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  frog eyeglass holder Enameled Metal Frog Eyeglass Tray

This Enameled Metal Frog Eyeglass Tray is a lovely piece of enameled art. It is made from solid metal and then enameled by hand. In fact, the tray is entirely handmade, and a valuable collectible. It is numbered and signed in back by the artisan who painted it. It is a beautiful design of two frogs surrounded by green and pink lily pads in a pond painted yellow for contrast. OH YES, You Can Keep Your Glasses In This Lovely Tray And Always Know Where They Are! Comes in a black satin lined gift box.

Size: 6.5" x 2.5" x 1"

  Frog Paperweight with Tadpoles

This unique paperweight features a lovely, hand blown , delightfully detailed Lorenzo glass frog. He is perched upon .a heavy-weight, clear glass globe. Inside the globe, swims five little black tadpoles, swimming above an array of pond plants and swirling bubbles--a very attractive setting. This cleverly designed piece will enhance either your home or office desk.

Size: 4.5 " High X 3" Diamiter
frog and tadpole paperweight  

  frog glass paperweight Premiun Glass Frog Paperweight

Here is a lovely Premium Glass Paperweight. The artwork encased in the clear acrylic heavy-weight dome, is that of an attractive green frog sitting in shallow water. It will make a handsome as well as functional addition to your home or office desk.

Size: 3" Diamiter X 2" High

  Frog Design Enameled Stamp Dispenser

Wish to give a unique gift to your frog collector who thinks he has everything? This is a beautiful piece of enameled art and a valuable collectible. It depicts a wonderful, whimsical, entirely handmade, replica of a colorful mail box, with paintings of frogs playing in a yellow colored pond. They are swimming, diving, and resting on lily pads. On top of the mail box are two little metal birds. On the stand of the box is a bumble bee, butterfly, and blue flower on metal posts. It has very intricate details and unique as can be. The front of the mail box comes equipped wit a hinged door that opens up to receive your stamps. On the side of the box is a little slit, just the right size to dispense your stamps. This piece is numbered and signed by the artisan who painted it. Comes in a black satin-lined gift box, for a most unusual and memorable gift.

Size: 5" T X 2" W X 2.5" L
 frog postage stamp holder  

  frog wood magnet Wooden Poison Arrow Dart Frog Head Magnet

A Wooden Poison Arrow Dart Frog, painted blue and magnetized on the back to adhere to all metal surfaces, is ready to be the feature star on your refrigerator.

Size: 3" X 2"

  Frog Wooden Letter Opener

This All Natural Wood Frog Letter Opener, is worthy of an executive desk position. It is made from the softest, smoothest of woods, and has a little whimsical frog, crafted from a darker wood, that is perched on top of the opener. Makes a great gift for any frog lover.

frog letter opener  

  frog lanyard All Frogs Lanyard

If you like frogs you'll love this lanyard! Made of strong woven blue nylon, this lanyard is imprinted with the design of bright green, yellow, and orange frogs. You can use the frog lanyard as a badge holder to hold your ID badge, your keys, your jump drive, or whatever else you like to hang around your neck. It has a split-ring keyring at the bottom that you can unclip from the lanyard.

Size: Overall length is 21" and the webbing width is .75"
 frog pen Frog Shaped Pen

This is a super cool frog that is a pen. This is a must for any frog lover. It is so cool you might not even want to use it and just display it.

Size: 7"

  Sculpted Frog Pen With Jiggly Eyes

This unique as can be Sculpted Frog Pen is something to write home about. This amazing looking frog sits atop a green barrel resembling a tree branch with a lovely leaf attached to it. His face is designed with big bulging eyes that jiggle when you shake him. He clutches a shiny ball as he wraps his legs around the branch. He is completely hand sculpted, which of course, adds to his being utterly unique because no two pens are alike. He is colored in two shades of green. Makes a great party favor, and conversation piece, whenever and wherever it's used.

frog pen  

  frog pen Red-Eyed Tree Frog Pen

These Colorful and unique pens are functional for any occasion.


  Sitting Frog Pen

These Colorful and unique pens are functional for any occasion.

frog pen   

  frog pen See No Evil Frog Pen

These Colorful and unique pens are functional for any occasion.


  Unique Wooden Hand Carved Frog Pen

Want something to impress your friends? Start writing, using this large-sized, handsome, unique wooden hand carved pen, with an extraordinary little green and red frog perfectly hand carved, perched on top. It's a definite winner!!!!

