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  stuffed aminal frog Fuzzy-Wuzzy Hairy Frog

A unique little frog, if ever there was. The front part of his" green as grass". body is covered in a fuzzy hairy-like material. He looks like he needs a good hair cut. The under part is white, plush, and as smooth as snow, as well as his eyes and mouth. He's different, adorable, and delightful. Comes with an attached tag that provides online counterpart, which, at this fantastic discount price, may, or may not be honored. Should you not be interested, or if coupon is invalid you will still enjoy your beautiful, adorable, lovable Fuzzy-Wuzzy-Hairy Frog!, .

Size: 11" T x 11" W

  Tie Dye Stuffed Plush Frog

Vibrantly colored with blended shades of green and yellow, this adorable Sooo Soft and Sooo Cuddly, Tie Dye Frog makes a fantastic stuffed animal pet. He is large enough and durable enough to carry around as your child's constant companion. Look into his big bright glass eyes and fall in love. (Comes with attached tag that provides online counterpart, which may, or may not be honored. Should you not be interested, or if coupon is invalid, still enjoy your beautiful, lovable, Tie Dye Stuffed Frog )----I'm certain you will.

Size: 11" T x 11" W
webkinz frog

  bull frog webkinz Bull Frog Plush Stuffed Animal

Super Soft and Super Cuddly is this beautiful Bull Frog Stuffed Animal. He's "Oh So Handsome", with a green and yellow camouflaged body, serious hooded bright glass eyes, and a lovable expression. He'll be a hit with your whole family. (Comes with an attached tag that provides online counterpart, which, at this fantastic discount price may, or may not be honored.Should you not be interested, or if coupon is invalid-- enjoy your beautiful, durable, lovable, Bull Frog Plush Stuffed Animal )---I'm certain you will! irresistible..

Size: 11" T x 11" W

  Spotted Plush Stuffed Frog

He sits up straight, with his green spotted head to toe body, except for his pure white belly and mouth. You can't beat his soulful expression with two tiny glass eyes nestled way back on his pudgy-checked face. He's velvety soft and as cute as can be,--I'm sure you'll agree. Comes with attached tag that provides online counterpart, which, at this fantastic discount price, may, or may not be honored. Should you not be interested, or if coupon is invalid, you will still enjoy your beautiful, lovable, Spotted Plush Stuffed Frog.

Size: 11" T x 11" W
frog stuffed animal

  red eye tree frog stuffed aminal Tree Frog Plush Animal

Beautifully crafted in softest lime green and sparkling gold plush, this gorgeous tree frog makes a wonderful pet. He has the most entrancing huge, bulging glass eyes , red fuzzy feet and a big friendly smile.He definitely is not tiny, but the perfect size for your child to caress and carry, everywhere he goes. (Comes with attached tag that provides online counterpart, if still honored at this fantastic discount price. Should you not be interested, or coupon is invalid---still enjoy your beautiful, durable , lovable, stuffed Tree Frog Stuffed Animal)

Size: 11" T x 11" W

  "Button Bunch" Plush Frog

It is our great pleasure to present this most adorable frog to you. - Called Button Bunch because his colorful little body is covered in front with red and green round circles resembling the shape of buttons.. On his back, he displays an actual button design on a patch of fabric. He is ultra soft, super cuddly and heavenly huggable. Black embroidered eyes and eyebrows sit atop of a pudgy friendly face in an incredible shade of green. Each leg is padded and colored in different shades of violet, orange, blue and green.---Oh--So--Cute.

Size: 8" H

  Half Pint Plush Red Eye Tree Frog

This is a smaller version of the adorable Red Eyed Tree Frog. His bright red eyes and orange padded feet are covered in a shaggy type plush. He is extremely Snuggly and Huggly, with realistic facial features.

Size: 8" H

  frog in sweater Scraggs--the Froggy Cheerclader Boy

Wearing a "Frog Motif" (what else) white knit sweater, "Scraggs" our froggy cheerleader boy is ready to lead the cheer. He is one snappy dude. He is crafted of super-soft, extra-snuggly Chenille Plush material. Another nice feature about "Scraggs" is that he is custom made for us...can't be found in any catalogue. His bright shiny eyes beckon you to take him home...sit him on a shelf. or just let him hang out with you as your buddy.

