden.

Size: 11" L X 3" W X 8" T


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