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Colorful--Unique--Tree Frog Spinner Easy to Assemble-No Gluing-Comes with sturdy 8 mm fiberglass poles and ground stake- Let our adorable tree frog pilot wave to all admirers as the wind spins him round 'n round!! GREAT FUN!

Size: 19" L X 11.5" H X 7" Diameter
Price: $31.95

  Tree Frog On A Bike Spinner

A Tree Frog Colorful Bike Rider Spinner will capture the hearts of all as he Spins, Spins, Spins on his Bike in the wind--Easy assembly-No Gluing-Comes with sturdy fiberglass poles and ground stakes. ENJOY THE SPINNING ACTION!!

Size: 20" L X 15"H X 7" Diameter
Price: $29.95
frog garden spinner  

  frog on a bike spinner Poison Dart Frog On A Bike Spinner

A Poison Dart Colorful Bike Rider Spinner will capture the hearts of all as he Spins, Spins, Spins on his Bike in the wind--Easy assembly-No Gluing-Comes with sturdy fiberglass poles and ground stakes. ENJOY THE SPINNING ACTION!!

Size: 20" L X 15" H X 7" Diameter
Price: $29.95

  FROG WHIRLIGIG-Spins in the Wind

Easy Assembly-No Gluing-8 mm fiberglass poles and ground stake, included Plant him in your garden or lawn as a colorful spinning attraction!!! FUN FOR ALL !

Size: 13" L X 6.5" H X 18.75" Diameter
Price: $28.95
frog spinner  

  garden spinner frog FROG PETITE SPLIT SPINNER

Easy Assembly-No Glue--All parts included Place this Petite Split Spinner in your favorite spot on lawn, garden or deck and watch him spin and twirl in the wind. Great Fun!!!

Size: 24.5" L X 12.75" H X 12.75" Diameter
Price: $21.95

  Dangling Frog Bird Feeder

A hand-carved wooden froggie bird feeder, with two big cups of bird seed, held by our dangling legged frog. is waiting for a place in your garden. His happy face is sure to attract birds as well as draw admirable glances from friends and family. Comes with a heavy plastic wire for hanging.

Size: 17.5" L X 110.5" W (set of 2" Diameter bowls to hold bird feed seeds)
Price: $14.95
frog bird feeder  

  frog wartering can Frog Watering Can

This friendly, happy-faced pudgy frog will hold all the water needed for watering your precious flowers, and he does so with a smile. He is adorable indeed, and will bring happiness to friends and family who see him at work.

Size 9.5"L x 7.5"H
Price: $22.95

  No Evil Frog De'cor

Your friends and family will delight at the sight of this unique, fun-filled No-Evil Frog Characters, see no evil, hear no evil, say no evil. They are made of High Gloss Finish Metal, in an eye-catching totem pole design. They are light green in color with the most intriguing big bulging translucent eyes. They will add just the right amount of happiness to your home, indoors or out.

Size 8"L x 14"H
Price: $30.95
see no evil frogs metal  

  frog plaque Frog WELCOME FRIENDS Plaque

Welcome Friends ! Very heavy resin sculpture with two frogs and a gold accented 'sign' reads 'Welcome Friends' Very suitable for outdoor use in your garden. It's not really a rock but it sure looks and feels like one ! It's heavy ! We wouldn't be a bit surprised to find a real frog or two sitting on it in your lawn or garden. Made of Polystone.

Size 9"L x 4"H x about 2" Thick Wt. 8 lbs.
Price: $14.95

  Frog with Basket Planter

This very large impressive frog piece is sure to make a hit with frog lovers every where. It consists of a realistic green colored frog, made of durable resin, presenting a basket designed for outdoor garden planter use. It is so versatile, however, that it certainly can be used indoors and filled with fruit, for instance, for all to enjoy. Fun, joined by Functionality...A Must Have for all you frog collectors!

Size: 18" X 17" X 11"
Price: $89.95
frog holding basket  

  Gold Frog Prince Box

Wearing a crown, this large Frog Prince, a mottled green/gold in color, was inspired by figurines suitable for garden display. With his top half cover removed, he would make a handsome planter. He, however, would be right at home on the inside, used as a box with various items of your choice. He is delightfully versatile and of course, a good looking specimen.

