The Original Grow-a-Frog
kit contains everything you need to grow the amazing live Grow-a-Frog transparent tadpole into a little baby froglet.
 Our original GROW-A-FROG kit includes a LIVE transparent Grow-a-Frog tadpole certificate, a mini-aquarium with deco plant and nutri-rocks, stage one tadpole food and spoon, a frog Fun & Fact handbook and our 3-way lifetime guarantee !!


Price: $21.95 Plus P&H

Complete with 3 LIVE tadpoles! The TADventure Kit

This kit includes 2 tadpoles, tadpole food, Fun & Fact Booklet, Deco-Plant and sea shells with palm tree, a sample Stage Two Food, in your choice of colors - Gilly Green, Red, or Blue.

Price: $31.75 Plus P&H

W-TAV01G Green
W-TAV01R Red
W-TAV01B Blue

The ultimate way to grow Grow-a-Frog. Grow-a-Frog tadpoles are transparent, just like the tubes. The combination becomes a magical metamorphic experience! This complete kit includes Stage One tadpole food, habitat soil, deco-plant & sea-shells and 2 tadpoles. Your choice of color, too.

Price: $37.35 Plus P&H

W-TAV02G Green
W-TAV02R Red
W-TAV02B Blue

DOUBLE Tube-Town occupies the same footprint as our regular Tube-Town, yet gives your froglets much more room. Complete kit includes pump and filters. Double Tube Town is twice as nice. Watch your tadpole swim through the tubes... then watch it swim back! Your choice of color, too.

Price: $49.95 Plus P&H

W-TAV03G Green
W-TAV03R Red
W-TAV03B Blue

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