Froggy Accessories
Frog Kids Accessories  
  Plush Froggie Baby Blanket in Matching Plush Carrying Case

A Vibrant Lime Green, Plush, Froggie Carrying Case, with Zippered Closing and Soft Carry- Handle, holds your adorable. cuddly, smooooth Baby Blanket. It is a lovely neutral light beige color, edged in sunny orange, and designed with the same froggie that appears on the carrying case, which is a smiling faced frog with a lovely embroidered butterfly on its cheek. The combination of luxurious plush and beautiful embroidery presented in such a functional manner makes a treasured gift!!!

Size: Blanket size 33" X 42"
frog blanket  

   Frog umbrella Frog Smiling Face Big Eyes Umbrella

When it rains, be prepared to stay dry under your Frog, Smiling Face, Big Eyes Umbrella. This adorable umbrella with its Big Frog Bulging Eyes, which fold flat when umbrella is closed, will add a bunch of admiring glances from all. It is green with a metal post and green handle. It's a fun-filled umbrella to carry on a wet, not-so-happy day .

Size: Opens to 28" Diameter, with 25" Center Post

  Kids Frog Umbrella

Let it Rain-Let it Rain - You're sure to be nice and dry under your own attractive frog umbrella. A green nylon umbrella with yellow tip is handled by a green wooden smiling--faced frog. It features an easy "no-pinch open & close. This froggie umbrella is so cute, it will chase the gloom away on a rainy day. Nylon cord attached to hang your umbrella while it dries

Size: Umbrella is 29.5" opened--Total Length 24"
frog umbrella  

  frog backpack vinyl Pull-Along Frog Polka Dot Backpack

This vinyl child-sized trolley backpack is not only adorable, it is absolutely functional as well. The child can either pull it with its retractable trolley, or carry it comfortably with its padded shoulder straps. Every child would be proud to take it along on his overnighter trip to friends or Grandma.

Size: 11" high by 10" wide x 3.5" deep

  Vinyl Frog Lunch Bag

Our colorful Froggy Insulated Lunch Bag will be enjoyed by every kid. It can be hand-carried or slung over the shoulder with the adjustable nylon strap. To clean, simply wipe with damp cloth.

Size: Bag Measures 8" L x 3" W x 7" H
frog lunch box  

  kermit the frog lunch box Large Kermit Tin Tote Box

Good-Lookin' Kermit's face, appears on both sides of this luxuriously sized tin tote box. With its sturdy carrying handle and lock clasp, the uses for this tote are completely left to the imagination. Whatever function it is put to use for, you will be more than happy with the results!

Size: 9.75 " L x 7" T x 4" W

   Frog hooded towel Child's Hooded bath Towel

Wrap up your child after his bath with this luxurious Frog Hooded Towel. He will be delighted with the softness and coziness that this wide grinned froggie provides. Attractively wrapped up with a lovely blue ribbon, it is ideal for gift giving.

Size: 22" x 50"

   frog sweater Hand-made Frog Wool Sweater

Stay warm and head-turner visible in this unique Frog Sweater made of 100% Sheep Wool from New Zealand with Full Micro-Fleece Lining. It is completely Hand-made by Skilled Artisans in their native villages. It is of Superior quality and designed with distinctive styling. The hood of the sweater depicts a frog's face, complete with white pop-up eyes and black embroidered mouth. A drawstring is attached to the hood, ending in two full-sized green & white pom-poms, which match the colors on two front full-size pockets. The bottom half of the sweater is done in white and the back is all green. For warmth and style without parallel this is a Definite Must- Have!!

Size: Small, Medium, Large


  Funky Knit Frog Hat

Be original and still stay toasty warm in this Knit Frog Hat. It is fully fleece lined and the hat which depicts a frog's face with white pop-up eyes and a black embroidered mouth, is a fun-filled addition to your winter wardrobe. The hat ties at the neck with two braided ropes which end in two playful pom-poms . It is green and white in color. Available in Adult and Kids size.

