Love Frogs

    pink frog Pinky Frog

Pinky is one super cute pink frog. She has large eyes on top of the head and she is accented with a pink bow.

Size: 14"

    green plush frog Teddy Frog

Teddy Frog is one super cute frog. He has large eyes on top of the head and he is accented with a pink bow.

Size: 14"

    Large Cuddly Valentine Froggy Couple

Here they are folks, all dressed up in their valentine finery: She, displaying a red, lace edged heart covered little pillow, with matching bow in her hair, and He, wearing an also matching bowtie. Made of soft, thick, dark green and white plush, they are definitely a Valentine Treasure Keepsake!!

Size: 10" T X 12" W
valentine frogs  

    valentine kiss me frog Large Green Valentine "Kiss Me" Froggy

An oh sooo soft, green and white adorable froggy is holding up a red, lip-shaped sign saying "Kiss Me". Got a special valentine you might make that suggestion to? If so, why not send this cute as can be froggy his or her way? Big bulging glass eyes and a broad grin will also greet your lucky froggy valentine receiver.

Size: 13" T X 8" W

    Green Frog Valentine Kisses

A most adorable soft plush green froggy is anxious to meet your valentine and send lots of kisses her or his way. A big red shiny red heart displays the XOXO headed their way. Large, bright bulging eyes and a wide grin will also meet and greet your special recipient of the oh sooo cute froggy valentine.

Size: 13" T X 8" W
valintine frog  

    frog with red love heart Large Green Valentine Frog With Red "Love" Heart

This large green and yellow, chenille, plush valentine frog is one handsome dude. He wears a red valentine bow around his neck, and is holding up a red, shiny heart with "Love" written across it. He has also, among his attributes, big glass, striking, bulging eyes. Send him to that Special Someone, and you will both have a LOVING VALENTINE'S Day, (for sure).

Size: 17.5" T X 9" W

    Cutest, littlest Green Froggy with Pink "Love" Heart

This cutie pie little froggy, with a pink bow around her neck, and a pink "Love" Heart in her lap, is sitting and waiting to be sent to your special valentine. She is made of soft plush. has a small pink, lip-shaped kiss mark on her cheek, and would make the happiest of gifts for your lucky valentine!

Size: 6" T X 6.5" W
frog with pink love heart  

    frog valentine Small Green Valentine Froggy with "Be Mine" Heart

Made of soft plush, with a red bow around his neck, and holding up a red plush "Be Mine" valentine heart, this little adorable valentine froggy, will melt the heart of the happy receiver. He also has big, bright glass bulging eyes, a wide grin, and a red, lip-shaped kiss mark, planted right on his cheek--too cute to be believed!

Size: 6" T X 6.5" W

    Large Green Frog With Red Plush Rose

This great -looking green and yellow soft, plush frog is so unique. Wearing a large red, plush rose, with green leaves, and a red valentine ribbon around his neck, he's ready to meet and greet your special someone. The happy receiver will be pleased as punch to make him permanent member of her adored treasures.

Size: 16" T X 9" W
valentine frog with rose  

    vanlentine frog Large Plush Froggy Sending Kisses

Here is an adorable green and white plush froggy, with big glass bulging eyes and a wide friendly grin. He is so cuddly soft, and is holding against his huggable body, a delightful big red heart with the kissing symbols "XOXO', charmingly embroidered in white. Your valentine would be thrilled to receive these loving kisses from you, delivered by Mr, Softy Froggy!!

Size: 13" T X 9" W

  I LOVE YOU Frog Balloon

not inflated
Size 18"
frog balloon      

  Frog Prince Head Balloon

Size: 27"
not inflated

  frog happy birthday balloon "Toad-ally Kissable" Mylar Frog Balloon

Okay Folks, here we have a Toad-ally Adorable, "TOAD-ALLY KISSABLE " little frog (It says so on his red sweater)...Look at all those kisses on his happy big-grinned face. Why not join him?

Size: 30"
not inflated

  frog be mine balloon "Kiss Me" Valentine's Day Mylar Frog Balloon

A Happy, Lovable Frog, with arms out-stretched, holds a "Be- Mine" red heart. Be sure your special someone receives it...Talk about an Original Valentine's Day Card.

Size: 29"
not inflated

  I Love You King Frog Balloon

not inflated

  frog be mine balloon You're Un-frog-ettable Mylar Frog Ballon

Size: 36"
not inflated

  clear balloon "Happy Valentine's Day Frog" Bubble Balloon

The original large "bubble balloon" inflates wrinkle-free like a real 3D plastic bubble. Enjoy this unique balloon from three sides-front, back, and side views. Offers 360 views-great from any angle. Inflating instruction on back. Comes in new moist-pak wrapping.

Size: 22"
not inflated

   Little Plush Frog Prince w/Kisses

Anyone for a kiss? This cute little velvety plush frog prince is covered with embroidered kisses (lips), and wears a yellow stuffed crown. Just the thing for your froggy sweetie!

Size: 5-1/2" tall
Price: $2.45

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