"Way Cool" Frogs

  frog tea set Froggy Porcelain Tea Party Set in a Basket

A beautiful pink gingham -lined wicker basket , holds the froggy tea set of your dreams. It has two plates, two cups and saucers,a covered sugar and covered creamer, and two forks and spoons.Your little gilrl hostess will serve her tea in great style and pride. A most precious tea set ever....... (basket is of vinyl wicker,for easy cleaning in vibrant pink.)

Size: (Wicker basket size) 10" Long X 7" Wide X 5" Deep

    frog hat Little Plush Frog On A Baseball Cap

Put a smile on everyone's face by wearing this fun-filled funky baseball cap. It is an authentic cap with wide brim and stitched vent holes and button on top. However----this cap has a little friendly froggy face with outstretched hands attached to the front, right in the middle. His two legs appear next to the Velcro sizing band, sticking out across the back. Funky, Indeed, and appealing to kids of all ages.

Size: One size fits most
frog hat  

   Frog waste basket Froggie Collect-All Basket

You won't believe your eyes. Here is a multi-purpose, most attractive, clean-up-your-room, Froggie Collect-All Basket. Your kids will be all to happy to deposit all their small play items scattered all over the floor into this "Unbelievable" basket. It consists of a large soft plush green and beige frog with big bulging eyes, holding a beige colored soft plush covered basket with an embroidered frog on the front. Here is the magic part: the frog is completely removable (just release his Velcro hands) and the basket covering is removable as well, for easy cleaning. It also makes an attractive addition to your kid's room--decorative, as well as functional.

Size 8"T X 8" D Bucket, 12" Plush Frog

    Splat! Frog

Splat! Squish... ooze... This really sticky frog has a cold sticky-feeling skin. Just throw him against a wall or and he'll go splat! Then watch him slowly ooze down to the floor. His body is super-stretchy rubber, so he's lots of fun to play with. Caution: Toy can break if handled roughly. May stain wood or other finished surfaces.

Size: About 3" wide

   Frog birthday candle Hoppiest Birthday Candle Holder

A little green festive ceramic frog with polka dots is in a seated position, eating a piece of your birthday cake. His hat is red with "Hoppy Birthday" written across the front. On his pudgy belly the message continues with "May it be the Hoppiest ever!"---With cheerful greetings like that, he is certainly entitled to another piece of cake! This novel ceramic candle holder with tea candle included, comes in a lovely gift box to be given to someone very special--- perhaps yourself. Another idea to show off this little birthday froggie is to use him as your birthday cake topper. He is entirely reusable for many birthdays to come and is a wonderful lovable keepsake. E_N_J_O_Y & HOPPY BIRTHDAY!

Size 4.5"Tall x 3.5"Wide

  frog candy Candy-Filled Froggy Toy

A colorful frog sits atop a bag of sugar-coated hard... candies. He beckons you to enjoy a piece. Just click his button and he will roll his eyes, open and close his mouth while saying "Ribbit-Ribbit" in his gruff but friendly froggie voice--Makes a great stocking stuffer, party favor or just a fun candy -filled toy.

Note: Small parts--Not for children under 3 years

Size: 9" Tall x 2 '' Wide
Price: $4.45 each

   Frog rainforest necklaces Funky Rainforest Frog Necklace

Wow! - Where'd you get That? I can just hear everybody saying it about your Way-Cool,"Rainforest Frog Necklace." These colorful, true to life, little rainforest frogs, hung on a black rope, are both colorful and adorable. They come separately wrapped on a lovely card with a painted green background. Oh so cool - funky, fashionable, and fun!!! Assorted styles and colors

Size: Frog Size 1.5" Long, 12" Necklace
Price: $2.95 FOR 4 NECKLACES

   Frog cushion Adorable Frog Face Pillow

Very, Very Comfy & Very, Very Attractive is this Combination Pillow/Cushion. It is made of fine plush and leather-like material on the smiling frog face and as a border trim. Use it indoors as a colorful cushion seat for Story time, Movie time, & outdoors at Sporting Events, watching your big brother playing ball in his Little League. As a sleepover pillow, you will be the envy of all the kids. It has lovely decorative stitching on the colorful face. A loop handle makes for easy carrying. You will be proud to carry your little froggie pillow Everywhere!