W-KO2222 Size: Adult $ 15.95
W-KO3333 Size: Kids $ 13.95
frog knit hat  

 frog mittens Kid's Character Mittens With Open Mouth

Be the most popular kid on the block this winter. Just put on your Froggy -Face Knit Mittens with the big pop-up eyes and black and white mouth that actually opens when you put your hands through it. As your toasty warm hands are inside the mittens, the mouth of Froggy will jiggle about. You can make the mouth move up & down, open or closed, in whatever position you like, and it is hilarious to watch----Looks like Froggy is talking, and you are the master puppeteer. Loads of joy and amusement!

Size: One size fits most

    frog hat Little Plush Frog On A Baseball Cap

Put a smile on everyone's face by wearing this fun-filled funky baseball cap. It is an authentic cap with wide brim and stitched vent holes and button on top. However----this cap has a little friendly froggy face with outstretched hands attached to the front, right in the middle. His two legs appear next to the Velcro sizing band, sticking out across the back. Funky, Indeed, and appealing to kids of all ages.

Size: One size fits most
frog hat  

   frog hat Froggy"Love That Hat"

Super Soft and Snuggly, this fun inspired hat is a must for brisk wintry days. Put a smile on everyone's face, including your own when this adorable green faced frog with big pink round cheeks,black and white crocheted popping eyes, and attached earmuffs for added warmth, is worn . Keep your head toasty warm, and keep the smiles coming!

Size: One Size Fits Most Kids

   frog hat Froggy Hat & Scarf and Mittens Set

Be the first to sport your All-In-One, Froggy Hat ,Scarf and Mittens ensemble. Fashioned in a pretty green colored knit, the hat features big floppy button eyes done in contrasting black and white. The nose as well is buttoned and black in color.The scarf is a nice long length ending in an adorable pair of mittens that match the froggy's face. The whole set is completely lined for extra warmth in a soft black felt.

Size: One Size Fits Most Kids

    Plush Froggy Hat, Scarf and Mittens

Here is a different version of the plush, colorful, fun-filled froggy hat. It is similar in coloring-green with yellow eyes and mouth. This froggy is different in that the end of.. the scarf is fashioned with cut out mittens to slip your hand through. It is also deliciously lined in a white fuzzy material for added warmth. Wear and Enjoy!

Size: One Size Fits Most Kids
frog hat  

   frog hat Plush Froggy Pom-Pom Fun Hat

Colorful, Warm and Fun-Filled, is this fuzzy plush froggy hat. He is a lovely shade of green in color, except for his yellow plush eyes and mouth two fuzzy pom-poms are attached on the bottom. There is a clever way of slipping one pom-pom into the other so that the ears are snuggly warm when covered by the long froggy legs. Everything is lined in a soft white plush for added warmth. .

Size: One-size fits most Kids

    Party-Out Froggy Fun Hat

The Party's Over Here--Just follow the guy with the greatest Party Hat. It's a Froggy hat of course. Big and Brazen, made of velour material with 2 white pom-poms for eyes and long floppy legs. It's a Show Stopper for sure--Just try one on and count all the Wows.

Size: One Size Fits Most All The edge of the headband is about 22" in circumference, the legs flop down about 10"
frog har  

   frog baseball hat Froggy Baseball Cap

Show up wearing this fun inspired Big Floppy- Eyed Baseball Cap and watch the smiles light up all around you. It's made of a great light green felt with elastic strap in back to adjust for head size. It has a nice wide brim, fashioned after an authentic big league cap. Count the smiling faces who want a cap just like yours.

