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    Hoppy Birthday Toadally Party Goods      

Hoppy Birthday Toadally Plates

W-DP7661 9" Dinner Plates 8/pkg $1.20
W-DP7561 7" Cake/ Salad Plates 8/pkg $1.20

  Hoppy Birthday Toadally Napkins

W-DP3461 Beverage Napkin 16/pkg $1.20

  Hoppy Birthday Toadally Invitations

Hop on over!

8 invitations and 8 envelopes

  Hoppy Birthday Toadally Table Cover

Frog out! Plastic Hoppy Birthday Toadally table cover.

Size:54" x 108"

      Toadally Awesome Birthday Pennant Banner

Toadally Awesome Birthday to you!

12 pennant flags

Size: 12ft L

   Hoppy Birthday Toadally Party Hats

Cute red striped hats have a super cool frog wearing a matching hat. 8 /pkg

Size: 8"

    Hoppy Birthday Toadally
Party Blow Outs

8 /pkg
Size: 4" W

  frog princess bowl Frog Princess Bowl

With uncontested beauty and style, Lala IS the number one idol for all froggy fans! She sings... she dances... she's Froggy Royalty! This fun bowl is great for little girls and frog-themed parties. Makes a great take-home party gift, too!

Size: 5" x 5
frog princess plate Frog Princess Plate

With uncontested beauty and style, Lala IS the number one idol for all froggy fans! Just look at her pink ballet outfit with her matching pink crown and eyeshadow... She sings... she dances... she's Froggy Royalty! This fun plate is great for little girls and frog-themed parties. Makes a great take-home party gift, too!

Size: 8"

  frog princess sippy cup Frog Princess Sipper Cup

With uncontested beauty and style, Lala IS the number one idol for all froggy fans! Just look at her pink ballet outfit with her matching pink crown and eyeshadow... She sings... she dances... she's Froggy Royalty! This fun plate is great for little girls and frog-themed parties. Makes a great take-home party gift, too!

Size: 8 oz

  frog salt and pepper shaker Frog and Princess Salt and Pepper Shaker

This handsome frog prince casts an adoring look at his princess, as she plants a kiss on his cheek. They are handpainted glazed ceramic salt and pepper shakers, with small magnets that hold them together in a kiss. This cute set makes a wonderful wedding cake topper, table centerpiece, or frog gift for weddings and anniversaries. Just adorable!

Size: 4"


    Ritzenhoff Collection

All Ritzenhoff products are individually packaged in decorative gift boxes. Perfect for all Occasions. We carry the most extensive frog collection of Ritzenhoff products available anywhere in the U.S. Each mug is hand-blown and creatively decorated with an adorable frog scene. These are great for any frog lover to add to their collection.

  frog mug King Frog Mug

This super cute frog is sitting and waiting for you to hop into his life. This set includes 4 matching coaster set. Remember its Hoppy Hour!

Size: Holds one full bottle of beer

   frog mug Frog Swimming Glass

This super cute frog is swimming into any frog lovers life. Bright beautiful colors and super cool.

Size: 9 oz.

     frog bottle opener Princess and Frog Bottle Opener

Each side tells a different story. Open your favorite beverage with either side, you can be the princess or the prince. Super fun!

Size: 6"

  frog coasters Happy Frog Coaster Set of 6

These matching happy frog coasters are a great addition to any party. Super cute. Made of paperboard. Super Cute!

Set of 6
Size: 4"

Price: $5.25

  frog paddle ball game Frog Paddle Ball

These adorable frog paddle balls are great for all ages and hours of fun. Made of thin wood with a cute froggy face laminated on top. Assorted colors.

Size: 10"


  parachute frog Parachute Frog

Hop Into Parachute Frog Fun. The Frog Parachutist can create instant fun for all your party guests. The frog parachutist is a fun and entertaining favor that you can't go wrong with! 1½ long frog parachutist. Made of plastic. Real parachute action! Ideal prizes for your next Frog party or religious event. We have the party favors that your guests will love, at prices you'll love even more!

Size:2 1/2"
Price:$0.45 Each
 parachute frog    

  Candy Frog Kebobs

What an idea for your next child's birthday party..........A FROG KEBOB. No, not a lollipop, but a froggy candy stick of different delectable candy treats, all assembled on a easy-pull off kebob stick. tied on the bottom with a little net ribbon. Delicious and Different!!!