Size 14"Round x 3.5"Thick

   Frog leather handbag Dark Brown Croc-Skin Look Satchel

This is a way-cool--impressive looking Croc-Like Satchel Handbag. It is lovely in appearance and crafted of finest quality faux leather. Now comes the unique--cool--part: It is adorned with silver-toned lustrous...frogs. One two inch silver frog on the top portion and two smaller matching frogs below the double woven leather strap handles. It has a zippered closure. The interior is fully lined with two compartments: one zippered and one slip pocket. The uniqueness of this exciting bag, along with it's fine workmanship and quality will be appreciated by all. Bonus: Includes matching detachable cell phone holder, and extra shoulder strap for versatility.

Size: 6" Tall X 11" Wide X 4.75" Depth

    Click Here To View Our Exciting Selection Of Crocodile Skin Frog Hand Bags      

   Frog leather handbag Black Soft Leather-Like Frog Handbag

Put a playful touch to your modern and casual look with this clever and witty Black, Embroidered Frog , Hobo Handbag. It's slouchy appearance, featuring an adorable green embroidered frog, with a pink flower in his mouth, and a twinkle in his eye, graces the front of the bag. Adding to the unexpected details, a pink scrolled design of colorful honey-bees and butterflies, embellish the top. It's leather-look exterior is sumptuously smooth ,with a secure zippered closure and a double-rolled shoulder strap with grip. The interior is lined with two compartments, one zippered and one slip pocket.

Size: 16"W X 15"T

   Frog tote bag Frog Reversible Tiny Tote Bag

What a clever, colorful and functional idea! An adorable, large round green purse with a grinning frog face, transfers into a lovely hot pink durable polyester little tote bag. Here's the simple action: 1--Unzip the purse. 2--Remove tote bag folded on inside. 3--Your reversible purse becomes a tote bag with the frog purse sitting in the middle of it. 4--Carry and enjoy your little tote and still use your zippered frog purse to carry your small belongings. Functional, Funky and Fun. The tote bag folds up into a 5" diameter carrying case.

Size: Of Tote Bag 13"T X 14"W

  frog coin purse Froggie Sock Money Purse

An adorable item---a coin/money purse, shaped like a realistic sock with ribbed top and designed with two whimsical frogs, hopping along on the sock. The design is double sided. The closing on top is made of secure metal. It is blue in color with green frogs. Makes a great party favor---colorful and functional.

Size 4.5"Long x 2"Wide
Price:$ 6.95

  frog cell phone Frog Friends Flip Cell Phone Holder

Do you have a flip phone ? You'll jump for joy when your telephone transforms into a cute little froggy !

Size: One size fits standard flip cell phones
Price:$ 5.95

  frog key chain cover Frog Key Cover !

Key covers are extremely useful. Wanna leap right to the key you need ? Get this - it's frog-tastic! Very attractive, cute little froogy face !

Size: One size fits standard keys
Price:$ 3.95

  frog key chain cover King Frog Key Head Cover!

This attractive froggy face key cover comes with it's own little crown. Always make sure you find that special key.

Size: One size fits standard keys
Price:$ 3.95

  frog magnetic sculpture LIGHT UP Frog Key Ring

Hop to the right key right away with this LIGHT UP Frog key ring. Cute, green and excellent quality. It's comforting to know that even in the middle of the night the 'eyes' of this bullfrog will guide you to open the door.

Size - about 3 inches.
Price:$ 5.95

  frog light party LIGHT UP frog with EGGS ! !

Toadally Cool !Squeeze the froggy and it lights up! When it lights up you can see the 'eggs' inside the (female)frog's body. Way too cool. Eggs-citing froggy !

Size - about 3 inches long. See LOTS of little eggs inside.
Price:$ 3.95

  frog baby bottle Baby Bottle !

Start the kids off with formula in a froggy bottle ! Every little tadpole in your care will go ga-ga over this very attractive bottle ! Excellent quality, too.

Size - 8 inch standard baby bottle
Price:$ 7.95

  frog baby bottle Travel Neck Comforter !

