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    Colorful Frog Clock W/ Pendulum

All handcrafted, this colorful, artfully designed froggy clock will grace your wall and bring a smile to your face, no matter what time it is. It comes in vivid colors of medium green, yellow, orange and purple. The pendulum is actually the frog's tongue with a little curl at the base...very clever idea. It's a real conversation piece as well as a decorative, functional , frog lovers delight.

Size: 7.5" T X 9.5" W
Price: $34.95
frog wall clock  

    frog clock Precious Frog Pendulum Wall Clock

Handmade by local artisans (Eastern Shore of Maryland), this unique Frog Wall Clock made of wood, with a pretty jeweled finial on top is ready to be hung on your wall. It has a smiling frog face, a gold tone dial and an attractive swinging pendulum.

Size: 7" T X 4.5" W
Price: $43.95

    frog pillow Frog Decorative Plush Pillow

The happiest of frogs sits right in the corner of this super soft--super caresable--super plush beautiful pillow. He has big,bright bulging eyes, a little pudgy body and a huge grin. He shares this lovely pillow with a friendly scenic view of a brown appliqued picket fence, along side a brown tree trunk, with a green soft shaggy top. An absolute delight to any child who is lucky enough to be its owner and cuddle up to its wonderful softness at will. It is crafted in vivid but soothing shades of blue, green and chocolate brown

Size: 14" X 12"
Price: $21.95

frog pillow Frog Polka Dot Decorative Pillow

Add a beautiful decorative touch to your bedroom, living room or den with this unique, luxurious-sized throw pillow. In soft muted shades of greens, yellow, browns and beige, this two-sided pillow--one side plain beige and the other side with Frog Polka-Dot design, will enhance any area. Sprawled out in the corner of the pillow is a full -sized casual, yet elegant frog. He seemed to be enjoying his surroundings of little polka dots on the edge, to large impressive striped circles all around him. On one circle, sits a cute red ladybug.. Designed by Robbin Rawlings, whose name appears on the bottom, this awesome pillow will be a great and comfy find.

W-MC000S Size: 18" X 18" $35.95
W-MC000L Size: 19" X 24" $40.95

    Decorative Hooked Frog Throw Pillow

This is a lovely and unique two-sided decorative throw pillow, predominately with a "Hooked" finish on one side, and a solid color, "Velour" finish on the other. On the Hooked side, we have a friendly, full-sized frog with a wide smile and sprawled out hands and feet, who seems to be beckoning to all to cuddle up with him. He is designed in shades of green, red and black , on a neutral shade of blue-gray for the background. The reverse side is in a shade of medium gray. An added feature is that the entire pillow is encased in an easy to remove zippered cover. The inviting curly hooked texture of this lovely pillow will add an interesting and decorative touch to anything it is placed with.

Size: 14" X 14"
frog throw pillow

  Tropical Folliage Frog Beach Towel

An Attractive 100% Cotton Beach Towel, 30" x 60" with huge frog face across the middle of the towel is delightfully different. The designer's name appears in script, on bottom of towel. The frog's face appears amid beautiful tropical flowers. Therefore, the prominent colors are brilliant shades of reds, yellows, green, blue and brown.

Size: 30" X 60"
frog beach towel    

  frog beach towel Frogs on Inflatables Beach Towel

Brilliantly colored frogs frolicking on inflatable water floats, is the theme of the beautiful 100% cotton beach towel. It is a delightful towel to wrap around you for all to see as you dry up after a refreshing swim.

Size: 30" X 60"

  See No Evil Frog Beach Towel

Here we have a Deluxe, fabled, Hear No Evil", See No Evil", Hear No Evil" Heavier Weight Towel. The brilliant colors pop out at you...' It has to make a big hit at the beach , or wherever it is seen. Royal blue background, with other predominant colors of green, yellow, orange, purple and brown.

