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      Shelfie Little Froggie Fisherman

He is all handcrafted---hand carved in wood----hand painted--and completely adorable. Sit him on any shelf and watch him dangle the (also handcrafted) fish, he just caught, with the little fishing rod, he holds proudly in his hand. Simply a delightful froggie fisherman, indeed.

Size: 5" tall x 1.75 " wide
wooden fishing frog  

    frog box  Frog Wooden Mini Chest

Both whimsical and functional is this Frog Wooden Mini Chest. The chest is barrel-shaped just like a little treasure chest, and really, that's what it is. It is guarded by our whimsical frog, clutching a shiny ball, sitting on top of his chest. Roll open the lid to the little chest and use it to safeguard all your small treasures. It is handcrafted and also a treasure, and a delight to behold.

Size: 4" tall x 2.5 " wide x 1" deep

      Croaking Frog Wooden Figurine

This hand carved, hand painted in shades of green, seated frog , is designed in light weight sturdy wood. The frog is in the process of sounding out an enormous "croak", which is captured in the design---A Fun Piece---

Size: 4.5" Tall x 6.5 " Long x 4" Wide
wooden croaking frog  

    wooden frog  Roly-Poly Wooden Frog

A little friendly -Roly-Poly Frog, clutching his belly, sits contently,. and with a grin on his face, watches the world go by. He is hand painted and hand carved wood in shades of green. A cute pudgy little guy.

Size: 5" tall x 4 " Long x 4.25" Wide

      Frog And Swaying Dragon Fly

An interesting large dragonfly is attached to a friendly wooden frog lying on his back, admiring the fly . He's probably contemplating a scrumptious meal. The frog is hand carved and hand painted wood in shades of green and yellow. The dragonfly is suspended from the frog's head on a wire. The fly,. itself, is designed with metal wings which sway back and forth. Very unusual piece.

Size: 2.5" Tall x 7.5 " Long x 5" Wide
wood frog figurine  

  Sculpted Frog Pen With Jiggly Eyes

This unique as can be Sculpted Frog Pen is something to write home about. This amazing looking frog sits atop a green barrel resembling a tree branch with a lovely leaf attached to it. His face is designed with big bulging eyes that jiggle when you shake him. He clutches a shiny ball as he wraps his legs around the branch. He is completely hand sculpted, which of course, adds to his being utterly unique because no two pens are alike. He is colored in two shades of green. Makes a great party favor, and conversation piece, whenever and wherever it's used.

frog pen  

frog leather purse
Frog Coin Purse

Hand-made leather coin purse painted with frog detail. Zipper compartment. Assoted colors.

Size: 5" X 3"

Price: $4.95

  Frog Standing (Wall Hanging) Incense Burner

This fantastic Frog Standing Incense Burner is entirely hand crafted and proudly made by talented artisans from around the world. It features a hand sculpted little green frog, clutching a shiny black gem stone. He has a very whimsical look: Big bulging eyes that jiggle when he is moved. He sits above the stick burning incense holder, that sits on a circular tray. Perfect gift for frog lovers. ( Can also be suitable for wall hanging.)

Size: 9" T X 4" W
frog wooden incense burner  

  frog wooden incense burner Frog Flat Tray Incense Burner

Made of resin/bamboo and beautifully hand crafted is this fantastic Flat Tray Incense Burner. It features a hand carved little green frog, with light green coloring for accent, holding a black shiny ball, reclining on the incense tray. The holder for the stick incense is detailed with a brown gem stone and scroll work surrounding it.

Size: 10" L X 2.5" W

  Frog Tower Incense Burner

This absolutely beautifully detailed Frog Tower Incense Burner is completely hand crafted by talented artisans from around the world. Made of Resin/Bamboo, it features a whimsical jiggly-eyed little green frog, clutching a black gemstone. The tower is painted in a black matte finish with holes on the top and sides to allow the smoke to escape. The detailing continues with various other gemstones surrounding the tower: One pink colored stone set into a leaf designed pattern, on the bottom. A large red stone set on top of the lid. Four clear stones on the side , and an iridescent round gemstone on the back. It would look great on coffee tables, nightstands and desks. It comes with a holder for stick or cone incense.

Size: 12.5" T X 4" W
frog incense burner  

  frog puzzle box Wooden Froggy Puzzle Box

This handsome, all wood, handcrafted puzzle box is a beautiful piece of workmanship. It shows a lovely, friendly frog, seated on the front of a smooth, satin finished wooden box that has a surprise element. This is not just an ordinary box, but a puzzle box. You have to take out the correct pieces in the right order to solve the puzzle to reveal a secret compartment inside the frog. It is a lot of fun figuring out the puzzle (not hard) and you will have a private place for your little treasures. Great gift idea, both unique and functional!!

Size:6.5" long X 3.5" wide X 2" depth

  Frog on Large Wooden Hinged Box

This beautiful all handcrafted wooden hinged box, is adorned with a lovely, friendly frog, in colors of brown and white perched on its lid. The wood used to make t his handsome piece, is very smooth to the touch, and very pleasant to the eye, with its subtle graining and satin luster finish. The amply sized compartment on the inside of the box, will hold your household, office, and personal items perfectly. A great gift, or perhaps a nice treat for yourself!!