Size: One-size fits most adult heads (medium/small). The hat is about 21-22" around in circumference, with an elastic band in the back that accommodates some variation in sizes. 100% polyester

   frog hat Fleece Frog Buddy Hat

This Polar White Fleece Hat is unsurpassed in style and functionality. It puts the Fun in Functionality because of the little Buddy Frog that adorns the top of the hat. His adorable face and outstretched arms sit right up front. In the back, to continue the fun and whimsy of this Buddy Hat, the two little fuzzy plush feet adorn the top rim of the hat, and wiggle when you walk. It's a head-turner, head -warmer (fits snug like a cap) and a froggy fan must-have.

Size: One-size fits most

    Fleece Frog Buddy Scarf

To complete the ensemble with the Frog Buddy Hat, we have our Polar White Fleece Buddy Scarf. Our Buddy Frog Scarf matches exactly the little frog face and arms up front, with the two little feet adorning the back, of our hat. Even if you just want an adorable fleece scarf minus the companion hat, it can of course be worn alone. It comes complete with instructions of how to snuggle your Buddy Scarf around so that it kisses your neck for that toasty warm feeling.......And don't forget all the joy and fun that our Buddy Scarf provides with its whimsical styling.

Size: One-size fits most
frog scarf  

    Pink Cheeks & Perky Wool Frog Hat

Made of all Wool, this Perky & Fun Hat is Adorable. It's green & white in color with two big pink cheeks and red mouth. It ties at the bottom for a secure closing. It' delightfully soft and snuggly and made for whimsical glances and toasty warmness.

Size: One-size fits most
frog wool hat  

  Froggy Wool Hat With Beaded Eyes

Here's Fun, Warmth, & Quality all wrapped up in this Froggy 100% Wool Hat. It's predominately a forest green in color with brown shaded eyes, and brown mouth. The ties at the bottom of the funky frog-faced hat, are twisted into a braid and end in a full tassel. The entire hat is lined with a black soft felt for added warmth.

Size: One size fits most
frog wool hat  

  frog back pack  Frog Rolling Back Pack

This cool froggy has his own set of wheels. This cute froggy is removable and can come with you anywhere. Let your froggy travel with you everywhere. Super soft and super cute, you will be the only person with this cool back pack.

Size: 24"
 frog back pack  Pink Frog Rolling Back Pack

This cool froggy has his own set of wheels. This cute froggy is removable and can come with you anywhere. Let your froggy travel with you everywhere. Super soft and super cute, you will be the only person with this cool back pack.

Size: 24"

    frog shoe laces Red Eyed Tree Frog Show Laces

With a pair of these magic froggy shoe laces, you'll be leaping like a frog in no time! These long white laces are imprinted with a cute little tree frog on every inch of the lace on both sides. So add that extra hop to your step and get jumping!
Size: Pair of laces are 45" long and 3/4" of an inch wide
W-RT0001 $3.95

  Froggie Inflatable Plush Ottoman

Cute, cuddly, relaxing and handsome is this froggie inflatable plush ottoman. Follow the easy instructions, inflate, and put those lucky feet up on this soft, plushy, and incredibly adorable ottoman. Just a joy and delight, as well as a functional piece of furniture for bedroom, den or patio.

Size:13" Diameter, 12" Tall
frog ottoman      

  Irridescent Frog Stretch Bracelet

An adorable iridescent froggie is perched right in the middle of the bracelet. Such fun to wear--and all your friends will want one. (assorted colors) not for children under 12

Size: One size fits most
Frog charm size: 1"
frog bracelet  

    frog necklace Silver Frog Necklace

Here is a delicate little silver colored chain necklace, with a tiny silver frog, dangling from the bottom. Wear it and let everyone know how passionate you are about our little friend, the frog. not for children under 12

Size: One size fits most
Frog charm size : 1"

  frog watch Happy Frog Watch

Designed in brilliant, vivid colors, these "Best Selling" wrist watches, will thrill people of all ages. Crafted of a sturdy, comfortable, plastic band and stainless steel back, there are different colors styles to choose from.

