Love Frogs  
   LARGE Green Plush Frog

This H-U-G-E Lovable green plush frog is BIG on Love to the happy recipient. His soft, cuddly body yearns to be hugged, and everyone, (young and old) would do just that, ALL FORTY INCHES of him. Makes a magnificent gift!

Size: 40"
 huge frog

  Sir Hops A Lot Paperboard Frog Basket

This hand painted adorable frog baskets is great to create a frog surprise they will never forget. Super Cute.

Size: 7"
frog basket      

    frog journal Love Frog Journal

What a great gift for that froggy lover. They can write how much they love you in their very own special journal. Comes complete with a lock and key so you can keep your secrets safe. Just adorable.

Size: 5"

  Frog Holding Heart

A green ceramic frog with bulging eyes and a pink wide grin is sitting on a furry red mat. He is holding out a big, bright red heart to his special someone. Is it YOU? Also, plays a musical song.

Size: 5" x 6"
frog with heart      

  frog jewelry box Frog Prince Necklace in Frog Box

The little gold-plated frog prince has green crystal eyes, and hangs from a 17" golden chain. He wears a gold crown decorated with three sparkly Austrian crystals. But wait, there's more! It comes in a wonderful little green flocked frog-shaped jewelry box, which you can save and use for your favorite froggy trinkets or for storing your necklace.

Size: Pendant is 5/8" tall on 17" chain, frog box is 2-1/4" long.
 frog necklace

  frog tattoos Love Frog Tattoos

Have fun with the special frog tattoos. Tell them you love them.

Set of 12

  frog valentines card Frog Holding Heart Card

Adorable frog holding a heart with a big bow.
Card reads: My Heart leaps for you!
Happy Valentine's Day

frog valentines card Frog on Heart Balloons Card

He landing to tell you how much he cares, and he is holding a bunch of heart balloons. Super Cute!
Card reads: With you, I'm always floating on air.
Happy Valentines Day


  frog valentines card Frogs with Hearts Card

Super sweet frogs are holding heart balloons.
Card reads: With love and good wishes
Happy Valentines Day


    frog necklace Silver Tone 5 Frog Charm Necklace

Size: 18" necklace
Frog :2 1/2"

  frog lollipop Frog Shaped Lollipops

These fun frog lollipops come in an assortment of bright colors, and are shaped like frog faces. They're perfect for parties, stocking stuffers, and special occasions! each individually wrapped.

Size: 2" with 4" stick
Price: $1.45 each

  plush frog SMOOCHIE, THE FROG

Give your best a SMOOCHIE FROG. A big red heart-shaped lipstick imprint on the green fuzzy cheeks of your SCMOOCHIE FROG seems to say," I LOVE YOU AND I'M SENDING ALONG A BIG SMOOCHIE FROG K-I-S-S to prove it. It's one Plush Frog that will be cherished and caressed forever.

Size: 29"Long X 20" Wide
Price: $18.95

  valentines frog "Kiss Me" Frog Decoration

This whimsical standing frog decoration with his "Kiss Me" yellow crown on his head., is surrounded by four large red he is holding, one on his shoulder, and two at his feet. Now for the Surprise....This big guy has a 3-D Body. Just unfold the middle of his belly and he will display an accordion-type 3-D body. Great for Wall- Hanging or place him just anyplace to please and delight all your party-goers.

Size: 14.5" Tall
Price: $3.95

    Kiss Me Vinyl Gift Bags

These cute vinyl gift bags will make someone heart leap for joy when opening their gift. The frogs eyes have green glitter confetti in them and it makes their eyes sparkle.

Available in two sizes:
Small size 4 1/2" x 2 3/4"
Large size: 7 1/2" x 4"

W-AM6702 Small Size $2.95
W-AM6701 Large Size $4.95

  russ berry frog Mini Frog "Love" Figurine

This adorable little love-sick frog has a red "love heart" displayed on his chest. In his hand, he holds up two more hearts on a coiled -wire movable sign. Wouldn't your loved one be delighted to receive this little guy on Valentines Day, Birthday, Anniversary, or just to send a message of love their way. He is one of a collection by artist, Doug Harris. He is Hand-Painted, signed, and ready to spread Love & Joy.

Size: 3.5" Tall
Price: $3.45

  russ berry frog Mini Frog Top Hat Figurine

Another adorable mini frog figurine from the collection by artist, Doug Harris. This little spotted frog with top hat and love-sick eyes, holds up a wire-coiled movable sign with three hearts. He is all Hand-Painted and signed "Douglas" on his side. A true collectible and joyous gift for Valentines Day, or any other occasion where you want to express loving care and thoughts to that special someone.

Size: 2.5" Tall
Price: $3.45

    love frog figurine Embracing Loving Frogs

Got an wedding anniversary coming up? Forget the greeting card...give this little figurine of two frogs embracing in the most touching, realistic expression of love that captures what words cannot. With arms closely wrapped around each other, with hands clutched together, it says it all. This amazing little sculpture, all Hand Crafted and Hand Painted is a memorable gift that will last forever!

Size: 3" L X 2.5"


Two Romantic Frog Figurines Made of Polystone – He’s on Bended Knee Asking for Her Hand in Marriage and Offering a Bouquet of Flowers and She’s Obviously Saying Yes

Size: 6" & 5" High
Price: $29.95
proposing frogs  

  garden frog couple Mr. and Mrs. Happy Frog Couple

This Comical Figurine Made of Polystone of Mr. and Mrs. Frog – They are Obviously a Loving Newlywed Couple Who Have Their Own Take on the Marriage Vows.

Size: 12" Wide x 7" High
Price: $36.95

frog couple Two Frogs With Gift Of Rose

Here is a cute, whimsical little message of thoughtfulness and fond feelings. Two bright green, friendly frogs sit and admire a gift of a perfect pink rose being given to someone of endearment. It's a unique and novel way to say "I Love You".

Size: 3" T X 4" W

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