Size: 30" X 60"
frog beach towel    

  frog beach towel Frog On Hibiscuss Flower Beach Towel

A 100% Cotton,, 30" x 60'" Beach Towel in Gorgeous Hibiscuss Flower Colors. You'll be proud to display it at any type water park

Size: 30" X 60"


An all-out attractive, eye-poppin' Tree Frog Beach Towel. On a dramatic, black background, six adorable Tree Frogs are displayed on a winding branch--not only fashionable, but functional as well. This Beach Towel is luxuriously , velvety soft, fully absorbent, large sized and ready to display to all pool and beach goers!!! You will surely capture the eye of all, as you envelope yourself in fun and coziness.100% Cotton.

Size: 30" X 60"
beach towel frog    


A luxuriously soft, large sized, fully absorbent beach towel with a fiber reactive print of frolicking Rainforest Frogs. This beach towel is so vibrantly colored, and whimsically depicted, that you will completely enjoy enveloping yourself in it. It's ideal for pool or beach setting, and a fantastic eye-opening - color splashed, cozy, addition to your beach towel collection!! ,100% Cotton.

Size: 30" X 60"

  Acrobatic Frogs Beach Towel

Seven adorable red-eyed tree frogs engage in acrobatic stunts on an athletic colorful workout bar. Unique pattern to a high-quality, large-sized cotton towel. 100% Cotton.

Size: 30" X 60"
frog beach towel    

    frog slingshot Frog Hand Carved Wooden Slingshot

An extraordinarily hand carved wooden slingshot suitable for display for its craftsmanship. A friendly frog face is placed in the middle of the slingshot, which is composed of sturdy rubber heavy bands, attached to the frogs out-stretched arms. It's all hand carved in green and white wood. Good Looking specimen and completely functional as well. (Parental supervision requested when using)

Size: 7.5" T X 4" W -- 7" Long sling (not stretched out)
Price: $7.95


This Easy Flyer Kite in the "Hungry Frog" design is easy to assemble and loads of fun to fly. Hours of fun and amusement for the young and the young at heart. So Come On.............. GO FLY A KITE!!!!!!

Size: 46" X 95"


Looking for Simple Assembly and No-Hassle Flying? These beautiful Large Easy Flyer Kites were designed for you. Our Rainforest Frog Kite is vibrantly colored in authentic colors and will provide hours of pleasure and fun as it zooms on high!!

Size: 46" X 95"
frog kite    

  Froggy Mommy's Kisses--Hot & Cold Gel Pack

Finally...A wonderful idea to ease your little one's pain from those inevitable Ouchies and BooBoos !! Bring out the Mommy' Kisses Hot & Cold Gel Pack. What it is: A little round, cute as can be,froggy face, with big, bulging eyes and a full friendly grin on a soft cuddly froggy fabric. Mommy applies with an extra kiss, and the big bad BooBoos disappear. Hide it away from Daddy. Full instructions included for Microwave Hot Use and Freezer Cold Use. A MUST,MUST HAVE!!!!

Size: 4" Diameter
frog gel pack  

  frog aromatherapy Warm Snuggles--Microwavable
Aromatherapy Snuggle Frog

He's as cute and adorable as they come. Even if he didn't have wonderful therapeutic powers, he is a joy just to look at. You yearn to snuggle up to our Mr. Warm Snuggles Froggy. He is made of the very softest of plush fabric that you want to snuggle up to forever. If you have the blues or the blahs one day, grab him, give him a hug and goodby to any bruises or bumps you may have had. He sooths them away in cozy comfort. Another wonderful therapeutic feature of Snuggles is that he releases a delicious aroma of lavender flowers. He is equipped to offer you Hot or Cold therapy.For Heat therapy, place in microwave. For Cool therapy, place in freezer. Full easy instructions included. He is the perfect bedtime snuggle buddy or anytime snuggle buddy. He is filled with lavender flowers. Comes with removable washable case. A great idea and a Must Have for every household!!

