Key Chains

    frog light up key chain Flashing Frog LED Key Chain

A clear plastic froggie key chain will light up dramatically for you and FLASH, making it so much easier to find your way. Makes a very handy item for yourself or to use as a party favor. . Includes on/off switch.

Size: 2" each on a 1" metal ring.
Price $1.95 Each

  Hide-A-Pen-Frog & Key Chain

This little Pudgy Frog conceals in his adorable body, a Telescopic Pen. Just pull off the head and out emerges a fully functioning pen, ready for use. Watch out kids that Mommy doesn't borrow your Hide-A-Pen too much. She appreciates the fact that it is completely covered and protected from leaking out in her purse and ruining it with ink marks. In fact, buy her one for her next birthday. (Key Chain Attachment has a Lobster Claw Clip) A unique and fun way to stay organized for all!

Size: 5" T X 1-1/2" W
frog pen     

    frog key chain Jiggly-Eyed Frog Key Chain

Our Jiggly-Eyed Frog, clutching a black shiny ball, will be happy to hold your keys. The unique part is: He will hold them Between his Jiggly Eyes. The artisans who hand sculpted him, no doubt, decided to have a little fun and decided to put the key holder, which is an attractive bead, covered in coral rope, Between his eyes, instead of on the bottom of his body. It makes for a truly unique key chain and a conversation piece. Join in the fun and treat yourself to this hand sculpted, handcrafted, key chain.

Size: 1" x 2"
Price:$4.95 Each

    Frog Iridescent Beaded Key Chain

Completely handcrafted and hand beaded in colors of iridescent light green, black, and clear, is this awesome Frog Key Chain. Every portion of this little frog's body is completely and beautifully beaded, right down to his feet and toes. He will be the most handsome bearer of your keys and a pure delight to behold.

Size: 2" X 1.5"
Price:$4.95 Each
frog key chain  

    frog ceramic key chain Frog Glazed Ceramic Key Chain

This is the place for the most unique frog key chains imaginable. Here we have a little glazed ceramic frog etched in colors of green, black, and tan. He shares his ceramic design with beading details. Two little green beads hang from the bottom of the frog's body. Ordinarily, the key chain ring usually hangs there. In this case, the ring which is attached to a green rope of beads, hangs from the frog's back. Absolutely Unique in Design, and a lovely departure from the mundane usual designs.

Size: 1" x 1.5"
Price:$4.95 Each

    Frog with Heart Key Chain

These super cool frog key chains have brilliant colors. Keep your keys on a special key chain.

Size: 3"
Price:$2.95 Each
frog key chain   

    Picture Frog
Key Chain

Put your favorite person in this handy frog face key chain that holds a picture. Just put the picture in the face of the frog and carry them along with you everywhere.

Size: 1" picture

    Carved Wood Frog
Key Chain

The frog is hand crafted from several different types of wood in different textures and colors then sanded smooth. The lily pad and eyes are painted. The keychain comes with a convenient clip so that you can attach your keys to a belt loop or purse strap.

Size: 2" Tall -Key ring is 1" diameter

    Frog Wooden Keychain

Not your ordinary plastic keychain but a beautiful handcrafted all wood chain, made by talented artisans. Perfect for frog enthusiasts for their everyday use.

Size: 2" x 1.5" w/ 1-1/4 inch metal ring
Price:$5.95 Each
frog keychain   

    frog pom pom key chain Fuzzy-Wuzzy Frog Key Chain

Our fuzzy-wuzzy frog key chain is sooo cute! He's pom-pom shaped and has an adorable face and little feet attached to the fuzz ball body of yellow and green soft cuddly yarn. Never lose your keys again. Let Fuzzy-Wuzzy Frog keep them safe and e-z to find!

Size: 2" Diameter
Price:$4.95 Each

Frog Coin
Key Chain

Put your spare change in this handy little frog coin key chain. Squeeze the frog and it will open a compartment for your change.


  Princess Coin Purse And Key Ring

Hip Hop is IN ! Let the little girl in your life be HIP and HOP with the adorable froggy purse. Kids will love this princess frog zippered purse with attached key ring. Pictured on the front is an lovable embroided princess frog. It is made of durable vibrant pink vinyl.