Frog-tastic ! A product your kids will actually use and LOVE! Softest froggy neck pillow is ideal for froggy kids traveling by airplane, auto, or airboat!

Size - Fits most any kids neck up to about 12 years old.
Price:$ 19.95

  frog luggage tag Frog Luggage Tag

Never go crazy again trying to decide if the popular color luggage is yours or not. It's yours alright if it's wearing the unique, bright frog-green Funky Land Luggage Tag. It's easy to spot, enabling you to scoop up your bag and be on your way, never to be confused again---Thanks to this adorable protective plastic covered funky life-saver.

Size :4"

  frog luggage Bag Tag 4 Frogs Luggage Bag Tag

Indoor/Outdoor Bag Tag measures 2.5 x 3.5 inches with white plastic loop. Bright green frogs on a dark background. Write-In panels on the back for Name, Address, and Phone number.

Size : 2.5" x 3.5"

  frog head bands Frog Head Bands set of 3

Frog Princess plush Head band Adorable frog head bands. Has many uses for parties, plays , make believe or just to look cute! Set of 3.

Size: one size fits most kids
Price:$ 4.95

  frog bobby pins Frog Bobby Pins

Standard Sized Set Of Six Bobby Pins - Assorted Styles. 2 Matching Green Frogs, 2 Matching Prince Frogs With Crowns, 2 Matching Pink Butterflies. Packaged on a cute little cardboard frog. Looks great in any hair design!

Size - Standard Size Set of Six
Price:$ 4.95

    Frog Jester Fantastic Sunglasses

Talk about Fantastic...Talk about Fun...You're talking about these uniquely designed, Frog Jester Sunglasses. Green frog faces, topped with pom-pom jester caps of yellow, red and white, form the frame of these glasses. They are made of heavy-duty white durable plastic, UV 400, protected. They bring a smile to wearers and watchers. alike. Super Fun!!

Size: One-size fits most
frog sunglasses  

  Frilled Froggy Slippers

Oh my goodness how cute are these ? We think these are sooo adorable, they're on a par with webbed feet ! Froggy Flip Flop Slippers are Cool ! GREEN !

Sizes S-M or L-XL
 frog slippers    

  frog socks Kids Frog Knit Socks

One size fits most kids - heavy knit socks. These socks have a cute green frog attached to the front.These socks will keep your feet toasty warm. Great for any frog lover.

Size - Kids one size fits all
Price:$ 8.95

    frog pillows Set of 2 Hoppy Frog Pillows

These hoppy frog pillows are super soft and great for any room. These pillows have tons of frogs leaping all around. Get these pillows while you can before they all hop out of the store.

Size: 8"
Price:$12.95 set of 2

  frog magnetic picture holder Frog Magnetic Picture Holder

This adorable ceramic frog magnetic picture holder will hold all of your favorite pictures, Just pull it apart and the magnets will connect and hold the picture perfectly. Show everyone your favorite froggy picture.

Size :4"

    Ribbit Frog Bookmark

Let this little cute frog bookmark leap into your book and keep your place secure. He actually slides onto the top of your page so he is peaking out at you as a reminder to finish reading. Great for libraries and classrooms. Great for incentives, rewards, book clubs, and party favors!

Frog Book Marker  

  Frog Night Light Froggy Night Light

Push this cute froggy's belly and you will have light. This ceramic frog holds a removable light. It is a perfect size for those small places. Great for bathrooms, bedrooms or even your bedside. Has a cute little flower on top of her head and end of her smile. This will brighten any frog lovers days!

Size: 5"

  Frog on Snail Pen Holder

This cute resin frog will hold several of your favorite frog pens and pencils in this wire mesh basket. He will keep them secure and make sure they don't hop out!

Frog Pen Holder    

  Frog Soccer Player Froggy Soccer Figurine/Candy Dish

This cute soccer frog can be used for many different things. You can use to hold candy, a paper weight or even just a memento of how much you love frogs and soccer.


   Froggy Volleyball Figurine/Candy Dish

This cute volleyball frog can be used for many different things. You can use to hold candy, a paper weight or even just a memento of how much you love frogs and volleyball.