Size:6.75" L X 2.5" W
wooden frog pen  

  Tree Frog Memo Note & Pen Holder

Acrylic holder is designed to hold a pad of 3" by 3" sticky notes and a pen in one corner. The holder comes with a 100 sheet pack of sticky notes with a frog design in the center. Perfect for the home or office!

Size: 5" x 5" x 1"
frog memo holder   

  Tree Frog Notepad Holder

Acrylic note box has laser cut sides to make the tree frogs really stand out. It holds 200 sheets of 4" by 6" paper with a frog design on the bottom. Perfect for the home or office!

Size: 6.5" x 4.5" x 2"
frog notepad holder   

  Magnetic list pad Frog Frog Magnetic List Pad
Get A Jump On It

Clever, Handy, Sticky Magnetic List Pads with Heading: Get a Jump On It. Magnet Strip on back of pad for easy hanging. 60 sheet on each pad.

Size: 11' Long X 4.25' Wide

  Froggy Sticky Notes
Get A Jump On It

Froggy Sticky Notes act as a wonderful little reminder that attach to most all surfaces. Heading: Get A Jump On It........25 sheets on each pad.

Size: 3.5" square
stickey notes frog   

  frog magnetic list pad Frog Magnetic List Pad
Don't Froget

Clever, Handy, Sticky Magnetic List Pads with Heading: Don't Froget. Magnet Strip on back of pad for easy hanging. 60 sheet on each pad.

Size: 11' Long X 4.25' Wide

  Froggy Sticky Notes
Don't Froget

Froggy Sticky Notes act as a wonderful little reminder that attach to most all surfaces. Heading: Don't Froget........25 sheets on each pad.

Size: 3.5" square
 frog sticky notes 

  frog to do list Frog Magnetic List Pad
Hop To It !

Clever, Handy, Sticky Magnetic List Pads with Heading: Hop To It ! Magnet Strip on back of pad for easy hanging. 60 sheet on each pad.

Size: 11' Long X 4.25' Wide

    Terrific Looking Frog Stapler

Who wouldn't want this great looking frog stapler on his or her desk? It's bright blue in light and dark stripes, with big red glistening eyes, and a sparkling gold on his head. It clutches a brown textured stapler. I wonder if it says "ribbit ribbit" when it clicks??? (No---No--Folks, It Doesn't)

Size: 4.5" L X 1-1/2" W
Price: 15.95
frog stapler  

  frog stapler Green Frog Stapler

Green frog stapler has a beautiful airbrushed finish that gives it a very lusterous look. Made of sturdy plastics and metal, this stapler will last for years! Uses standard sized staples.

Size: 4.5 inches long by 3 inches high

  frog tape dispenser Green Frog Tape Dispenser

Green frog tape dispenser is airbrushed in colors of green and gold, with a brown stripe. His red tongue curls up to hold the tape cutter. The frog is made from sturdy plastic, and is weighted to keep it in place when you pull the tape.

Size:Dispenser is 5" long, 2-1/2" tall. Holds tape up to 3/4" wide, with a standard 1" core.

  Spotted Frog Mini Staplers

Frog mini staplers are made from hard plastic with a specially designed groove behind the eyes where your thumb is placed when using the stapler. It uses small size (not full-sized) staples. A great desk accessory!

Size: 2.5" long
Price:$7.95 Each
 FROG MINI STAPLER  Striped Frog Mini Stapler

Size: 2.5" long
Price:$7.95 Each

  frog mini stapler Buck Toothed Frog Mini Stapler

No, sorry this frog does not have buck teeth. He has two front staplers instead of teeth. He is so cute with his pop-out eyes, vivid green coloring, and white balled little feet. Also so handy to have around or to give as a gift--Comes in transparent grass edged gift box. It uses small size (not full-sized) staples.

Size: 2.5" long

  Striped Frog Pen

This pen is a smooth plastic in the shape of a frog extended in full leap. It's a nice froggy green with a black stripe, writes with black ink, and comes with a small clear rubbery guard to protect the tip of the pen.

Size: 5" long
 frog pen

  Green Spotted Frog Pen

This pen is a smooth plastic in the shape of a frog extended in full leap. It's a nice froggy green with pale spots, writes with black ink, and comes with a small clear rubbery guard to protect the tip of the pen.

