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  rubber floating frog Squirter - Frog

The frog squirter is a cool bath buddy and makes any water activity a joyous one, ideally suited for the bath, pool or the beach. Squirter - Frog has a cute unique design and are made of a soft material which makes it very comfortable to hold, and suitable to any age..Just fill with water and squirt !!

Size: 2 1/2" L X 2" W

    Mommy & Baby Rubber Floating Frogs

A great bathtime toy. Hours of fun!. Made of rubber and will squeak when squeezed. Ideally suited for the bath, pool or the beach.

Size: Mommy Frog : 3 1/2" T X 2.75" W
Baby Frog Size: 2" x 2"
Price:$2.95 set of 2
rubber frogs  

    Jungle Jacks

Eight vivid rain forest frogs and a colorful super ball give new "legs" to this venerable game that kids of all generations love to play. They are packed in a blister card.

Dart Frogs

Colorful bright vivid plastic rain forest frogs. They are great gifts or just great party favors. Assorted colors.

Size: 2"
Price:$ 0.95 each

 paint frog pen
Paint Your Own Frog Pen

Kids will love to add their own special touches to this handcrafted frog pen. Let them create their very own one of a kind frog pen. Each pen comes with a set of paints so you can create your very own masterpiece.



  frog bubble necklace Frog Bubble Necklace

Cute hoppy frog bubble necklace is great for hours of fun for any frog lover. After the bubbles are gone they still have a great necklace.

Size: 3"
frog bubble Frog Bubble Bottles

This frog will be great for give aways and just a great gift idea. Comes in assorted colors and hours of fun.

Size: 3"

     Squishy Squashy Frog

Just give this squishy frog a squeeze and listen to him ribbit. Move him around and his eyes roll around and around.

Size: 5" L

  Stretchies Stretch

Stretchies are an assortment of bright colorful vivid stretchy frogs that will bring hours of fun. Package of 4.

Size:3" L

This adorable bull-frog will give your kids hours of fun. Just squeeze him and his throat pops watch it spin fast. Ribbit Ribbit!

Size: 4 1/2"

   frog game Frog Ball Catcher

Two Big Froggy-Faced Catcher Mitts with Velcro mouths will catch the Two little soft balls when thrown to each other. Test your skill and enjoy the fun! Both froggy mitts are green, with white bulging eyes, and two rows of red Velcro. Includes two Balls (Which Look Like Flies). Very Colorful

Size: TWO 8" X 6" Mitts And Two 1/2" Flies
Price:$11.95 / Per Set

    Grow Frog Water Toy

Place the frog in water and watch it grow up to 3 times its original size! Then take it out of the water and it will shrink back to it's regular size.

Size: 3 1/2" L

    frog inflatable Green Inflatable Frog

A big wide grin distinguishes this adorable green inflatable frog toy. He is perfect for parties, pool fun and wherever you want to hang him. Plastic loop on top of head for hanging. You can also press his body to make him squeak. (not meant to be used as a flotation device)

Size: 18"

    frog inflatable Colorful Big Face Inflatable Frog

This big-faced happy frog with large bulging eyes, will stare back at you whether he is in a pool, on a festive party table, or just hanging from your ceiling. He comes in assorted colors. Has a loop on his head for hanging, and also makes a squeaking sound when pressed. (not meant to be used as a flotation device)

Size: 20"

    frog inflatable Ribbit Inflatable Frog Bopper

A very large green inflatable Bopper, with a happy frog face is yours for the FUN of it! You can shake the handel, which has "Ribbit' painted on both sides in blue, and a squeaky sound accompanies the whimsical frog face as it bops up and down. Great for sporting events, party favors or pool parties.(not meant to be used as flotation device)

Size: 36" long, Head Size: 15" x 12"

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