One size fits most

W-OS8787 Blue Band $10.95
W-OS2121 Black Band $10.95
W-OS8765 Pink Band $10.95
W-OS5241 White Band $10.95
W-OS1212 Red Band $10.95
frog watch  

  kids frog watch Colorful Frog Wrist Watch (Skin Diver Type Watch)

Designed in brilliant, vivid colors, these "Best Selling" wrist watches, will thrill people of all ages. Crafted of a sturdy, comfortable, plastic band and stainless steel back, there are different colors styles to choose from. Face: Large Skin Diver Face ----Band: Wet Weather------All in 3D Colors: Red, White, Yellow

One size fits most

W-PS8765 Red Band $10.95
W-PS5241 White Band $10.95
W-PS1212 Yellow Band $10.95

  Colorful Frog Wrist Watch - Froggy Wet Weather Band

Designed in brilliant, vivid colors, these "Best Selling" wrist watches, will thrill people of all ages. Crafted of a sturdy, comfortable, plastic band and stainless steel back, there are different colors styles to choose from. Watch band:-----Little Green & White Frog Bodies, with clouds, raindrops., and open umbrellas- Face: Round with numerals and frog face center and quarterly hour indicators-----All in 3D--- Colors: Blue, Black, Pink, White,Red, and Purple (picture not shown)

One size fits most

W-JS8787 Blue Band $10.95
W-JS2121 Black Band $10.95
W-JS8765 Pink Band $10.95
W-JS5241 White Band $10.95
W-JS1212 Red Band $10.95
W-JS1213 Purple Band $10.95
frog skin diver watch    

  Round Face Froggy Watch

A large round-faced Froggy Watch made of durable plastic, makes a great gift for a favorite kid.Its prominent colors are yellowish green and blue. Soft to wear, and metal allergy free, are added features, as well as its large, easy to read numerals. Its Funky and Functional as well!.

Size: 9" Long X 1-1/2" Diamiter Face Of Watch
frog watch

    frog pony tail holder Frog Pony Tail Holders

Adorable frog pony tail holders. These will keep you feeling hoppy. Super cute. Assorted colors. Set of 2 frog holders.

Size: 3/4" (frog) Set of 2
frog pony tail holder  

  frog hair clips Itty Bitty Frog Hair Clips

Itty Bitty Frog Clips ! Sooo small ! Each one is no bigger than a dime. Clip these in your hair or braids for a very frog fashionable hairstyle ! Translucent and really very pretty . Do you think you're friends will notice ? Set of four different colors - Just $1.75 per set.

Size: 1/2"

    Frog Hair Clip

Frog hair clip is designed not to slip out of your hair. Frog made of embroidered cloth.

Size: 1-12"
frog hair clip  

   frog hair bows Large Froggie Polka Dot Hair Bows

Very, Very Pretty Froggie Hair Bows, tied together with Polka Dot and Solid Color edged ribbon, with an adorable little Froggie Face placed right in the middle of the bow, are absolutely Unique. Makes a wonderful party favor for Sweet Sixteen, Showers, Community & Corporate functions, They are truly delightful. Comes equipped with a sturdy silver clasp in back. Assorted colors.

Size: 5" X 3"
Price:$4.45 Each

    Medium Gingham Froggy Hair Bows

These cute as can be Gingham Froggy Hair Bows are slightly smaller in size than the large. They are, however, crafted exactly the same: Made from Gingham and solid color ribbon tied together with an adorable little frog in the middle of the bow. Snap these up for party favors, give-away's etc. They are truly Unique. Comes with sturdy silver clasp in back. Assorted colors.