Size: 10.5" Long
Price: $2.95 each
frog gummi candy  

    frog sticker pack Rainforest Frog
Sticker Album Set

This set includes cool rainforest frog stickers , a rainforest frog note book with a shiny pencil. Super cool!


   frog sticker album Froggy Sticker Album

Put your favorite frog stickers in your froggy stickers album.


  frog prismatic stickers  Prismatic Leap Frog Stickers

1 sheet

   frog stickers Hoppy Frog Stickers

1 Sheet

   frog stickers Mini Frog Stickers

These Acid-Free Stickers show a variety of frog species. Good for scrap-booking, given as party favors etc. (Regularly $1.95)

1 Sheet
Sale Price:$0.85

  frog felt stickers Frog Felt Stickers

.This is a unique package of "felt" 3-D Fun Frog Stickers.......colorful and bright....a great addition to your frog sticker world
1 Sheet
puffy frog stickers Puffy Frog Stickers

These stickers depict frogs in different poses relating to a rainy day. They are in bright 3-D colors. Everyday is not sunny.....so these are different, fun, rainy-day activities to add to your sticker collection.
1 sheet

     Embossed Frog Glitter Stickers

Make creative scrapbook pages, frames, boxes, greeting cards and more with these beautifully designed stickers. 14 creative stickers.
Size: Range From 1" to 4"

     Frog Stickers on a Roll

New Idea! Stickers on a roll offer easy access to your variety of colorful frogs for scrap-booking,collecting, or trading with friends.Lots of Fun! Acid-Free stickers come on a six foot roll of six pieces.
Size: 6' roll

  frog sticker Friendly Frog Stickers

1 sheets

Friendly Froggy Stickers

2 sheets

  frog eraser Frog Puzzle Eraser

The perfect little party favor........a little happy froggie with a big grin and round belly, serves as a perfect eraser, as well as a tiny challenging come-apart puzzle. Assorted Colors--Individually Wrapped

Size : 1.25" T X 0.75" W
Sale Price:$0.95
puzzle frog eraser  

     Frog Flashing Rings

Put these cute plastic flashing frogs on your finger and watch the different colors flash.
Assorted colors. Batteries included.
Size: 4"
Price:$3.25 each

    frog wind up Happy Hopper Wind-Up Froggy

Talk about adorable and fun to feel and play with. This little green, very soft to the touch, Happy Hopper Wind-Up Froggy, made of a rubberized chenille type of material, with two big bulging eyes, is sure to please kids of all ages. Makes the greatest party favor: Just wind him up and watch his all body shiver and shake as he hops around. These special frogs do more than leap. They shimmer, shake, dart, and dance when you wind them up, all the time movin’ to the grovin’. The soft rubbery spike just add to the fun.

Size: 3.75" X 2.5"
Price $1.95

   Frog light up toy Light-Up Puffer Frog

He's Oh So Cute---Oh So Smooth--Oh Such Fun to Play With. Give our Light-Up Puffer Frog one little squeeze on any part of his funky body, complete with bulging eyes, and a colorful rubber fringe across his back, and watch the show begin. He bubbles up everywhere, as he lights up. WAY C-O-O-L!!! Assorted Colors.

Size 4"

    rubber frog Colored Rubber Frogs

These miniature frogs are a squeeze. Each rubber frog measures approximately 2 inches in height. Comes in assorted colors and makes a fantastic party favor.

Size: 2"
Price $.90 Each

  Frog Pencil
Activity Pack

Let that special frog lover have this really cool froggy fun pack. Comes with one frog pencil, a sheet of frog stickers and 4 frog erasers. Great for teachers!

Rain Forest Frog Pencil Toppers

Each one of these cool rain forest frog pencils toppers will have your child hopping to class. Assorted colors.

Size: 2 1/2"

      Set of 12 Happy Frog Pencils

Adorable assorted frog pencils. Each one has cute happy frogs all over.

Set of 12

    Frog Pencil Sharpener

A cute green frog pencil sharpener is a handy tool to keep on your home desk or take to school---- large enough to catch pencil shavings. Great party favor too !

Size: 2.75" W X 3" L
Price $.95 Each
frog pencil sharpener   

    frog bubbles Plastic Big Frog Bubble Maker

Adorable little plastic frogs sit atop of a plastic tube of liquid bubble maker. Comes with bubble wand encased in tube. ----Makes terrific party favor or just fun toy. Assorted colors .

Size: 5 1/2" plastic bottle includes 1.25 oz. of bubbles with wand.
Price $1.25 Each

    Flashing Frog LED Key Chain

A clear plastic froggie key chain will light up dramatically for you and FLASH, making it so much easier to find your way. Makes a very handy item for yourself or to use as a party favor. . Includes on/off switch.

