Huggable Frogs
  spotted plush frog Spotted Plush Frog

So buttery soft is this adorable plush frog----all dressed up in a spotted design from head to toe. His cuteness can be spotted where ever he goes. Uniquely designed to be cuddled and held. and also to be perched up against your bed pillows, when he gets tired. He has enormous magical eyes that match his spotted body. Comes in assorted luscious colors-----sky blue--lime green, and lipstick red.

Size: 10.5" T x 9.5" W
Price:$4.95 Each

  Little Plush Froggies

Buttery soft, and incredibly cuddly, is this little. plush froggie. He has a beautiful colorful body with big white bulging eyes, and a full friendly grin. Comes in assorted luscious colors

Size: 8" T x 9" W
Price:$3.25 Each
frog plush carnival

  bean bag frog Beanie Baby Frog

Sooo Cute----Sooo Cuddly. Our Baby Beanbag Froggie is adorable. to behold and delicious to hold. His little plush body is velvety smooth, and delightful in every way------Makes great gift!! Available in assoeted colors green& yellow--------blue&yellow;

Size: 8.5 " T x 6 " W
Price:$3.45 Each

  Red Tounge Plush Frog

This adorable plush frog stretches out to 14 inches and sports a spotted green finish and a radiant red tongue. A soft cuddly frog friend to be sure.

Size: 10" L x 9.5" W
Price:$3.95 Each
frog stuffed animal

  frog plush ball Wally The Wooly Frog Ball

Proud to present "WALLY the WOLLY FROG''---------He is a round, pudgy, ball of fun. Lime green & Sunny yellow tufts of springy, popping, chenille wool, make up his body. Add to that a sweet "sweater" face with a wide friendly grin, and Whah Lah, Here's Wally. Carry him and Cuddle him-----Throw him on your bed as an extra pillow (he's that soft) ------Just Enjoy---He's a Gem!

Size: 10" Round

  Plush 2-in-1 Froggie and Pillow

Super--Super--Soft Plush Pillow and Froggie Companion. He is fun to sit on--ride as a pony---caress, cuddle. and hug---------ALSO------by opening the Velcro closure on the bottom, "Wah Lah" , your Froggie becomes a big luscious Pillow to plop on your bed, or great to use for travel!! Either way---Fun and Enjoyment Galore!

Size: 19" L x 14" W x 16" T x 4.5" D
Price:$19.95 Each
frog pillow

   LARGE Green Plush Frog

This H-U-G-E Lovable green plush frog is BIG on Love to the happy recipient. His soft, cuddly body yearns to be hugged, and everyone, (young and old) would do just that, ALL FORTY INCHES of him. Makes a magnificent gift!

Size: 40"
 huge frog

  Large Mommy & Baby Green Frogs

This is a favorite piece among Mommies who love to place it on a shelf in the nursery to remind them of their endearing attachment to their little ones. The Mommy Frog holds the Baby Frog completely enwrapped in her arms. It's just the cutest little soft. chenille, plush stuffed animal around.

Size: 20" X 8"
green plush frogs

  plush frog Large Flippy-Floopy Wacky Frog

It's anything but just a frog. It's a large-sized novelty, colorful print, funky as they come, Flip-Flop Happy Frog. He is designed of a soft and snuggly fine plush fabric, which is made up of bright multi colored circles around a yellow mouth, tummy and feet, He can be displayed several ways in your child's bedroom--on a bookcase shelf, on the bed as a throw pillow, or just sitting up on a small chair. He has very manipulative arms and legs to adjust to any position desirable. He has incredible softness and huggability..

Size: 17" X 13"

  Frog Neck Pillow

Made of a super-soft, super-snuggly, plush, this bright green , travel pillow, with the friendly froggy face on the end,is the ideal travelling companion for your child. It fits around the neck to enable the child to recline his head on the pillow. Lightweight and easy to wear around the neck, and carry. Happy travelling...have a good flight. Good for auto trips as well.

Size: About 10" x 9" x 3"
frog travel pillow

    Zibbie- Red-Eyed Treefrog Plush

Here is our Super-Cute - Super- Funky, Lovable Zibbie Frog. He is fashioned of Super-Soft Plush. He has Hyper-Flex hair for hours of stretchy fun. Comes with secret sure to check it out, on information card. A boldly colored "must have" unique Zibbie.

Size: 8.5" Tall
stuffed animal frog  

  Freddie Frog Plush

3 inch Freddie frog hangable plush frogs are cute as can be and great for parties or decorations.


  Lil Wildie Frog

Cutest wildest frog you will ever find. Soft and adorable.
Size:4" H


      Set of 4 Hoppy Frogs

Adorable set of 4 hoppy plush frogs. They are so soft and cuddly you will fall in love. They have big smiles on there face that will make you hoppy. Assorted colors.
Great deal while supplies last!

Size: 5 1/2"

  Scooter Frog

Comes in two different sizes. Has a loop at the top of his head so you can hang him from your ceiling or on your wall. Very adorable, all the kids love him.

W-RI00S9 9" Tall $4.95

  frog back pack Plush Froggie Back Pack

You won't believe the utterly soft plush feeling of the adorable lime green and sunny yellow back pack. Not only is he soo, soo, soft, but feathery light weight also. Perfect for your little ones to carry all their cherished items for visits to Granny and Sleepovers etc.