Size: 3.5" X 2.5"
Price:$3.45 Each
frog hair bows  

    frog back pack Removable Frog Back Packs

Arrive at your sleep-over with this cool froggy back pack. This back pack is fluffy soft and with adjustable straps for the perfect fit. The frog is 10' tall with a zippered pouch on the back. He can be easily removed from the back pack for extra cuddling. Super soft and super cute. You will be the only cool kid on the block with this special back pack. Comes in two colors Pink or Brown select color below.

 frog nap sack    

    frog plush purse Removable Frog Purse

This adorable purse is fluffy soft and super cute to carry all your treasures. The frog is 8' tall He can be easily removed from the purse. The purse is pink and zippers on the top. The cuddly little froggy is green. Comes in two colors Pink or Green select color below.


  Big Head Frog Backpack

Simply outrageously awesome is this brilliantly colored, deliciously soft Froggie Backpack. He is light green and yellow with big bulging embroidered eyes, a huge grinning embroidered mouth, and adorable hanging feet! He is fashioned in a very soft plush with lots of love and detail applied to his workmanship. For easy fit, there are adjustable straps on his back. Any kid would be absolutely thrilled to carry him to school and count the Wows! from his many adoring classmates.

Size: 18" T X 15" W
frog backpack

  frog lunch box Frolicking Frogs Small Tote Bag

The colors of this "Frolicking Frogs Tote Bag" are the most vibrant you can imagine. They are of a prominently royal blue background, with an array of light to medium green little frolicking frogs hopping happily all over this handy little tote bag. The bag is fully lined of waterproof plastic material, making it suitable for a small lunch bag, cosmetic case or carry all. It has a white handle and zippered closing for convenience.

Size: 4-1/4" T X 4-3/4" W X 8" L

  Child's Frolicking Frog Activity Apron

When it's playtime, painting time or just plain "Let's do something fun--time", that's the time to hop into our "Frolicking Frog Activity Apron." The adorable well recognized frolicking frog print, that of an array of colorful green, spotted froggys hopping around on a royal blue background, is now fashioned into this fun and functional protective apron. Your child will adore wearing his froggy apron. It fastens around his neck with an adjustable Velcro closing, and is sized to fit most little active froggy clad kids!

Size: 22.5" T X 14" W
frog bib

    frog mirror set Frog Mirror Set

An adorable Frog Mirror Set which features a bright green froggie, with poker-dot soft, pliable , arms and legs, will catch baby's eye and keep him engaged. This fun toy develops self-awareness and environmental discovery. A most important feature is the flexibility with which this toy can attach to almost any surface, easily and securely. Due to its universal clamp, part of a patented system. it will grip on to crib, car seat, high chair and much more. Comes in three pieces: clamp, flexible arm, and frog mirror,

Size: 5.74" x 11.22" x 2.95"
Price $19.95Each

    frog purse Frog Shoulder Bag

What a cute, lovable little frog shoulder bag. Made of soft, durable faux leather in dark green,with a light green adorable frog face--with two metal round discs for eyes, a pink tongue flap opening, and two green crowns in the corner. Has inside zippered compartment. Will delight every little girl in your life from pre-teen, to teeny bobber, to high-schooler, to Mom, herself....A joy for all ages!

Size: Bag 5"T X 6"W, Strap 28"Long

   Frog tote bag Frog Reversible Tiny Tote Bag

What a clever, colorful and functional idea! An adorable, large round green purse with a grinning frog face, transfers into a lovely hot pink durable polyester little tote bag. Here's the simple action: 1--Unzip the purse. 2--Remove tote bag folded on inside. 3--Your reversible purse becomes a tote bag with the frog purse sitting in the middle of it. 4--Carry and enjoy your little tote and still use your zippered frog purse to carry your small belongings. Functional, Funky and Fun. The tote bag folds up into a 5" diameter carrying case.

Size: Of Tote Bag 13"T X 14"W

  frog coin purse Froggie Sock Money Purse

An adorable item---a coin/money purse, shaped like a realistic sock with ribbed top and designed with two whimsical frogs, hopping along on the sock. The design is double sided. The closing on top is made of secure metal. It is blue in color with green frogs. Makes a great party favor---colorful and functional.