Size: 16" T

  'Flopsie"--the Beautiful Froggy Princess

Guess who has a crush on "Flopsie"? The cheerleader prince--"Scraggs" of course. Who can resist her soft chenille plush body, or her fashionable velour outfit of Spring Green, made especially for her and no one else?Do you like her hat? Wide-brimmed with a little white rosebud design on the top, to match that full-cut velour frock. Now don't they make a handsome couple? Individually, or as the cutest couple, they are irresistible..

Size: 16" T
frog lady plush

  Little Plush Flower Frog

A big-grinned friendly adorable frog with a lovely embroidered flower on his cheek and belly. Easy to hold, hug and snuggle. Oh so soft, and oh so lovable. Comes with an attached hangable white hook holder. Assorted colors.

Size: 7" H
Price:$4.95 Each

  Plush Northern Leopard Frog

This is indeed a unique and unusually colored frog. It is known as the Northern Leopard Frog because of the leopard-like markings covering his colorful body. He is made of ultra soft plush which is abundantly stuffed, making him extremely squeezable and huggable. Comes with an educational tag describing the frog and his habitat. Assorted colors.

Size: 7" H
Price:$5.95 Each

      Frugs Frog

Cute little Frugs Frog will keep you hopping.


  Fruggy Frog

Cute charisma frogs are bright and colorful. They are super soft and super cute. Assorted colors.

Size: 5"

Snuggle Buddy Frog

Red eyed tree frog cute as a button. Bean filled bottom makes him sit easily.


   Spotted Plush Frogs

Cute little 4" plush spotted frogs in bright florescent colors. Colors will vary.

Set of 3

  Frog Plush Finger Puppet

Cute little soft finger puppet. He will entertain for hours. Just slip him on any finger and begin to play and act.

Size:4" l x 2 1/2" W
Frog Binoculars

Cute plush frog binoculars will keep your little one loooking at nature. Has a strap for easy carrying.

Size: 7" L x 5 1/2" W

  Blue with green circles Mini Clip-On Frog

Our little blue w/green circles Mini Clip-On Frog is absolutely adorable. Show him off to your friends by hanging him by his big blue attached hook on your backpack, locker, room mirror or wherever else you can think of. He is made of soft plush with Velcro attached hands. His eyes are black beaded. Very Cute! Makes a great party favor.

Size: 6"

  Purple with hearts Mini Clip-On Frog

Vivid purple with tiny hearts, this Mini Clip-On Frog is one of the peace frogs in our collection. He is made of soft plush, with an extra soft fuzzy plush on the sole of his feet. His hands are made with Velcro so that he can change his hands into various positions. He has a large purple hook on top of his head for hanging. A favorite spot for hanging seems to be the backpack. Adorable!

Size: 6"

  Pink with Red Circles Mini Clip-On Frog

Okay Girls--This one's just for you: Pink, with red circles, soft plush. His cute little face has black beaded eyes. His hands are made with Velcro so that he can change them into any position--over his head--clasped in front--held in back. Take him to exercise class and let him join in. Lots of Fun! Makes a great party favor.

Size: 6"

  Multi-Color Mini Clip-On Frog

This is our best seller, Mini Clip-On Frog. He is white in background color with various multi-color circles. He is made of soft plush--extra soft furry soles, black beaded eyes, big red hook and Velcro hands. You can experiment with his hands and twist them into as many positions as you can think of. You will also exercise your brain as to where you choose to hang and display him. It's a No-Brainer, however, if you choose to own the whole collection.

Size: 6"

  lavender and blue clip-on frog

This adorable lavender and blue all over-print clip on mini frog is made of soft plush. He has Velcro hands, soft fuzzy soles, black beaded eyes, a happy grin and a big blue hook for hanging. Makes a great party favor.

Size: 6"

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