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  Sparkling "Hear no Evil" Fun Frog

The cutest little froggy, ever, sits with his feet curled up and his hands on his ears. It seems that befoe he cupped his hands over his ears, he heard something that put a wide grin on his adorable face. Maybe he heard what time the New Yea's Eve Party was. He's all dressed for it-----all sparkly----in green and gold, and wearing an inverted lily blossom hat in shades of glistening pink, on his head. His perky fun blossom hat ends on top with a twirl of a green leaf. Come on and join him in the fun every time you look at him!!! (Made of resin)

Size: 7.5" Tall X 4.75" Wide
frog with flower  

     lacquer frog figurine  Lacquer Finish Kicking Frog

Super Shiny, Lacquer Finish Polystone Frog Figurine in Kelly Green Color - His Poised Kicking Back Leg is Out Looking as if He's Getting Ready to Leap

Size: 12" Wide

     yoga frog figurine  Green Zen Frog

This Tranquil Frog is Meditating Sitting in the Lotus Position - He is Made of Bright and Shiny Green Polystone and Has Gold Tipped Toes - Makes a Unique Gift for Frog Collectors or Anyone Into Yoga or Meditation

Size: 6" High

    frog teacher  Profession Frog/Teacher

Our Teacher Frog is really adorable. Wearing a graduation cap, sunglasses, a red apple in one hand, and a small blackboard in the other, he is sitting on a lily pad, ready to teach his wisdom to all. Great for teacher gift. He is light green in color and made of poly-resin.

Size: 4" High X 4" Wide

     Profession Frog/Doctor

Sprawled out on a lily pad, with a stethoscope resting around his neck and an examining instrument on his head, our doctor frog is ready for all patients. Made of poly-resin and light green in color. Absolutely adorable.

Size: 3-1/2" High X 4" Wide
frog doctor  

    frog chef figurine  Profession Frog/Chef

Such an adorable, versatile Chef. He sits on a lily pad, concocting some delicious dish, using all of the resources at his disposal. In one hand, he holds the salt. In the other hand, he holds a flowing-over mixing bowl, which he is mixing with his big red tongue. Told you he was resourceful. All in all, he is a colorful, whimsical little Chef, anxious to become part of your kitchen collection. Made of poly-resin.

Size: 4-1/2" High X 4" Wide

  frog motorcycle figurine  "Motorcycle Frankie" the Biker Frog

This is what you've been waiting for--a Biker Frog! Here he is, "Motorcycle Frankie", posing on his decked-out brightly colored bike. After the picture, he's ready to zoom off with his gang and head for parts unknown. The greatest gift you can give a biker!

Size: 4" High X 5" Long

  frog photographer  Frog Photographer Figurine

This Photographer Will Make You Smile and He's the Picture Perfect Gift for a Photography Buff or Frog Collector Who Thought They Had Everything - He's a Bright Green Frog Made of Polystone Holding a Camera Ready for His Next Shot.

Size: 6" Wide x 5" High

   Proposing Frog Couple Figurines

Two Romantic Frog Figurines Made of Polystone - He's on Bended Knee Asking for Her Hand in Marriage and Offering a Bouquet of Flowers and She's Obviously Saying Yes .

Size: 6" X 5" High
frogs proposing  

    frog mommy and baby  Mother & Baby Frog Lying Down

The large mother frog is lying down in a very relaxed position, admiring her little baby frog who enjoys sitting on his mother's tummy. Both are made of glazed poly-resin in a shaded brilliant green color. The toes of both frogs are accented in gold.

Size: 4" High X 6" Long

    frog ballerina  Frog Ballerina

So You Think Frogs Can Dance, They Can if Their Tutu Skirt is a Water Lily Leaf Instead of Puffy Tulle Netting - This Graceful Yet Laughable Polystone Figurine of a Frog Ballerina Proves They Got the Moves and are Giftable, if Not Gifted.:

Size: 8" High

 frog figurine Spring red Eyed Tree Frog Figurine

This little tree frog is on a spring and has moving legs and arms. Really a cute little figurine.

