Hand Made Clay Jewelry
{Peru} {Sale} {Hoppy}

{rope necklace} Hand Made Clay "Rain Forest" Adjustable Rope Necklace

Maximum length 24" long. Made in Peru.

  Red/Green W-158N20 $7.95
  Gold/Blue W-158N30 $7.95
  Green/Black W-158N40 $7.95
  Green/Grey W-158N50 $7.95
  Orange/BlackW-158N60 $7.95
  Yellow/Green W158N70 $7.95

Hand Made Clay "Rain Forest" Triple Frog
Beaded Necklace

Approx. size: 18" long. Made in Peru.

  Blue/Purple W-158N31 $7.95
  Green/Black W-158N34 $7.95
  Green/Grey W-158N35 $7.95
  Orange/BlackW-158N36 $7.95
  Yellow/Green W158N37 $7.95
{triple bead necklace}

Hand Made Clay “Rain Forest” Frog Zipper Pulls. Attach us to anything that zips! Comes in 7 different, brilliant colors. Collect all 7!

Approx. size 4” long

  Blue/Purple W-158ZP1 $7.95
  Red/Green W-158ZP2 $7.95
  Gold/Blue W-158ZP3 $7.95
  Green/Black W-158ZP4 $7.95
  Green/Grey W-158ZP5 $7.95
  Orange/BlackW-158ZP6 $7.95
  Yellow/Green W158ZP7 $7.95
{zipper pulls}

Hand made Clay “Rain Forest” collectible key chains. Collect all 7 brilliant colors.

Approx. size 5” long

  Orange/BlackW-158K60 $7.95
  Yellow/Green W158K70 $7.95

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