Size: 10" X 7"

    Camuflouge Prince Frog Magic Boxer Shorts

CAN YOU FIND THE PRINCE FROG? You won't believe this. Put these beautifully packaged froggy prince boxer shorts in water and they become an adult sized, high quality cotton boxer. This is just too much fun we would carry this product even if they were not 'shrunken' they are such high quality shorts. These green prince frog is super froggy and super comfortable.

frog boxer shorts    

  Funky Knit Frog Hat

Be original and still stay toasty warm in this Knit Frog Hat. It is fully fleece lined and the hat which depicts a frog's face with white pop-up eyes and a black embroidered mouth, is a fun-filled addition to your winter wardrobe. The hat ties at the neck with two braided ropes which end in two playful pom-poms . It is green and white in color. Available in Adult and Kids size.

W-KO2222 Size: Adult $ 15.95
W-KO3333 Size: Kids $ 13.95
frog knit hat  

  frog princess bowl Frog Princess Bowl

With uncontested beauty and style, Lala IS the number one idol for all froggy fans! She sings... she dances... she's Froggy Royalty! This fun bowl is great for little girls and frog-themed parties. Makes a great take-home party gift, too!

Size: 5" x 5
frog princess plate Frog Princess Plate

With uncontested beauty and style, Lala IS the number one idol for all froggy fans! Just look at her pink ballet outfit with her matching pink crown and eyeshadow... She sings... she dances... she's Froggy Royalty! This fun plate is great for little girls and frog-themed parties. Makes a great take-home party gift, too!

Size: 8"

  frog princess sippy cup Frog Princess Sipper Cup

With uncontested beauty and style, Lala IS the number one idol for all froggy fans! Just look at her pink ballet outfit with her matching pink crown and eyeshadow... She sings... she dances... she's Froggy Royalty! This fun plate is great for little girls and frog-themed parties. Makes a great take-home party gift, too!

Size: 8 oz

 paint frog pen
Paint Your Own Frog Pen

Kids will love to add their own special touches to this handcrafted frog pen. Let them create their very own one of a kind frog pen. Each pen comes with a set of paints so you can create your very own masterpiece.



  Green Frog Stapler with Wiggly Eyes

Adorable frog stapler is super cute and super handy. Comes with 1000 staples. This hard plastic frog stapler is great for any age. Individually boxed.

Size: 5"
frog stapler      

  frog puzzle "TRIAZZLE"- Frog Puzzle In A Box

You will love this unique mosaic frog puzzle that will delight and challenge young and old alike. The assembling of the colorful Posion Arrow Frogs will prove both educational and entertaining. Positively puzzling. Ages 8 and up.

Size: 16" x 13.75"-28 pieces
Price:$ 24.95

  frog bubble necklace Frog Bubble Necklace

Cute hoppy frog bubble necklace is great for hours of fun for any frog lover. After the bubbles are gone they still have a great necklace.

Size: 3"
frog bubble Frog Bubble Bottles

This frog will be great for give aways and just a great gift idea. Comes in assorted colors and hours of fun.

Size: 3"

   frog yo yo Flashing Frog
Noodle Yo Yo

Frog Flashing Noodle Yo-Yos. Assorted color combinations.

Size: 2 1/2" frog is on a 3" cord. Batteries included

  frog puzzle From Tadpole To Frog Flip Book

Instant metamorphosis ! You know those nostalgic Hollywood Movie flip books of yesteryear which showed a famous movie scene ? Well, this is froggy version of it ! No bull - it's a bullfrog ! Flip through all 48 pages to see a tadpole metamorphosing into a frog (very) quickly ! Looks Real in real time .. excellent quality. Designed by a Cinematographer ( really ). EDUCATIONAL AND FUN

Size: 4"L X 2"W

    frog table weights Silver Frog Table Weights

Keep things from flying away! Sets of four weighted charms hang off a tablecloth indoors or out. These handcrafted frog accents are great for any frog lover. Great for kitchens, home decor or just a picnic. Helps keep your table cover not hop away.