Frog Volleyball Player    

   {short description of image} Ceramic Frog Spoon Rest

Here's a handy frog for the kitchen! This cute ceramic hand painted spoon rest. It's just the thing to keep your stove top and counter tops clean from spoon drips, and add some cheerful frog decor to your kitchen.

Size: 12"

  Ceramic Frog Utensil Holder

This adorable hand crafted ceramic frog will bring an extra dose of personality to your kitchen. Comes with three wooden utensils .Let this cheerful frog find a place in your home.

 Frog Utensil Holder    

  Green Wiggly Frog Magnet

A cute faced little froggy with his long wired magnetized arms and legs, is awaiting his good fortune to be placed on your refrigerator. It's his job to hold all your important notes, messages, mail etc. He's too cute to be denied. Please give froggy a job.


   frog spring magnet Wiggly Frog Magnet

This wiggly magnet will hold all those important notes. The magnet legs and arms are made of stretchy metal. Super cute and super wiggly.(Assorted Colors)

Price:$4.95 Each

    Froggy Wall Accents

These super cute froggy wall accents are great to decorate any room. Comes with 12 frog wall accents.

Size:5" - Set of 12
frog wall accents  

  frog salt and pepper shaker Frog and Princess Salt and Pepper Shaker

This handsome frog prince casts an adoring look at his princess, as she plants a kiss on his cheek. They are handpainted glazed ceramic salt and pepper shakers, with small magnets that hold them together in a kiss. This cute set makes a wonderful wedding cake topper, table centerpiece, or frog gift for weddings and anniversaries. Just adorable!

Size: 4"

  frog back pack  Frog Rolling Back Pack

This cool froggy has his own set of wheels. This cute froggy is removable and can come with you anywhere. Let your froggy travel with you everywhere. Super soft and super cute, you will be the only person with this cool back pack.

Size: 24"
 frog back pack  Pink Frog Rolling Back Pack

This cool froggy has his own set of wheels. This cute froggy is removable and can come with you anywhere. Let your froggy travel with you everywhere. Super soft and super cute, you will be the only person with this cool back pack.

Size: 24"

  frogfrog Vinly Frog With Stick On Bottom

This cool frog sticks on anything. Simply remove the cardboard backing and you can it stick anywhere. Great for your car, desk or just about any place.

Price:$0.95 Each

  frog candle  Designer Frog Candle

Quality -made fun, colorful frog candles. Each frog is unique and no two frog candles are the same. These frog candles even have realistic looking eyes.

Size: 3"
Price:$2.95 each
frog candle    

  frog watch Happy Frog Watch

This adorable molded vinyl frog watch will keep you on time.
The frog face rotates as the seconds go by.

One size fits most

W-OS8787 Blue Band $10.95
W-OS2121 Black Band $10.95
W-OS8765 Pink Band $10.95
W-OS5241 White Band $10.95
frog watch    

    frog shoe laces Red Eyed Tree Frog Show Laces

With a pair of these magic froggy shoe laces, you'll be leaping like a frog in no time! These long white laces are imprinted with a cute little tree frog on every inch of the lace on both sides. So add that extra hop to your step and get jumping!
Size: Pair of laces are 45" long and 3/4" of an inch wide
W-RT0001 $4.95

    Froggy Textured Ribbon Lanyard

Here is a long white Textured Ribbon Lanyard with adorable pudgy little frogs printed over its entire surface. At the end of the lanyard is a large silver split ring for hanging items of your choice: keys, whistle etc. Wear it around your neck for easy access.

Size: 19" Long x .75" Wide
frog lanyard  

frog shoelaces Smiling Frog Shoelaces

These long white laces are imprinted with a cute little smiling frog on both sides..

Size: Pair of laces are 45" long and 3/4" of an inch wide
Price:$3.45 Set of 2

frog lollipop Frog Lollipop

Adorable frog lollipop is just bursting with flavor. So cute you might not want to eat it.