Size: 5" long
 frog pen

  frog pen holder

Frog Pen Holder

An attractive holder for all your pens and pencils. A green, poly-resin friendly, frog sits beneath an open petal shaped holder, anxious for you to put him to work, displaying your pens. You could even find other uses for his holder...all would be at home and welcome!

Size: 4" Tall x 4" long

  frog pen holder Lilly Hop Pen Holder

This cool frog figurine is actually a pen holder. So cute it goes with any office decor. Keeps your office cool and pens handy.

Size: 7"
frog pen holder Hopper Pen Holder

this fun frog is actually a pen holder. The big shorts can be used to hold your nick knacks. Super cute and super fun.


  frog pen holder Frog and Lily Pad
Pen Holder

This is truly one of the most realistic frog pens holders we have seen. The frog is sitting under the lily pad, and on top of the lily pad is specks of water. It looks so real you will check to make sure it is not wet. Just adorable.


frog pen holder Happy Frog and Lily Pad
Pen Holder

This is truly one of the most realistic frog pens holders we have seen. The frog is sitting under the lily pad, and on top of the lily pad is specks of water. It looks so real you will check to make sure it is not wet. Just adorable.


  frog pen holder Rainy Day Pen Holder

This is truly one of the most realistic frog pens holders we have seen. The frog is sitting under the lily pad, and on top of the lily pad is specks of water. It looks so real you will check to make sure it is not wet. Just adorable.


  frog pen holder Frog Pencil-Holder

This Frog Pencil Holder will look awesome on your desk. It shows a cute frog in a thoughtful pose, probably wondering if he will continue to stay dry under his green-leafed umbrella.(tiny drops of rain cover his umbrella) Made of durable resin material with a black mesh metal pencil holder.


  frog bobble head magnet Bobble Frog Magnet

This magnetic decorative Frog figurine comes to life as springs provide for the movement of their different limbs. Colorful, elegant, and affordable it makes for the perfect decorative gift or memorable souvenir. (Assorted Colors)

Size:4" H x 2.5" W x 2" L"
Price:$3.45 Each

  frog letter box Colorful Frog Stationary Box

Pink & Green: Frogs & Butterflies and Silver-Studded Metal Decorations All Over this Beautiful Stationary Box. And------It is completely collapsible when not in use. Very Unique & Functional. Made of durable laminated paper board. Extremely Attractive.

Size:4"T x 9"L x 7"W

  {short description of image} Frogs Frogs Frogs Stationary Box With Magnet Lid

Packaged in a Keepsake Stationery Box with a Magnetic Lid – a Treasure Keeper Indeed! Boxed Notes Four Designs – Five of Each 20 Blank Notes and 21 Envelopes

Size: 3 1/2 " x 5" Note cards

  Peek A Boo Frog Pocket Pal Notepad

Peek A Boo Pocket Pal Notepads with a convenient magnetic closure the 3” x 4” size pad fits easily into pockets and purses. Each pocket pal contains 75 Writable Photo Note Pages Inside

Size:3” x 4”
 {short description of image}  

frog encouragement card Smiling Frog Encouragement Card

Great to send someone coping with a temporary stressful situation-- A big Smiling Frog, holding a pretty flower, displays a mouthful of large braces--
Inside card reads:"Things will straighten out"!

frog friendship geeting card Frogs In Paper Boat Friendship Card

Two Frogs, peeking out of paper-made boat, delivering the following message:
Inside card reads:Life's a journey....glad we're in it together !


  frog letter box Froggy Colorful Erasers

Sold in sets of four(4), these functional and funky erasers do the job and make you as "Cool" as can be. Comes in assortment of 4 fun colors.

Size:Set Of 4

  frog picture holder Bobble-Head King- Frog Picture Holder

Let this Gold-Crowned King Frog display your prized photograph. With his bobbling head and wide smile, he'll be happy to accommodate it. Just slip your picture in the silver metal spiral holder and just like that, you have provided the perfect royal frame. A sure winner. Made of durable resin material with metal photo holder

Size:5"T x 2"W


Frog Photo Clip Holder

Supporting a metal vertical twisted wire post with a sturdy alligator clip attached for your photographs, is our little Shiny Poly Resin Frog. He is truly attractive with his iridescent red glistening eyes, and greenish gold coloring. Not only will he support your photos, but also your cards and recipes too.