Size: Frog 2" set of 4

  frog cell phone charm  Frog Cell Phone Charms

3 1/2" Fimo Clay Frog Cell Phone Charms. Includes a 1/2" clay charm on a nylon string. Assorted colors. Make your cell phone hoppy.

Price:$0.95 each

 frog pen Frog "Bug in Bubble" Pen

On top of a colored plastic pen, sits a pudgy soft- material whimsical frog's head. Here's the action: Squeeze the head - - and out of its mouth comes a big black bubble- - look closely, and in its mouth you will spy his lunch- - -a Little Black Bug! Loads of fun for everyone! (plastic protective covering on pen point) Assorted Colors.

Price: $2.95/EA.


 frog pen Fighting Frogs Light-Up Pen

The happy boxing frog, iridescent in color, raises his red boxing gloves every time you push his controls in the back. He also lights up when you write. Make writing a load of fun with this fights and lights pen! Comes in its own individual attractive package--assorted colors--



  Unique Frog Poison Dart Pen

This unique frog pen colored in green, has a big poison dart frog on its top. As you press the pen's head down to write, the frog on top spreads his 4 legs out in a "about to leap" position. You get this fun-filled leaping action with every stroke. It is amazing and amusing! (plastic protective cap on pen point) Assorted Colors.

Size: 7.25"
frog prince      

  Magic "The Frog To Prince"

Looking for your prince but don't want to "kiss" a frog to get him? Okay--just "Grow" him. Take the little frog out of a box - - place him in water and yes--just like magic--he turns into a "Prince" (fully grown after 72 hours in water)

Size: 4"
frog prince      

    frog basket Plush Frog Basket

This cute frog gift basket is made from a soft velvety plush, with a soft-stuffed frog head on the front. The basket is lined with a yellow dotted fabric and has a yellow felt carrying handle with a sun emblem on it. This adorable for just about anything.


    frog money Froggy Million Dollar Bills

Wow ! Each 'bill' is 'worth' a million dollars. Definitely gets you noticed at the checkout line ! We think frog are worth far more than a million dollars... - it's a good start though. We LOVE frogs! Pack of 10.

Size:Same as dollar bill

    {short description of image} Comfy Frog Slippers

These exceedingly froggy slippers are nice and comfy for padding around the house.

Size:Small , Medium , Large , Extra Large

    frog gripper socks Froggy Gripper Socks

Totally Green Grabber Socks ! Grabber Socks are better than slippers ! No slipping around on polished floors when you wear these very green frog socks ! Stick to the floor like a tree frog sticks to trees ( we made this up ).


    frog purse Frog Shoulder Bag

What a cute, lovable little frog shoulder bag. Made of soft, durable faux leather in dark green,with a light green adorable frog face--with two metal round discs for eyes, a pink tongue flap opening, and two green crowns in the corner. Has inside zippered compartment. Will delight every little girl in your life from pre-teen, to teeny bobber, to high-schooler, to Mom, herself....A joy for all ages!

Size: Bag 5"T X 6"W, Strap 28"Long

    frog coin purse Frog Coin / Money Purse

Round and adorable, this leather - like soft, smooth coin purse, large enough to hold your bills, is a delight to carry. It is not only functional with its attached key ring, but also quite decorative. The fun-loving big grinning frog face has a 3-D effect with the face and large white eyes being appliqued separately. Zippered closing with large tab for easy access. Simply a fun little purse to use and enjoy.

Size:4" Round

  frog leather bracelet Leather Frog Bracelet

Here is a handsome unisex Frog Leather Bracelet handcrafted and hand tooled. The band with etched detailing fits around the wrist attached by two clasps. In the middle of wrist band, sits an all leather pudgy frog with two little beaded eyes. This bracelet is created by skilled artisans using top quality material---Very Unique and Beautiful!!

Size: 8.5" L X 1" W

  Leather Handmade I-Phone Frog Holder

Absolutely handsome is this all Leather Handmade, Hand tooled I-Phone Holder. It is of very fine quality, with a keen eye for detailing. The phone slips in the holder and is covered with the most adorable froggy smiling face which snaps closed with a magnetic clasp. It also has a braided black shoulder strap for versatility. It has glowing plastic eyes and is leather lined. Makes a wonderful holiday gift.

