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  Frog Gag Present (Free as a Frog Ring)

An adorable way-out ring, made of a smooth rubberized material, with the cutest frog face embedded in an array of very thin rubber band like hair is the newest sensation. Wear it on the empty third finger of your left hand, to let the word out that YOU'RE FREE AS A FROG,( SEARCHING FOR YOUR PRINCE.'} Great Conversation Piece and Loads of Fun!!.

Size: 2-3/4" T X 2" W
frog toy ring

  frog ring Adorable Froggy Lite-Up Ring

Put your finger through the loop on the bottom of this amazing little froggy ring. Once you are wearing this colorful, pudgy, smiling froggy face on your finger, tap the tabletop with your hand, and, watch as that adorable froggy lights up and flashes iridescent shades of moving light through his transparent mouth, and the rest of his body -- sooooo captivating to see and enjoy!!! (assorted colors)

Size: 2" T X 2-1/2" W

  Sticky Frog

Sticky Frog is made of soft pliable plastic that will stick to any smooth surface such as windows. Once removed from surface, it will retain its original shape. Good promotional give-away or party favor. Lots of Fun. (assorted colors)

Size: 3" T X 2-3/4" W
sticky frog

  wind up frog Wind-Up Collector's Jumping Frog

This is a larger-sized rendition of a colorful jumping frog meant for collectors, (not for children). In order to make the frog jump, you must activate by inserting separate key on its side. Every collector needs a little whimsical item in his collection. Enjoy!

Size: 2.5" L X 2.5" W

  Jump, Froggy, Jump

A little colorful metal froggy, with key attached to his side, will award your child (ages 3 and up) hours o f fun-filled activity, gleefully playing with his little frog and watching him jump and hop around. Don't be surprised if mom, dad, and other members of the family will want their turn to turn the key and make froggy jump around! Fun and amusement for all!!

Size: 2-3/4" L X 1-3/4 W
wind up frog  

  frog bank Frog Puffer Ball

Buttery soft to handle, and delightful to squeeze and squish, this whimsical green fringed-back frog, has a unique feature: The more you squeeze it, the more he blows up like a blow fish! He is really hard to resist, with his big bulging eyes, and arresting smile! Assorted colors.

Size: 4.5" T

  Frog Clicker Necklace

Cute necklaces that have a frog head that makes a clicking noise. Great party favors and great for gifts.

Price:$0.45 Each
  Hedge Ball Frogs

That is right cute little hedge ball frogs are now available. These are great for all ages.

Price:$0.40 Each

  frog sticky toy  Frog Slapper

Swing this frog around and watch him stick to most surfaces.

Size: 4"

  frog squirt toy Mini Red Eyed Tree Frog Squirts

Set of 2 red eyed tree frog squirts. Fill them with water and go squirt some fun.


  Frog Black Light Candles

Turn your blacklight on watch these frogs glow. They are a candle too. Adult supervision requested.
Colors may vary.

Size: 3"
Price:$1.45 Each

  Frog Whistles

These cute frog whistles will be the hit of any party. Everyone loves these and they are a rare find. Assorted colors.

Size: 2.5"
Price:$0.45 Each

  Stretchy Frogs

Stretch these frogs as far as they will go. Comes in bright assorted colors.

Price:$0.45 Each

  Squirt Frog

Fill these cute little frogs up with water, squeeze them and start squirting away. Assorted colors.

Size: 2:
Price:$0.45 Each

  Flip Flop Frogs

Hold these cute frogs down and in a couple of seconds they will do a flip. Hours of fun.

Price:$0.95 Each

  frog tumble toy Tumbling Plastic Frog

This tumbling plastic colorful frog is meant to be tossed onto a wall. Watch in wonder as he tumbles down. Great party favor or prize. Comes individually carded.


  frog key chain Moving Frogs Key Chain

A green egg-shaped dome has a pleasant surprise when you press the little "Z" button on the end. The lid flips open to display three little frogs inside that start moving around. Closing the lid winds the toy back up, so that when you open it again, the frogs will automatically move again. Everyone will agree this is a fascinating little wind-up frog toy. And...don't forget it's a functional key chain as well.

Size: Toy 3" long, Key ring 7/8"

  frog wind up Winky Frog Wind-Up Toy

One of our cutest wind-ups in our collection of froggy wind-up toys: Here's the action---Wind him up-- He goes hippity-hop across the table---he stops halfway---his eyelids open---he actually winks at you before he resumes his hippity hopping again. Absolutely adorable and awesome action!

Size: 1-3/4" Tall

  frog key chain Bendable Frog Key Chain

Small frog key chain is soft bendable plastic. Cute frog face on a cute frog body. Makes great party favor or party prize. Comes in assorted colors.

Size: 3" Tall

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