Size: 2"

    football frog  Sports Frogs/Football

Sports Frogs/Football Here is a colorful green frog sitting on a football and wearing a football helmet and tee shirt. Great for all football fans. Made from poly-resin.

Size: 5" High X 4" Wide

     Sports Frog/ Soccer

A black & white soccer ball has a colorful green frog perching on top of it. He wears a soccer # 1 jersey shirt. Made of poly-resin.

Size: 5" High X 4" Wide
soccer frog  

    frog basketball figurine  Sports Frog/Basketball

Sitting on top of a basketball, wearing a #1 Jersey, is our Basketball Frog. He is made of poly-resin and light green in color. Basketball fans would jump with joy upon receiving him as a gift.

Size: 5" High X 4" Wide

  baseball frog figurine  Sports Frog / Baseball

Sitting on a large baseball, our baseball buddy, wearing a #1 Jersey and his cap, casually turned sideways, is a colorful little guy, waiting for a fan to take him home.

Size: 5" High X 4" Wide

     Sports Frog/Golf

Sitting on a big golf ball and wearing a brown golf cap is our colorful green frog. Great present for all our golf enthusiasts. Made from poly-resin.

Size: 5" High X 4" Wide
frog golf figurine  

    frog golfer  Frog Swinging Golf Club

He's Probably Not a Pro but He's No Duffer, Either - He's a Frog Who Loves Golfing - This Vivid Green Frog Made of Polystone is Swinging His Golf Club and Makes a Really Special Gift Item.

Size: 6 1/4" High.

    frog golfer  Recreation Frog/Golf

An avid Frog Golfer, with club in position to swing, will obviously get his "Hole in One". He is a good weight, green and white textured figurine, nicely detailed. Your golfer friends will love him and so will you. Made from poly-resin.

Size: 7" High X 3-1/2" Wide

     Recreation Frog/Fisherman

A heavy-weight Frog Fisherman Figurine will delight all the fishing buddies. He is designed in green and white textured colors. He looks absolutely thrilled, with his mouth wide open in amazement upon catching his prize fish, which he proudly holds in one hand. In the other hand, he holds the fishing pole, wrapped around his body. This figurine is designed in great detail and would be a great gift for all the fishing enthusiasts.

Size: 7" High X 6" Wide
frog fisherman  

     Small Sitting Green Froggy Figurine

One small green porcelian froggy , small enough to carry around in your pocket. He's so cute and just waiting to be adopted by a frog lover. He's your own personal little froggy. Perhaps he can be considered your good luck charm. Whatever pleases you will please him.

Size:1-1/4" W X 2" H
porcelian frog  

  Glass Frog Statue

Gorgeous all glass emerald green frog. This frog has exquisite detail and has big white eyes. This is a collectors dream. Just beautiful! Weighs 3 1/2 lbs.

Size: 7" x 4"

   Art Glass Beautiful Frog Sculpture

For all you Art Glass Collectors, here is a beauty you will appreciate. A striking glass sculpture of a squatting frog on an impressive luxurious-sized , heavy weighted thick solid glass base. The frog itself is magnificently crafted of brilliant , iridescent shades of blue, gold and clear glistening glass. Wherever this stunning piece of art glass is placed, it will definitely be an eye-popper. A MUST Have for the collector of fine-quality craftsmanship of Unique Art Glass!!

Size: 7" Long X 4" Wide X 4-1/2" Tall
glass frog

  mini glass frogs  Cute and Collectable Frog
Art Glass

Here are four little perfect examples of adorable art glass frog figurines: In colors of blue, green, burgundy and red, four little pudgy glass frogs with bulging eyes and full grins, will warm the hearts of everyone they encounter. They are beautifully crated pieces with an eye toward details, and yet they are as cute and whimsical as can be!!

Size: (4) -- 1 - 1/2" Diamiter X 1-3/4" Tall
Price:$27.95 Set of 4

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