Size: 4.5" wide - 3"tall
Price: $4.95

    Penny Pals Small Purse & Key Chain

This Oh-So-Cute little Penny Purse and Frog Key Chain made in brilliant colors of shaded greens, in durable shiny vinyl, is whimsical and wonderful. It is great for lunch money because of its secure zipper closing. The Key Chain attachment has a Lobster Claw Clip. A very handy, adorable item. .

Size: 5 " x 3.75"
Price: $8.95
frog coin purse  

      Frog Key Chain

Adorable glitter frog key chains. Assorted colors.

Size: 1.5"
W-RI00GK Glitter Key Chain $1.55
W-RI00CK Clear Key Chain $1.55

  Moving Frog Key Chains

Pull the string and watch the frog wiggle and jiggle along. He will hold your keys safely. Assorted colors.

Size: 3"

    Rubber Frog
Key Chain

Cute little rubber frog. He will hold your keys and make you feel hoppy all day long.

Size: 2"

   Zoom Key Chain

Identify your keys easily with this unique key chain. Move it back and forth and watch the frog change positions.


     {Keychain} Handmade Clay “Rain Forest" collectible key chains.
Collect all 7 brilliant colors.

Approx. size 5” long

  Orange/BlackW-158K60 $7.95
  Yellow/Green W158K70 $7.95

  Frog Beaded Key Chain

Cute double sided beaded frog key chain will keep your keys safe.

Size:2 /12" T
Hand Painted Wood Key Chain

Beautifully hand painted wooden frog key chain will add a touch of hoppiness with you when you are on the go.Assorted Colors

Size: 3"

    Frog Glide ball Key Chain

Put your keys on a key chain with a 1" frog glide ball. Rolls around and round inside the clear plastic ball.

Size: 1"

  frog key chain Moving Frogs Key Chain

A green egg-shaped dome has a pleasant surprise when you press the little "Z" button on the end. The lid flips open to display three little frogs inside that start moving around. Closing the lid winds the toy back up, so that when you open it again, the frogs will automatically move again. Everyone will agree this is a fascinating little wind-up frog toy. And...don't forget it's a functional key chain as well.

Size: Toy 3" long, Key ring 7/8"

  frog key chain Bendable Frog Key Chain

Small frog key chain is soft bendable plastic. Cute frog face on a cute frog body. Makes great party favor or party prize. Comes in assorted colors.

Size: 3" Tall

  frog key chain Wooden String Frog W/ Key Chain Clip

This adorable little frog with the friendliest of smiles has a wooden body with movable string arms and legs, ending in wooden beads. This gives the little froggie a marionette effect, allowing for pleasant dangling movements. It also has a large quality metal clip on top which will not only accommodate your keys, but will permit it to be hung from backpack, mirror, locker or any other place you can think of to show off this little froggie.

Size: 2.75"

  frog key chain "Rich & Hoppy" Frog Coin Purse

A colorful frog sits atop a round blue coin purse, with a small chain handle.. Makes a delightful and functional party favor. It is soft and pliable and appropriately entitled "Rich & Hoppy!"

Size: 3"D

  Leather Key Chain With Tongue Exposed For Catching Flies

The same artisans that produced the popular leather coin purses, designed and created this little unique froggy.He is dark green in color with beige etched out eyes, and a. little red tongue is in position to catch his dinner. A large split ring , as well as a lobster claw closing is attached to the frog's head for storing your keys.

Size: 1" X 1.25"
frog leather key chain   

  frog leather key chain Leather Hand-Tooled Key Chain With Flower Design

Handsome and Unique Leather Key Chain that is hand crafted by the same artisans that create the popular Coin Purses. is now available. Here we have a two-sided designed little froggy. One side depicts a pudgy little guy, hand tooled with flower design. An attractive circle designed pattern is etched on the frog's back. A large split ring for attaching keys is attached to frog's head by lobster claw closing.

Size: 1.5" X 1.5"

  Frog Carved Wooden Key Chain

A Green Rainforest Frog, nicely carved, carries a gold chain and slit ring, on which to hang your keys, in froggy style!

Size: 2.5" X 2"
frog carved wooden key chain  

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