Size: 2" (frog) 8" Stick

   frog fan pull Colorful Rain Forest Fan Pulls

These fan pulls are great for any decor. These frogs are hand painted and made of ceramic. Collect all 7!
Size: 2" wide, chain is 7" long

Red/Green W-FP8K20 $4.95
Gold/Blue W-FP8K30 $4.95
Green/Black W-FP8K40 $4.95
frog fan pull
frog fan pull  frog fan pull

    frog tinket box Frog Jewelry Box with Frog Necklace

The most colorful of frogs with green enameled and jeweled back, blue and gold front legs, and striped sides, hides a hidden treasure. You will be delighted to find a lovely gold necklace with charming small frog pendant in enameled and jeweled finish, nestled inside your beautiful jewelry box.. What a fantastic gift to that special someone.

Size: 3" x 3" x 2"
 frog necklace  

    Beautiful Frog Drop Earrings

Distinctively designed in silver, throughout, with a fantastic painting of a red-eyed tree frog within a silver frame, resting on a green lily pad, is this beautiful pair of Frog Drop Earrings. They are completely handcrafted by talented artists who specialize in native designs. A distinctive feature of these stunning earrings is that as they are worn on the ear, they tend to give a unique 3D, iridescent multi-color effect........simply outstanding, unusual, and stunning.

Size: 2.5" Long x 1.75" Wide
frog earrings  

  Frog With Lady Bug
Car Floor Mat

Car mats! Yes we have frog mats for your car. This beautiful and durable floor covering is fade and mildew resistant. Non-skid rubber backing and fully guaranteed. You will definitely be the first one on your block with these unique car mats.

Set of two front mats.


  {short description of image} Frog Auto Seat Cover Set

The seat covers are made from a nice stretchy black fabric that is lightly padded and lined on the inside. The frog motif is a combination of applique and embroidery and is placed on the steering wheel cover, both seat belt shoulder protectors and the back portion of the seat covers. The back seat cover is designed for a bench seat with no headrests and the front fits bucket seats with either built-in or adjustable headrests. * 2 front low back bucket seat covers w/ 2 head rest covers * 2 seat belt shoulder pads * 1 steering wheel cover * 1 bench seat cover *

Size:Set of 11 pieces (each seat cover is two separate pieces)

{short description of image}

    {frog car mats} Frog Car Mats Black Set of 4

These nice black plush mats fit in the front floor area of most cars and vans, and have a durable non-slip rubberized backing.

Size:Set of 4 (2 Front and 2 rear mats)

    {short description of image} Frog Steering Wheel Cover

This frog steering wheel cover helps in the winter months by providing a warmer, softer surface on your steering wheel. It also helps in the summer months by providing a cooler surface for the driver to touch Fits virtually any vehicle with a steering wheel sized between 14.5 In. to 15.5 In. Great for cars, vans, trucks and boats.

Size:One size fits most

    Mad Mags-Magnetic Frog Car Art

Looking for something different to shake up your Hum-Drum Day?Here it is folks: "Mad Mags" the reusable car magnet decoration. This decorative magnet, that of a goofy, funky, and wacky frog, is ready to attach to your car (instructions included). They don't come any more whimsical or irresistible than this. A load of Fun and a Fun way to make new friends.

Size: 7" X 5"
frog magnet for car  

    frog lamp Frog Lamp and Black Light

This retro frog lamp is super cool for all ages. It is a regular lamp and a black light. Whatever you're in the mood for, this frog will make it hoppin!

Size: 16"

  fiber optic frog night light Fiber Optic Frog Night Light

This night light is very unique. Plug it in and watch the frog change in a pattern of different colors. Super cool and very soothing.

frog night light Fabric Frog Night Light

Your little frog princess will love this fluffy frog fabric night light.

Size: 5"

    frog bedroom doorbell Flower & Butterfly Frog Doorbell

No more surprise guests! Attach the push button to the outside of your door and place the doorbell on the inside. Doorbell emits a chime and lights up, letting you know a visitor is waiting. Girls just wanna have fun!


  frog jewelry box Frog Prince Necklace in Frog Box

The little gold-plated frog prince has green crystal eyes, and hangs from a 17" golden chain. He wears a gold crown decorated with three sparkly Austrian crystals. But wait, there's more! It comes in a wonderful little green flocked frog-shaped jewelry box, which you can save and use for your favorite froggy trinkets or for storing your necklace.