Size: 4" x 4" Square -- 3" Depth
frog wooden box    

  frog leather bracelet Leather Frog Bracelet

Here is a handsome unisex Frog Leather Bracelet handcrafted and hand tooled. The band with etched detailing fits around the wrist attached by two clasps. In the middle of wrist band, sits an all leather pudgy frog with two little beaded eyes. This bracelet is created by skilled artisans using top quality material---Very Unique and Beautiful!!

Size: 8.5" L X 1" W

  Handcrafted Wooden Table Decor

Two lovely frogs, both perched on a green leafy realistic branch, comprise the handcrafted design of this unique table décor piece. The beauty is in the simplicity and artful craftsmanship of this table decoration. It is indeed, pleasant to the eye, and the handcrafted frogs themselves, are smooth to the touch. Display with Pride!

Size: 8.5" L X 1.5" W X 10.5" Tall
frog wooden decor  

  Leather Handmade I-Phone Frog Holder

Absolutely handsome is this all Leather Handmade, Hand tooled I-Phone Holder. It is of very fine quality, with a keen eye for detailing. The phone slips in the holder and is covered with the most adorable froggy smiling face which snaps closed with a magnetic clasp. It also has a braided black shoulder strap for versatility. It has glowing plastic eyes and is leather lined. Makes a wonderful holiday gift.

Size: 6" L X 3.75" W
frog i phone case  

  frog leather purse Leather Wristlet Coin Purse

Handsome and Functional is this unique hand crafted frog coin purse. This attractive purse goes through an intricate process to assure its quality: The leather is dyed a dark green with the center area rubbed to remove some of the dye making it a lighter green. The beige colored accents are created by carving out the top layers of leather. The frog's legs are crafted from hardened and shaped pieces of leather. The purse is designed with a leather wrist strap for easy carrying, a sturdy lobster claw closure is attached to a ring at the frog's nose, and a zipper is located along the bottom edge of the frog. It has two beaded pop up eyes and is large enough to store credit cards, a lipstick , as well as spare change etc.

Size: 5" long, 3-1/2" wide, 1-1/4" tall

  Small Happy - Face Frog Coin Purse

This little coin purse is hand tooled in leather with a special process: The leather is dyed a dark green with the center area rubbed to remove some of the dye resulting in a lighter green.The eyes and mouth are created by carving out the top layers of leather to reveal the natural beige color underneath. A happy little frog is etched on the back side of the purse. The zipper is located along the top of the frog's head. A leather wrist strap with a lobster claw closure is attached to a ring at the top. There is also a split ring for attaching keys. A very handy happy little fellow.

Size:3-1/2" x 3-1/2" x 3/4"
 frog purse  

  frog leather coin purse Leather Large Coin Purse With Movable Eyes

This Coin Purse is among the largest of the collection. It also was afforded the special unique processing: The leather is dyed a dark green with the center area rubbed to remove some of the dye resulting in a lighter green. The beige colored accents are created by carving out the top layers of leather. The zipper is located on top of the frog's head and along its side a leather wrist strap with a lobster closure is attached to a ring at the frogs head.

Size:6" T X 4.5" W

  Leather Coin Purse With Large Pop Up Eyes

This beautiful Hand Tooled Leather Frog Coin Purse Is crafted from a unique process to assure its beauty and quality. The leather is dyed a dark green with the center area rubbed to remove some of the dye resulting in a lighter green. The Hand Tooling on the front of the frog is detailed with intricate designs , including two red flowers in the middle. . The zipper is located along the top of the frog's head. A leather wrist strap with a lobster closure is attached to a ring at the top. The attractive hand tooling is double sided..with leather lacing all around. Absolutely different and stunning.

W-SF9002 Size: 4" X 4.5" $ 12.95
W-SF9033 Size: 7.5 X 7" $ 39.95
 frog leather coin purse  

  Leather Key Chain With Tongue Exposed For Catching Flies

The same artisans that produced the popular leather coin purses, designed and created this little unique froggy.He is dark green in color with beige etched out eyes, and a. little red tongue is in position to catch his dinner. A large split ring , as well as a lobster claw closing is attached to the frog's head for storing your keys.

Size: 1" X 1.25"
frog leather key chain   

  frog leather key chain

Leather Hand-Tooled Key Chain With Flower Design

Handsome and Unique Leather Key Chain that is hand crafted by the same artisans that create the popular Coin Purses. is now available. Here we have a two-sided designed little froggy. One side depicts a pudgy little guy, hand tooled with flower design. An attractive circle designed pattern is etched on the frog's back. A large split ring for attaching keys is attached to frog's head by lobster claw closing.

Size: 1.5" X 1.5"

    frog key chain Jiggly-Eyed Frog Key Chain

Our Jiggly-Eyed Frog, clutching a black shiny ball, will be happy to hold your keys. The unique part is: He will hold them Between his Jiggly Eyes. The artisans who hand sculpted him, no doubt, decided to have a little fun and decided to put the key holder, which is an attractive bead, covered in coral rope, Between his eyes, instead of on the bottom of his body. It makes for a truly unique key chain and a conversation piece. Join in the fun and treat yourself to this hand sculpted, handcrafted, key chain.

Size: 1" x 2"
Price:$4.95 Each
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