Size: 17" T X 15" W

  Big Head Frog Backpack

Simply outrageously awesome is this brilliantly colored, deliciously soft Froggie Backpack. He is light green and yellow with big bulging embroidered eyes, a huge grinning embroidered mouth, and adorable hanging feet! He is fashioned in a very soft plush with lots of love and detail applied to his workmanship. For easy fit, there are adjustable straps on his back. Any kid would be absolutely thrilled to carry him to school and count the Wows! from his many adoring classmates.

Size: 18" T X 15" W
frog backpack

  frog puppet Sydney The Singing Hand Puppet

HERE'S SYDNEY, the one and only frog singing hand puppet. He's Oh-So-Soft- Oh-So Handsome, and just listen to him sing his three songs: Are you sleeping, brother John?-----Old MacDonald had a farm---- London Bridge is falling down. After he sings, he is the only frog in the world that can take a bow----(with your helping hand, of course!!!!!

Size: 17" T X 12" W

  stuffed bullfrog Spotted Green Bullfrog

The bullfrog, one of the world's most popular frogs, is an amphibian which causes a lot of interest in people. Here we have a true-to-life replica of a bullfrog. He is predominately spotted green in color, with a brown underside. He has large bulging eyes and strong, sturdy, large legs and feet. This is really a beautiful rendition of the largest North American frog, the Bullfrog.

Size: 7" L X 6" T X 10" W

  Plush Red-Eyed Tree Frog

Our Plush Red-Eyed Tree Frog is perfect for your plush frog-lovng little one! This adorable stuffed tree frog is made from luxuriously soft, thick plush fabric, and its strikingly bold realistic coloring and shape will impress any frog fanatic. He's extra-soft for extra cuddling and hugging! Comes with educational hang tag.

Size: 8" LX 6.5" T X 9" W
red eyed tree frog plush

  Hanging Huggable Frogs

Put these adorable frogs around your neck and feel them hug you. Velcro arms and legs makes them hug anything. They even have a loop at the top of their heads so you can hang them from your ceiling or on your wall. Availble in two different sizes. Assorted colors.
Small 20" W-RIR020 $4.95

      Plush Red Eyed Tree Frog

This charming plush Red Eyed Tree Frog features ultra soft stuffing and luxuriously soft, thick plush faux fur fabric-making it a joy to cuddle. It is authentically colored with its big red eyes and bright blue legs. It is strikingly realistic, yet extremely durable and huggable. It also has an attached educational hang tag, describing in full, the actual tree frog and its tropical forest habitat. You will marvel at just how cuddly and vividly colorful it is.

Size: 13" X 12"

    frog hanging plush Poison Dart Frog-Hanging Plush

This authentically colored, bright - blue Poison Dart Frog is made of ultra soft plush. NOW FOR A GREAT SURPRISE! - - He Hangs on You. His elongated two front legs are equipped with a Velcro locking device. You can place the legs around your neck, press the Velcro lining together and your Poison Dart Frog sits comfortably on your chest, like a frog papoose -- How COOL is That?

Size: 22"tall

    hanging frog Peace Baby Hanging Frog

The Most colorful peace frog out...bright, bright, yellow, red, blue, orange, purple etc. cover this fun-filled large, 32 inch plush hanging frog. Across his chest appear two small peace signs with the words: "Peace Baby" between them. A treasure to own and a pleasure to hang him around your neck, for all your friends to enjoy...Or, hang him around your friend's neck, if you like him that much....but, hang he will...where ever you hang him !!! Peace, Baby, Peace-"

Size: 32"tall

    hanging frog "Free Spirit" Hanging Frog

This Free Spirit Frog is one of a collection of Plush Hanging Frogs. Made of the softest cuddly plush material, this adorable, vividly colored purple frog with the funky saying: "Free Spirit" and his bright bulging eyes, invite you have him hang around. He has Velcro on the legs of his large 32 inch body, which allows him to hang around anywhere - - - even around your neck. He is a cool hang around frog friend!

Size: 32"tall

    hanging frog Peace Emblem Hanging Frog

A proud "Peace" Colorful Emblem embroidered in bright vivid colors, is displayed on an all bold yellow, hanging frog. This large 32 inch plush hanging frog is part of our collection of hanging plush frogs...oh so soft...and oh so cuddly. Hang Him High--Hang Him Low---He'll Be Absolutely Proud To Show! He's beautiful to look at and a lot of fun to own!

Size: 32"tall

    Snuggles Frog w/String Tie

Snuggles, the incredibly soft, snuggable, fluffy frog, in a stand-up pose, is handcrafted with much love. He wears a silk braided string tie around his neck and is ready to be adored and admired by some lucky little person. He is fashioned of super soft fluffy plush, with an endearing face. His body is green in color except for white chin and feet.

Size: 12" tall
stuffed frog  

    stuffed animal frog Froggy Softee Pal

Here's a little Froggy who will be your Softee Pal to hang around with. He is made of super soft, fluffy material, with white fleece embroidered eyes and white fleece feet. He makes a most huggable, cuddly, companion, and a wonderful gift.

Size: 10" tall

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