Size: Pendant is 5/8" tall on 17" chain, frog box is 2-1/4" long.
 frog necklace

  frog pen frog ruler frog bookmark Frog Pen & Ruler & Bookmark

All in one!! WAY COOL!! Frog pen , bookmark and ruler. This is a great tool for any frog lover. Made of cardboard and just adorable.


  Marilyn Monroe frog figurine Marilyn Monroe Frog Figurine

This beautiful frog figurine is dressed as iconic image of Marilyn Monroe. This spectacular and fun filled figurine will always lighten up our human spirit and at the same time bring us good laughs of admiration. It is ideal for Marilyn Monroe art collectors as well as general art lovers.

Size: 8"

  frog baby blanket Little Froggy Princess Security Blanket

Adorable huggable and super soft security blanket will be the favorite with your little princess .It says "Little Princess" and has a cute embezzled flower.

Size: 19" x 19"
frog security blanket Little Froggy Prince Security Blanket

This cute froggy blanket is super soft and just adorable for your little prince. it says "Little Prince" on it.

Size: 19" x 19"

  frog bib Green Froggy Boys Bib

HOW CUTE? Your own little froggy friend can have his very own froggy bib to keep his clothes nice and clean. 100% cotton and made in the U.S.A. Just adorable, has a tie in the back of the neck.

Size: fits most babies

  frog bib Poison Dart Frog Boys Bib

HOW CUTE? Your own little froggy friend can have his very own froggy bib to keep his clothes nice and clean. 100% cotton and made in the U.S.A. Just adorable, has a tie in the back of the neck.

Size: fits most babies
frog bib  Poison Dart Frog Girls Bib

This adorable little froggy dress is really a bib. SO cute everyone will think your little one is wearing a dress. 100% cotton and made in the U.S.A.

Size: fits most babies

   {short description of image} Light-Up Frog Lanyard Green LED

He's Oh So Cute--- The frog and the lanyard both blink and light up. There is several different light up Multi patterns. Great for any party or just plain fun.

Size: Neck Size 22"

    frog tote Huge Purple Frog Tote Bag

Huge canvas frog tote bag will keep your belongings safe. Has a zipper closure and an extra zipper pocket in the front for extra storage.

Size: 21"

Lily Pad Loot Plush Croaking Bank

This 14" cuddly frog is also a bank. Made with soft chenille plush and "Lily Pad Loot" written on its belly. Press the hand OR drop in your coins when frog is sitting on a level surface to activate. Its head moves side to side as it "Croaks!" Operates on 2 AA batteries, included. Super cute! Save that loot!

Size: 14"

  Frog Pencil
Activity Pack

Let that special frog lover have this really cool froggy fun pack. Comes with one frog pencil, a sheet of frog stickers and 4 frog erasers. Great for teachers!

Rain Forest Frog Pencil Toppers

Each one of these cool rain forest frog pencils toppers will have your child hopping to class. Assorted colors.

Size: 2 1/2"

  frog sticky toy  Frog Slapper

Swing this frog around and watch him stick to most surfaces.

Size: 4"

  LIGHTS UP!! Frog Magnetic Light Pendant

Magnetic Lights are the latest craze. Attaches to your shirt with a magnet clip. Turn it on and multiple colored lights will blink on and off all over with this cool magnetic frog clip. Great for parties and get togethers. WAY COOL!!!

Size: 2 1/2"

(quantity discounts availble)


    frog coin purse Frog Coin Purse

Put all your money and coins in this hip hop frog coin purse. Has a key chain holder.


  Froggy Wallet

This handy plush fabric wallet has loads of space for credit cards, money, and pictures. Has a button closure.


  river race frogs River Racing Frog

This adorable vinyl frog is weighted and made just for river racing. Great for carnivals and swimming pools.


    Froggy Fun Snorkel Set

Complete Fun Snorkel Toy Set for the child who some day might want to engage in professional snorkeling. Colorful full-face frog equipment. Comes with full instruction and safety information. Recomended for ages 3-10.

Size: 7" X 5"
frog snorkel set  

  {short description of image} Loopy Frog Slippers

Fun for the feet. Give your toes a treat ! These adult frog slippers are full of comfort. Slipper sole is made with multi grip for slip resistance. Not designed for outdoor use.