Size: 6" L x 6-3/4" W x 3- 3/4" H
Price: $31.95
frog box  

  frrog shelf sitter Black Frog Shelf Sitter

A black frog, made of durable resin, is ready to take his place and sit on your kitchen shelf, den bookcase or anywhere he can find sitting space. Set him on a shelf to keep you company while you do your busy work and he sits and watches.

Size: 6-1/4" L X 5-1/2"H X 5-1/2" T
Price: $17.95

  Frog Wall Set

Here we have a set of wall hangings, four frogs to the set. The frogs are a realistic mottled green in color. They come equipped with metal attachment on the bottom of each frog, with which to insert a small nail. Hang the four together to form an interesting grouping.

Size: (1) Large Frog 9" L X 9" W X 5" Tall
(3) Smaller Frogs 4.5" L X 4" W X 2.5" Tall
Price: $74.95 Set Of 4
frog wall plaques  

  Ribbit The Frog Motion Detector

He's a Glossy Plastic, Green & Yellow Cutie Frog perched on a Plastic Grey Rock with little white and yellow flowers on it. Here is the FUN PART; AS YOU PASS THE FROG WHO COULD BE SITTING IN THE GARDEN NEAR THE WALKWAY, HE RIBBITS,RIBBITS RIBBITS, IF ANYONE PASSES BY. You might say he's an inexpensive fun inspired Security System. OR----------You could place him indoors near the refrigerator in the kitchen to catch all those night raiders. He's loads of fun and practical too!!! ( assorted styles)

Size: 3.5" X 2.75" 3.75"
Price: $10.95 Each
frog motion detector  

  frog thermometer Frog Thermometer

Made from Heavy Gauge Polystyrene and can be used indoors or out. It measures 4.125 inches wide and 15 inches tall. Tree frog thermometer has 3 bright green frogs on dark background. The scale is located down the left side (Fahrenheit scale in 2 degree increments).

Size 15" Tall
Price: $19.95

  frog thermometer Frog Suction Cup Thermometer

Indoor/Outdoor Thermometer measures 3.5 x 6.125 inches with suction cups at the top and bottom. fahrenheit scale to the left. Two bright green frogs on a dark background.

Size 6" Tall
Price: $14.95

      metal frog  Mr.Jerry Springer Frog

Beyond Description is this Mr. Jerry Springer Frog. He's colorful metal...has a big happy grin...big bulging eyes...holds up a flower and dances--dances----shakes & shakes. He brings a hearty laugh from all who come in contact with his jovial appearance and dance movements caused every time his big body swings on its metal spring. He's meant to be a garden ornament but is really good enough to be dancing with the stars OR...place him on top of your office desk and set a good mood for all who enter.

Size: 12" X 6"

      metal frog  Mrs. Jerrry Spinger Frog

Okay Folks--Here we have Mrs. Jerry Springer Frog. She is just as cute and just as agile on her springs as her husband. Yes, she can dance, and can even shake it a little more than her mate. If your office desk is large enough, you can display her beside her husband for the best dance and shake recital ever! Your kids will adore her too. They would be very happy giving her prominent shelf space in their room; and there's always the garden. With her roly - poly metal body, decorated with two black & white buttons, a poka-dot bow around her neck, bulging eyes, a big grin and a flowered branch above her head, the birds would love to have her too. With her looks and personality--she will never be homeless!

Size: 12" X 6"

  Enchanting Dancing Frogs Wind Chimes

No outdoor patio area is complete without our " Enchanting Dancing Frogs Wind Chimes". Hanging from any place where you would hang a flowering basket, is the perfect spot to also hang your chimes. This particular chime ensemble is fantastic to look at, mesmerizing to hear, and a wonderful way to lift you spirits with its natural beauty. Crafted with adorable, iridescent green frogs, dancing in the breeze to the beautiful chime sounds that the soft breeze creates, is yours to behold. Partake in the magic and treat yourself to this lovely gift!