Size:4.5"T x 1"W
frog photo clip  

  frog card holder

Bingo Frog Picture or Card Holder

An adorable green Froggy sits comfortably as he holds up a silver little metal post. On the tip of the post is a squeeze clip, suitable for holding a favorite photo, a recipe or a place card number. Use your imagination for other ways to put this little froggy to work. Fun and functional. Assorted styles.

Size: 3"T x 1.5"W

  frog pen frog ruler frog bookmark Frog Pen & Ruler & Bookmark

All in one!! WAY COOL!! Frog pen , bookmark and ruler. This is a great tool for any frog lover. Made of cardboard and just adorable.


    frog memo pads Frog Memo Pads

Original, cool paintings, which depict colorful frogs, adorn the covers of each off these "Frog Design Memo Pads" --- White unlined note paper, on the inside----Perfect for party favors, school achievement rewards, office, phone messages, and reminders. Assorted Designs.

Size: Approx. 4" x 2"
Price:$2.90 Set of 12

  Green Frog Stapler with Wiggly Eyes

Adorable frog stapler is super cute and super handy. Comes with 1000 staples. This hard plastic frog stapler is great for any age. Individually boxed.

Size: 5"
frog stapler      

   frog prince pen Frog Prince Pen

This Silver-Crowned Frog Prince Pen, in his Green Feathery Finery, is a lot of fun to own. Every time you write with him a little spring on his body causes him to bob about. It's a real eye-catcher and certainly a unique pen.

Size: 8-1/4"

  CLOSE UP Frog Wooden Pencil

Hand crafted from a real tree. This frog was sculptured from a real tree to create a unique and one of a kind frog pencil. It was then hand painted to bring out the life in tis frog. Already Sharpened.

 frog pencil    
 frog pencil

  Frog & Baby Frogs Pencil

On the top of a long wooden pencil, sits an adorable glossy green frog. With feet wrapped around the pencil, she clutches the eraser head. Look closely, and you will see her carrying not one, but two little baby frogs on her back. Makes a great party favor.

Size: 7.5"
frog pencil      

  frog pencil

Dangling Frog Pencil

All handcrafted wooden frog pencil, complete with dangling feet, colorful body, and friendly face, makes a great party favor--very unique.

Size: 8" L x 1.5" W

  frog pencil sharpener Blue Poison Arrow Frog Pencil Sharpener

A Blue Poison Arrow Dart Frog, perched on a brown rugged log, is actually a handsome, functional , pencil sharpener. He's small enough to carry with you, so that he will always keep you sharp! .

Size: 2" X 2"

  Bullfrog Pencil Sharpener

A nicely sized brown bullfrog, in a thinking pose, is wondering when he can be of service and sharpen all your pencils. You'll be happy to let him do so because he is very efficient, I'm sure.

Size: 2" X 2.5"
frog pencil sharpener      

  frog pencil sharpener Red-Eyed Tree Frog Pencil Sharpener

Sitting on a Lily Pad, clutching a branch, is this little green, Red-Eyed Tree Frog. He is handsome, indeed, and features many details. Most important, of course, is that he is a very efficient pencil sharpener. Makes a great party favor.

Size: 2" X 1.5"

  Wooden Memo Pad Tray With Pen

Light Green, with dark green spots, is this Wooden Tray, equipped with yellow sticky memo pads and a green matching pen. It is good-looking and, indeed, very handy to have on your desk, or in the kitchen area for messages, notes, etc.

Size: 5" X 4-3/4"
frog note holder      

  Frog Pencil
Activity Pack

Let that special frog lover have this really cool froggy fun pack. Comes with one frog pencil, a sheet of frog stickers and 4 frog erasers. Great for teachers!

Rain Forest Frog Pencil Toppers

Each one of these cool rain forest frog pencils toppers will have your child hopping to class. Assorted colors.

Size: 2 1/2"

Ceramic Pen Holder

Matching frog pen holder. Will keep your unique pen in a safe place. Hand painted ceramic style.


   frog fan pull Colorful Rain Forest Fan Pulls

These fan pulls are great for any decor. These frogs are hand painted and made of ceramic. Collect all 7!
Size: 2" wide, chain is 7" long

Red/Green W-FP8K20 $4.95
Gold/Blue W-FP8K30 $4.95
Green/Black W-FP8K40 $4.95
frog fan pull
frog fan pull  frog fan pull

Frog Boxed Note Cards

Twelve different colorful blank frog note cards. One of each image as seen pictured below. Comes with twelve envelopes and packaged in a dark green paper box with a velcro closure.