Size: Adult- One Size Fits Most Feet
Price: $13.95


  Kid's Frog Face Slippers

Fuzzy frog face slippers are so comfortable to wear they are truly a treeat for your feet. Fits most kids feet up to children's size 12. Not designed for outdoor use.

Size: Kids - One size fits most kids
frog slippers kids    

  frog gloves Frog Gloves

Add some bright froggie green color to your winter wardrobe with these fun frog gloves. Keep your hands warm and your style bright all winter. Frog face has a zipper mouth so you can put your odds and ends in it. Available in Kids size Small, and Large.

Sizes:Kids - Small, & Large

   frog spatular Frog Spatula

This frog turner spatula makes cooking more fun for everyone. Durable nylon that is heat resistant to 200 degrees Celsius / 390 degrees Fahrenheit If you are in need of a spatula this will put a smile on your face every time you use it. You may even start to play with it. Measures 13 inches and is great for all pans including non-stick. (Frying pan and eggs not included)

Size: 3.2” x 13.0” x 2.1”
 {short description of image}    

    singing frog "Singin' in the Rain" Frog

Plush Animated Singin' & Dancin' Frog. Press the foot of this delightful singin' frog and you're in for an incredible treat. The frog literally comes to life, singing and tapping his foot to the famous Gene Kelly lyrics. He is absolutely adorable. Dressed in a shiny Green hooded rain slicker, while belting out his song, he twirls a colorful poker-dotted umbrella,which moves in time with the music.Simply Sensational. 3 AA Batteries Included

Size: 11.5"tall X 7"wide

    animated frog Louie Armstrong Singing Frog

Louie Armstrong Singing Frog This cool plush frog sings "What a Wonderful World" and moves his head back and forth. He is wearing a straw hat and a poke-a-dot bow tie. As he sings his lips move. Super cute and nice deep manly voice!

Size: 36"
singing frog  

    singing frog Frog Prince 360 Degrees Turning Music Box

Way Cool ! Just turn it upside down and wind it up. NO batteries ! Wonderful design ! Metal construction. Gorgeous graphics. Most frogs go ribbit ribbit, but when they actually turn into a Prince, this music box reveals the little known secret that they sing Zippity Doo Dah ! BLOWOUT PRICE Just $12.95 each. Get'em while they last. Don't let this one hop away !

Size: 7" X 5"

    frog tee shirt Bright Green Tree Frog Tee - Shirt

Super soft tee-shirt with an artistic graphic print on front .
!00% cotton Black Shirt. Machine washable, Machine dry
Designed By Stephen Fishwick

Size: ADULT - S, M, L, XL, 2XL

Please select size firstin drop box below.
Then click on BUY !

  frog gift certificate Froggifts Gift Certificate !

We're hoppy we have so many choices for gift giving ! Sometimes, though it's better to let the recipient choose the gift ! FrogGifts Gift Certificates hop to the gift giving rescue !

Receive the gift certificate in the mail and simply redeem online!
available in 25, 50, and 100 dollar values


  Ribbit The Frog Motion Detector

He's a Glossy Plastic, Green & Yellow Cutie Frog perched on a Plastic Grey Rock with little white and yellow flowers on it. Here is the FUN PART; AS YOU PASS THE FROG WHO COULD BE SITTING IN THE GARDEN NEAR THE WALKWAY, HE RIBBITS,RIBBITS RIBBITS, IF ANYONE PASSES BY. You might say he's an inexpensive fun inspired Security System. OR----------You could place him indoors near the refrigerator in the kitchen to catch all those night raiders. He's loads of fun and practical too!!! ( assorted styles)

Size: 3.5" X 2.75" 3.75"
Price: $10.95 Each
frog motion detector  

   Frog light up toy Light-Up Puffer Frog

He's Oh So Cute---Oh So Smooth--Oh Such Fun to Play With. Give our Light-Up Puffer Frog one little squeeze on any part of his funky body, complete with bulging eyes, and a colorful rubber fringe across his back, and watch the show begin. He bubbles up everywhere, as he lights up. WAY C-O-O-L!!! Assorted Colors.

Size 4"

More Way Cool Frogs
More Way Cool Frogs
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