Size 7" W x 28" L
Price: $4.95
frog wind chimes  

  frog sun catcher Frog Sun Catcher

This hand-painted Frog Sun Catcher brings together dazzling translucent colored glass with iridescent finished metal. The translucent blue glass eyes on the frog's iridescent green metal body, with a lovely coral colored butterfly at his feet, makes this frog not only a sun catcher, but a definite eye catcher as well. Hang it in your window and it will not only catch the rays, but the raves, as well. Makes a great gift for the holidays or for yourself.

Size: 8"L x 7.5"H
Price: $13.95

  Frog Bell Garden De'cor

Hand Painted, Handcrafted, and Artfully put together by talented artisans from around the world, this Frog Bell brings together dazzling translucent colored glass with iridescent finished metal. Hanging from the bottom of this beautiful frog ornament is a copper colored metal bell with a hearty ring There is a large metal decorative hook on top from which to hang the bell in your garden. It is certain to bring happiness to friends and family for years to come.

Size: 7"L x 14"H
Price: $14.45
frog sun catcher with bell  

  Tree Frog Pair Sundial


Size is 8" x 4.5". Wt. 3 lbs.
Price: $26.95

     see no evil frog  Whimsical Stack of Frogs

The Classic "Hear No Evil - Speak No Evil - See No Evil"--But This Time With Cast Resin Frogs Sitting One On Top the Other to Bring a Bit of Humor to All that Visit the Garden or Elsewhere.

Size: 15" High

     frog planter  Mama Frog Planter

Okay folks, here we have mama frog in her pink flowered gardening hat, wearing a floral necklace, and holding her watering can, ready to water the lovely plant she decides to put into her rustic, flower adorned container. Her eyes are bright with anticipation, and she displays a knowing grin, convinced of her planting abilities. She is one cool gal and deserves a chance to add a delightful touch to your home. Flower pot is 3.5" Diameter

Size: 6"T X 9"W

     frog knee pads  Kid's Frog Knee Pads

How to get your kids to help in the garden?-----Get them a pair of froggie cool knee pads to wear as they kneel over to plant flowers and vegetables......flower and vegetable gardens will lead to kneeling on their knees to helping you pick up all garden debris. Got 4 kids--get 4 pair--they're worth it! Has an adjustable Velcro strap.

Size: 8" One Size Fits Most
Price:$7.95 Set Of 2

  Pudgie Frog Windsock

Super cute super pudgie frog wind sock. Let him blow in the wind.

Size: 45"

  frog windsock Frog on Lilly Pad Windsock

Beautiful colors and art work is this Applique and Embroidered Design Windsock. It depicts a happy, friendly frog who is anxious to catch that breeze and show his stuff for all to enjoy. Get him home and keep him flying.

Size: 40"

  Tropical Frog Windsock

Here is a colorful, great, tropical frog windsock. It is of applique and embroidered design...totally unique. Its eye-popping art work is sure to bring a sense of joy and excitement where ever it dances in the breeze. ENJOY!

Size: 40"
frog windsock  

  Swirley Frog Spinner

Watch this super cool frog swirl around and round in the wind.


  Baby Froggy Ground Spinner

What your garden needs is this Baby Froggy Ground Spinner. Don't have a garden?? This terrific frog spinner comes with fiberglass g round poles...just stick the poles in the ground anywhere and watch Baby Frogger wave in the breeze. Full assembly instructions included. !

Size: 12" X 22" spinner --Ground pole 17"
Price: $10.95
frog spinner  

     frog garden stake  Metal Frog Garden Stake

A glossy metal little green frog, riding a bicycle, wearing a bright polka-dot scarf, is the main focus of this green garden stake. He is mounted on the stake, atop of a winding ivy covered vine, which actually turns out to be his unique bike. He's original, interesting, and very easily can be inserted right into the garden soil. Metal frog sits on a spring.

Size: Top 5"T X 6"W X 22"Tall With Stake

Mini Spin wheel Frog Garden Stake

This is a very attractive Mini Spin wheel Frog Garden Stake. It is made of green and pink-colored metal, handcrafted by talented artisans from around the world. It is designed with a little green frog sitting in the middle of a pink & white flower. He is attached to the flower with a spinner, which spins in the breeze. The garden stake is also green with two little pink flowers. An absolute beautiful attraction to any garden!

Size: 7" L X 23"H
Price: $13.95
frog garden stake  

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