Size: 6" L X 3.75" W
frog i phone case  

  Froggie Inflatable Plush Ottoman

Cute, cuddly, relaxing and handsome is this froggie inflatable plush ottoman. Follow the easy instructions, inflate, and put those lucky feet up on this soft, plushy, and incredibly adorable ottoman. Just a joy and delight, as well as a functional piece of furniture for bedroom, den or patio.

Size:13" Diameter, 12" Tall
frog ottoman      

  frog jam Frog Jam

That's right Frog Jam! Delious Frog Jam is made of raspberry, orange and ginger. Very unique and very tasty, you will love it!

Size: 9 oz

  "Sugar - Free" Frog Jam

That's right sugar freeFrog Jam! No sugar added . Sweetened with Splenda . Only 10 calories per serving. Same great tasting Frog Jam is made of raspberry, orange and ginger. Very unique and very tasty, you will love it! It's less calories so you get more in a jar. Jar of frog jam is 12 ounces.

Size: 12 oz
frog jelly  

  frog jellie Frog Jam & Glassware

That's right Frog Jam! Frog Jam is made of raspberry, orange and ginger. Very unique and very tasty, you will love it! After all the jelly is gone you can use it as a glass. The drinking glass holds 18 ounces of frog jam.

Size: 18 oz

    frog paint by numbers Paint-by-Number Frog Kit

This Paint-by-Number Frog Kit has all the material needed for the budding artist. It comes with a Paint-by-Number Board, Eight Nontoxic Paint Pots of various colors, and a Paintbrush . Instructions are provided with easy step-by-step painting procedures. Appropriate for ages 8+.

Size: 9" X 12"- Board
Price: $19.95

    frog sign Frog-Crossing Sign

What Frog Lover wouldn't like to decorate his room with this bright yellow, authentic traffic-shape, Frog-Crossing Sign? The black colored frog and black lettering, against the yellow, is very striking. Made of durable plastic. A lot of fun.

Size: 15.5" Triangular Shape
Price: $13.95

    Green Spotted Frog - Parking Sign

A Happy Hopping Frog sits atop of t he ultimate parking sign. It reads: Frog Parking Only All Others are Toad .................Lots of Laughs! Green lettering on sturdy metal sign. Hole drilled thru on top of sign for easy hanging

Size: 9" W X 12" T
Price: $15.95
frog parking only sign  

    frog metal sign Frog Parking Only Sign

A Happy Hopping Frog sits atop of t he ultimate parking sign. It reads: Frog Parking Only All Others are Toad .................Lots of Laughs! Black lettering on sturdy metal sign. Hole drilled thru on top of sign for easy hanging

Size: 9" W X 12" T
Price: $15.95

    Green Froggy Mask

A green froggy mask with large bulging red eyes, made of light weight, but durable tough foam, is perfect for your costume party. It has an adjustable elastic cord attached to the back, to hold it securely to your face. The mouth is extra large to enable you to breathe freely and to enhance your vision. Ages 3 and up

Size: 8" x 7"x 3" one size fits most heads
frog mask  

    frog mask Large Latex Frog Mask

This is it! Want to really scare someone? Just put this Latex Frog Mask over your head and listen to the screams...Very authentic and realistic looking. This is the perfect frog mask for Halloween, stage productions, and just clowning around... or frogging around! -- Ages 14 and up

Size: Adult - About 10" tall, 8" wide.

    Plush Frog Costume Outfit

Need a Frog Costume? Can't beat this Plush Frog Costume Outfit. It is a medium shade of green with yellow touches. It is actually a one-piece jumpsuit with adorable, whimsical headpiece. The whole outfit is made of good quality plush material. Fun to wear and a real people head popper.

Size: Adult - Fits up to a 42" Chest
frog costume

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