Size 4.5"Long x 2"Wide
Price:$ 6.95

  frog coin purse Beady Eyed Coin Purse

A great way to get the converstion hoppin ! This happy faced colorfully beaded coin purse of green and gold is completely beaded on both sides. Has bottom zippered closing to safely keep all your coins.

Size: 5" x 4"

  frog beaded purse King Frog Beaded Purse

Two words describe this special King-Crowned beaded purse:"Uniquely Adorable". Completely beadedon both sides in green and gold shiny beads with crown of yellow,eyes of dark green, set above a smiling mouth of tiny red beads. Has side zippered closing and shoulder strap of yellow braided beads. Shoulder Strap 24"L

Size: 7.5" x 6"

  frog leather purse Leather Wristlet Coin Purse

Handsome and Functional is this unique hand crafted frog coin purse. This attractive purse goes through an intricate process to assure its quality: The leather is dyed a dark green with the center area rubbed to remove some of the dye making it a lighter green. The beige colored accents are created by carving out the top layers of leather. The frog's legs are crafted from hardened and shaped pieces of leather. The purse is designed with a leather wrist strap for easy carrying, a sturdy lobster claw closure is attached to a ring at the frog's nose, and a zipper is located along the bottom edge of the frog. It has two beaded pop up eyes and is large enough to store credit cards, a lipstick , as well as spare change etc.

Size: 5" long, 3-1/2" wide, 1-1/4" tall

  Small Happy - Face Frog Coin Purse

This little coin purse is hand tooled in leather with a special process: The leather is dyed a dark green with the center area rubbed to remove some of the dye resulting in a lighter green.The eyes and mouth are created by carving out the top layers of leather to reveal the natural beige color underneath. A happy little frog is etched on the back side of the purse. The zipper is located along the top of the frog's head. A leather wrist strap with a lobster claw closure is attached to a ring at the top. There is also a split ring for attaching keys. A very handy happy little fellow.

Size:3-1/2" x 3-1/2" x 3/4"
 frog purse  

  frog leather coin purse Leather Large Coin Purse With Movable Eyes

This Coin Purse is among the largest of the collection. It also was afforded the special unique processing: The leather is dyed a dark green with the center area rubbed to remove some of the dye resulting in a lighter green. The beige colored accents are created by carving out the top layers of leather. The zipper is located on top of the frog's head and along its side a leather wrist strap with a lobster closure is attached to a ring at the frogs head.

Size:6" T X 4.5" W

  Leather Coin Purse With Large Pop Up Eyes

This beautiful Hand Tooled Leather Frog Coin Purse Is crafted from a unique process to assure its beauty and quality. The leather is dyed a dark green with the center area rubbed to remove some of the dye resulting in a lighter green. The Hand Tooling on the front of the frog is detailed with intricate designs , including two red flowers in the middle. . The zipper is located along the top of the frog's head. A leather wrist strap with a lobster closure is attached to a ring at the top. The attractive hand tooling is double sided..with leather lacing all around. Absolutely different and stunning.

Size:4" T X 4.5" W
 frog leather coin purse  

     frog knee pads  Kid's Frog Knee Pads

How to get your kids to help in the garden?-----Get them a pair of froggie cool knee pads to wear as they kneel over to plant flowers and vegetables......flower and vegetable gardens will lead to kneeling on their knees to helping you pick up all garden debris. Got 4 kids--get 4 pair--they're worth it! Has an adjustable Velcro strap.

Size: 8" One Size Fits Most
Price:$7.95 Set Of 2

  frog baby blanket Little Froggy Princess Security Blanket

Adorable huggable and super soft security blanket will your little princess favorite. Little Princess with embezzled flowers.

Size: 19" x 19"
frog security blanket Little Froggy Prince Security Blanket

This cute froggy blanket is super soft and just adorable for your little prince. Little Prince is embezzled on it.