Size: 4 1/2" x 6"

  Rain Forest Plastic
Book Markers

Mark your pages with these cute little book markers. Comes in assorted colors. 12 per package.

Price: $2.95

    Tile Oak Box

Ceramic tile embedded into a solid oak box felt lined.

Size: 5" x 6"


Key Chain

Hand painted ceramic with natural clay. An ideal companion for any keys.


  frog pencil Tree Frog Pencil Activity

One frog sticker sheet
4 assorted erasers
1 frog pencil


   frog note book Red Eyed Tree Frog Note Book


  Frog Wall Plaque

Want a "Froggy" look in your office or work space. Hang this large frog plaque up and everyone will compliment you. Gorgeous colors and very attractive. Assorted colors.

Size: 18" x 10" x 2"

  frog wall clock Tree Frog Custom Clock

A Custom Clock like no other, specially made for the Frog Lover. Instead of numerals, we have a Colorful Tree Frog He is predominately green with red, blue and yellow accent colors. A black dial will point to the specific frogs that will tell you the time--Froggy Style. A Unique gift for that special Frog Enthusiast!!

Size: 10"D
Price: $39.95

  Frog Sitting On Ball, Reading, Bookends

A handsome, scholarly looking frog, seated on a two-toned colored ball of green and gold, holding an open book, is here to securely hold your books on your desk, home or office bookcase. A great gift for a teacher, friend, yourself or any other frog enthusiast.

Size: 7" H X 3" W X 4" L
Price: $48.95 Set of 2
frog boookends  

  frog bookends Frog On Rock Bookends

This elegant pair of solid brass bookends, finished in a green-toned bronze, shows a frog lounging around on his favorite rock. Although he likes to lounge, he makes the perfect luxury accessory for your home or office bookcase. He will hold your books securely and make your frog collector jump with delight! He's waiting to be put on display so that every inch of his vivid detailing can be enjoyed by all !.

Size: 5"L X 2.75"W X 5.5 'H --- Weight: 10 lbs.
Price: $93.95 Set of 2

  Unusual Croaking Frog Bookends

Heavy-weighted, all handcrafted croaking frog bookends, painted in shades of green and yellow, with a hand carved dragonfly sitting atop of the unique seated frog, make a handsome set of holders for your favorite books. The bookends are all crafted of wood, are of very ample size and made to fit every variety of book.

Size: 7" T X 5" L X 4.5" W
Price: $14.95 Set of 2
wooden frog bookends  

  frog bookends wood Large Full-Length Standing Frog, Bookends

An impressive large handcrafted, wooden frog, with big smile and waved hand, invites you to give him the opportunity to hold your treasured books. He is large enough and tall enough to accommodate every type of book. He will make a lovely addition to your desk, shelf or table,.and is Very Handsome with his colorful, detailed decorations.

Size: 9" T X 2.75" W X 5" L
Price: $19.95 Set of 2

  Frog Pen Holder

Here's a place to hold your pen, courtesy of our little froggy, who dutifully presents the proper sized holder.

Size: 4.25" H x 3" W X 2.25"D
Price: $39.95
frog pen holder  

  frog letter opener Frog Hand Painted Letter Opener

For the frog lover who craves a stylish Letter-Opener --- This letter opener's handle is a lovely little hand-painted frog. Enjoy your letter opening experience. Assorted styles and colors.


  Frog bussiness card holder See no Evil, Hear no Evil, Speak no Evil,
Frog Business Card Holder

Made of brass with the three legendary frogs forming the front, this unique little holder is ideal for your business cards. The three frogs all have red crystal glistening eyes. Their little bodies also are fashioned in a light green sparkling finish. A truly impressive and unique holder for those all important business cards.

Size:1" tall, 3" long, and 1" in depth (the back of the holder looks like a lattice)

  Gorgeous Frog Magnifying Glass

How often do you hear of a magnifying glass described as gorgeous? Well, because this magnifying glass has a frog handle, we can use the description proudly. Talk about the Frog Handle-The frog is large in size and beautiful to behold. It has a splattered dark green enamel finish. It is also fashioned with six black crystals on his back shaped as circles encased in a silver metal which also forms a stripe running through the frog's back. It is indeed a most unique piece worthy of a CEO's desk.

Size:5-1/2" Long, Magnifying Glass 2" Diameter
 frog magnifyer    

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