Size: 2" each on a 1" metal ring.
Price $1.95 Each
frog light up key chain  

    frog lite up ring Light-Up Rubber Frog Rings

These awesome frog rings are made of rubber with an adorable smiling-faced frog on its front. The amazing part is when you touch its nose, it lights up and FLASHES brilliantly. Comes in assorted colors and makes a fantastic party favor.

Size: 1 1/2" x 1 1/4"
Price $2.25 Each

       {castinet}  Frog Castinets Favor

Price: $.95 each

  Glow in the Dark Frogs

Set of 6 life like frogs that really glow in the dark. Just turn the lights out and you will think that you are in the forest with them.

Size: 1 1/2" each

  Rain Forest Frog Collection
and Pencil Toppers

Set of 6 rainforest frog collection. Colorful and durable hand painted non-toxic plastic. Authentic details.Real life-like looking frogs. Also available as a pencil topper.

W-CI1006 Rainforest Frog $4.25
W-CS1010 Rainforest Frog Topper $4.25
Squeaking Frog and Friends

Set of 3 rain forest frog collections. Includes a 3" squeaking frog.Colorful and durable hand painted non-toxic plastic. Authentic details.Real life-like looking frogs.


   Frog happy birthday Blue Hooded Sweatshirt - Happy Birthday Frog

Arriving at a lucky person's door, will be this adorable bright-eyed, wide grinned plush frog. He's wearing a Blue Hooded, Cool Sweatshirt, with rope drawstrings, bearing the muticolored embroidered greeting: "HAPPY BIRTHDAY". Will this person be having a Very Hoppy Day???--You Bet!

Size 11"Tall

   Frog happy birthday Green Hooded Sweatshirt - Happy Birthday Frog

Dressed up in his cool, Green Hooded Sweatshirt, with the "Happy Birthday" Greeting embroidered in muticolors across the front, and his rope drawstrings casually hanging down, this adorable little green plush froggie will wow any lucky receiver. Go ahead make their day!

Size 11"Tall

   Frog happy birthday T-Shirt Happy Birthday Frog

Say "Hello" to this green plush, big-eyed, friendly adorable little froggie. He is here to make someone's birthday, extra special. Wearing his "Happy Birthday" greeting, embroidered in multicolors on his white T-Shirt. He is sure to make a big hit with all! As pictured, this froggie is wearing a white T-Shirt with RED sleeves---also available is white shirt with PINK, GREEN & BLUE Sleeves.

Size 11"Tall

****Please select a color before you use the buy button to purchase****

   Frog birthday candle Hoppiest Birthday Candle Holder

A little green festive ceramic frog with polka dots is in a seated position, eating a piece of your birthday cake. His hat is red with "Hoppy Birthday" written across the front. On his pudgy belly the message continues with "May it be the Hoppiest ever!"---With cheerful greetings like that, he is certainly entitled to another piece of cake! This novel ceramic candle holder with tea candle included, comes in a lovely gift box to be given to someone very special--- perhaps yourself. Another idea to show off this little birthday froggie is to use him as your birthday cake topper. He is entirely reusable for many birthdays to come and is a wonderful lovable keepsake. E_N_J_O_Y & HOPPY BIRTHDAY!

Size 4.5"Tall x 3.5"Wide

  frog hologram happy birthday card Frog Happy Birthday Hologram Card

Clever, attractive, hologram card depicting frog actually puckering up winking his eye and throwing birthday kisses as you move card forward and back.

Inside card reads: kiss-kiss! Happy Birthday

Size : Standard 6.5" L X 4.75" W

frog happy birthday card Surfer Frog
Birthday Card

Frog clutching surfboard delivering appropriate greeting.
Inside card reads:Surf's Up Happy Birthday

frog birthday card Frogs At Poolside
Birthday Card
Say Happy Birthday to that person with Betty Grable legs.
Inside card reads: You've still got the best legs in the group ! Happy Birthday


frog birthday card Frog Friends/Fingers Behind His Head Birthday Card

Two frogs being photographed with one holding up v-shaped finger formation above the head of the other, delivering age related birthday greeting.
Inside card reads:unlike you...this never gets old ! Happy Birthday

frog happy birthday card Snorkling Frog
Birthday Card

Cute frog dressed up in snorkeling gear and flipper feet saying Happy Birthday
Inside card reads: Happy Flippin' Birthday !


  frog belated bithday card Missed Your Birthday

This birthday card is just perfect for the peson that always seems to send birthday cards late ...White envelope included.

Outside of card reads "Missed your bithday "
Inside card reads feel like a toad. Happy Belated

Size : Standard 7" L X 5" W

  Party Frog Birthday Greeting Card


Inside card reads: Hope your birthday is toadally awesome!

White envelope included.

Size : Standard 7" L X 5" W
frog birthday card  

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