Size: 19" x 19"

  frog slippers Freddy the Frog Great Plush Slippers

Here they are. The amazing, baby soft Fluffy Flopz Plush Frog Slippers. Slide your foot inside, step, hop or jump and your Flopz will wake up by Opening its Mouth as you Walk. A load of fun, as well as comfortable and lovable.

Size: Kids Shoe Size S, M


    frog lamp Frog Lamp and Black Light

This retro frog lamp is super cool for all ages. It is a regular lamp and a black light. What ever your in the mood for this frog will make it hoppin!

Size: 16"

  fiber optic frog night light Fiber Optic Frog Night Light

This night light is very unique. Plug it in and watch the frog change in a pattern of different colors. Super cool and very soothing.

frog night light Fabric Frog Night Light

Your little frog princess will love this fluffy frog fabric night light.

Size: 5"

   Frog cushion Adorable Frog Face Pillow

Very, Very Comfy & Very, Very Attractive is this Combination Pillow/Cushion. It is made of fine plush and leather-like material on the smiling frog face and as a border trim. Use it indoors as a colorful cushion seat for Story time, Movie time, & outdoors at Sporting Events, watching your big brother playing ball in his Little League. As a sleepover pillow, you will be the envy of all the kids. It has lovely decorative stitching on the colorful face. A loop handle makes for easy carrying. You will be proud to carry your little froggie pillow Everywhere!

Size 14"Round x 3.5"Thick

  Feed Me Frog Bank

A large, cute as can be, whimsical Frog, just sits there, all painted up with a valentine heart on his belly. He would like nothing more than to fill up that belly with coins and cash. He's saying "Feed Me Please". How can you refuse that adorable face? Take him home, feed him and change his expression to a huge smile--(Yours Too).

Size: 10"T X 7"W
frog bank  

    Roly--Poly--Large Froggy Bank

All handmade, this big Roly-Poly Froggie Bank, on a revolving stand, is wonderful to look at M, as well as to fill him up. He has a very friendly, smiling face, which says: "No diet for me-----Feed Me!" And---you will be happy to do just that. An important feature to this, Jolly Frog Banker, is that his revolving stand is also a cover Just unscrew the cover at the bottom, and enjoy all the profits. without having to destroy Mr. Froggy. Enjoy saving your money in this delightful way!!

Size: 9" Tall X 7" Long X 5.5 " Wide
frog bank wooden  

  Froggy Mommy's Kisses--Hot & Cold Gel Pack

Finally...A wonderful idea to ease your little one's pain from those inevitable Ouchies and BooBoos !! Bring out the Mommy' Kisses Hot & Cold Gel Pack. What it is: A little round, cute as can be,froggy face, with big, bulging eyes and a full friendly grin on a soft cuddly froggy fabric. Mommy applies with an extra kiss, and the big bad BooBoos disappear. Hide it away from Daddy. Full instructions included for Microwave Hot Use and Freezer Cold Use. A MUST,MUST HAVE!!!!

Size: 4" Diameter
frog gel pack  

  frog aromatherapy Warm Snuggles--Microwavable
Aromatherapy Snuggle Frog

He's as cute and adorable as they come. Even if he didn't have wonderful therapeutic powers, he is a joy just to look at. You yearn to snuggle up to our Mr. Warm Snuggles Froggy. He is made of the very softest of plush fabric that you want to snuggle up to forever. If you have the blues or the blahs one day, grab him, give him a hug and goodby to any bruises or bumps you may have had. He sooths them away in cozy comfort. Another wonderful therapeutic feature of Snuggles is that he releases a delicious aroma of lavender flowers. He is equipped to offer you Hot or Cold therapy.For Heat therapy, place in microwave. For Cool therapy, place in freezer. Full easy instructions included. He is the perfect bedtime snuggle buddy or anytime snuggle buddy. He is filled with lavender flowers. Comes with removable washable case. A great idea and a Must Have for every household!!

Size: 10" X 7"

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