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    rubber frog toy  Rubber Froggie

This adorable little rubbery frog is a joyful gift enjoyed by all. He features bulging eyes, a red heart-shaped tongue and a freckled little body--Special Bonus--Squeeze him and he will respond with a friendly squeal. Great as a party favor for children's parties, baby showers, charity functions, classroom incentives and behavioral rewards.

Size: 2" frog

    rubber frog Colored Rubber Frogs

These miniature frogs are a squeeze. Each rubber frog measures approximately 2 inches in height. Comes in assorted colors and makes a fantastic party favor.

Size: 2"
Price $.90 Each

  frog bath toy Three Frogs in a Frog Tub

Mama Frog holds her three little baby frogs in her tub-shaped body. They can all play-rub-a-dub-dub in the family tub. The pool, or any place they can float and have fun. Lots of enjoyment for everyone. Frogs are made of soft pliable plastic in dark green with white eyes. Set includes 4 pieces.

Size:7" L x 5" W - 3 Baby frogs are 2" Long.

  rubber floating frog Squirter - Frog

The frog squirter is a cool bath buddy and makes any water activity a joyous one, ideally suited for the bath, pool or the beach. Squirter - Frog has a cute unique design and are made of a soft material which makes it very comfortable to hold, and suitable to any age..Just fill with water and squirt !!

Size: 2 1/2" L X 2" W

    Mommy & Baby Rubber Floating Frogs

A great bathtime toy. Hours of fun!. Made of rubber and will squeak when squeezed. Ideally suited for the bath, pool or the beach.

Size: Mommy Frog : 3 1/2" T X 2.75" W
Baby Frog Size: 2" x 2"
Price:$2.95 set of 2
rubber frogs  

  rubber frog Rubber Froggie Bath Toy

Move over rubber duckie---you have been replaced by the happy faced rubber froggie. Done in a vivid shade of green, he will float beautifully in your tub..You can also take him outside for a treat in your pool or lake. Have Fun with this delightful rubber froggie pal.

Size: 2 1/2" L X 2" W
Stuffed Frog Bath Mitt

Come splash with the froggies! This nice terry bath puppet is lined with a spongy knit, so it makes a perfect bath washcloth mitt.

Size: 6"
Price: $5.95
     Frog Toiletry Set

Set includes: Suction cup frog scrubby hanger. Scrubby. Suction cup toothbrush holder with toothbrush and cover, and a printed frog cup.
Packaged in a clear vinyl bag with rope tie closure. Complete with a fill in the blank attached gift card.


  frog wind up swimmer Tubby Frog Wind-Up Swimmer Toy

This is the largest in our series of wind-up swimmers. Tubby paddles, kicks and swims when you wind him up. He is green with black markings and has iridescent yellow back legs. Lots of fun!

Size:5" long

  frog wind up swimmer Little Swimmer Frog Wind-Up Toy

Our swimmer frog wind-up is from our collection of swimming frogs. He is one of our best swimmers because he moves both his front and back legs. Also, he happens to be the most handsome of swimmers. His green iridescent body has painted yellow stripes on his back. His legs are of green chrome. He is a champion in all respects.

Size:3" long

  frog wind up swimmer Green Swimmer w/ Purple Spots Wind-Up Toy

This little swimming frog wind-up in our collection has his own style of swimming. He's a little slow because he doesn't use his back legs at all while doing his crawl stroke. But, cute he still is--with his green plastic body, purple spots and wiggly eyes. Collect all of our little frog swimmers in our collection of wind-ups!

Size:4" long

  frog shower head Froggie The Frog Showerhead

Now frog lovers of all ages can shower with their adored friend. This Easy to Install green and white showerhead frog with big bulging eyes will prove to be a delight whenever you shower. All instructions included.

Size :9" T x 3.5" W
Price: $38.95

  frog bath Set Soap Buddies Frog Bath Set

Here is an entire set to accompany the cute frog soap. We have an adorable large-sized frog floating on his back and holding a white terry washcloth, plus an additional bar of froggy soap. Wrapped up in a lovely yellow tied plastic package...great for gift giving.

Size :7" L x 5" W
Price: $17.95

  frog soap Green Frog Soap Buddy

Let this adorable green, grinning frog shaped soap, accompany you in your shower. Great for kids and all others to have some good clean fun with!!
Size :4" T x 3" W
Price: $7.95

   Frog hooded towel Child's Hooded bath Towel

Wrap up your child after his bath with this luxurious Frog Hooded Towel. He will be delighted with the softness and coziness that this wide grinned froggie provides. Attractively wrapped up with a lovely blue ribbon, it is ideal for gift giving.

Size: 22" x 50"

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