Frog Rugs & Pillows    
    frog pillow Frog Decorative Plush Pillow

The happiest of frogs sits right in the corner of this super soft--super caresable--super plush beautiful pillow. He has big,bright bulging eyes, a little pudgy body and a huge grin. He shares this lovely pillow with a friendly scenic view of a brown appliqued picket fence, along side a brown tree trunk, with a green soft shaggy top. An absolute delight to any child who is lucky enough to be its owner and cuddle up to its wonderful softness at will. It is crafted in vivid but soothing shades of blue, green and chocolate brown

Size: 14" X 12"
Price: $21.95

frog pillow Frog Polka Dot Decorative Pillow

Add a beautiful decorative touch to your bedroom, living room or den with this unique, luxurious-sized throw pillow. In soft muted shades of greens, yellow, browns and beige, this two-sided pillow--one side plain beige and the other side with Frog Polka-Dot design, will enhance any area. Sprawled out in the corner of the pillow is a full -sized casual, yet elegant frog. He seemed to be enjoying his surroundings of little polka dots on the edge, to large impressive striped circles all around him. On one circle, sits a cute red ladybug.. Designed by Robbin Rawlings, whose name appears on the bottom, this awesome pillow will be a great and comfy find.

W-MC000S Size: 18" X 18" $35.95
W-MC000L Size: 19" X 24" $40.95

    Decorative Hooked Frog Throw Pillow

This is a lovely and unique two-sided decorative throw pillow, predominately with a "Hooked" finish on one side, and a solid color, "Velour" finish on the other. On the Hooked side, we have a friendly, full-sized frog with a wide smile and sprawled out hands and feet, who seems to be beckoning to all to cuddle up with him. He is designed in shades of green, red and black , on a neutral shade of blue-gray for the background. The reverse side is in a shade of medium gray. An added feature is that the entire pillow is encased in an easy to remove zippered cover. The inviting curly hooked texture of this lovely pillow will add an interesting and decorative touch to anything it is placed with.

Size: 14" X 14"
frog throw pillow

    frog pillows Set of 2 Hoppy Frog Pillows

These hoppy frog pillows are super soft and great for any room. These pillows have tons of frogs leaping all around. Get these pillows while you can before they all hop out of the store.

Size: 8"
Price:$12.95 set of 2

   Frog cushion Adorable Frog Face Pillow

Very, Very Comfy & Very, Very Attractive is this Combination Pillow/Cushion. It is made of fine plush and leather-like material on the smiling frog face and as a border trim. Use it indoors as a colorful cushion seat for Story time, Movie time, & outdoors at Sporting Events, watching your big brother playing ball in his Little League. As a sleepover pillow, you will be the envy of all the kids. It has lovely decorative stitching on the colorful face. A loop handle makes for easy carrying. You will be proud to carry your little froggie pillow Everywhere!

Size 14"Round x 3.5"Thick

    frog pillow Green Squishy Micro-Bead Pillow

This "Green Squishy Micro-Bead Pillow" is a must-have companion to your sleepy-eyed little one. No longer straining his neck as he dozes off in the car---just have him carry this adorable soft, cuddly pillow around with him, and his comfort is assured in any nodding- off situation. The "Sleeping Beauty" Frog Pillow is super soft, made from squishy micro-beads. The bright green body and adorable face of the sleeping frog, is of lovable plush. When bedtime arrives, I'm sure a certain little person will make room for a special frog pillow.

Size: 15.5"L X 11"W
Price: $22.95

    frog pillow A Frog Pillow that looks like a FROG !

Look at those froggy feet !

Size: 15 inches
Price: $19.95

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