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Sporty Froggies
    football frog  Sports Frogs/Football

Sports Frogs/Football Here is a colorful green frog sitting on a football and wearing a football helmet and tee shirt. Great for all football fans. Made from poly-resin.

Size: 5" High X 4" Wide

     Sports Frog/ Soccer

A black & white soccer ball has a colorful green frog perching on top of it. He wears a soccer # 1 jersey shirt. Made of poly-resin.

Size: 5" High X 4" Wide
soccer frog  

    frog basketball figurine  Sports Frog/Basketball

Sitting on top of a basketball, wearing a #1 Jersey, is our Basketball Frog. He is made of poly-resin and light green in color. Basketball fans would jump with joy upon receiving him as a gift.

Size: 5" High X 4" Wide

     Sports Frog/Golf

Sitting on a big golf ball and wearing a brown golf cap is our colorful green frog. Great present for all our golf enthusiasts. Made from poly-resin.

Size: 5" High X 4" Wide
frog golf figurine  

  baseball frog figurine  Sports Frog / Baseball

Sitting on a large baseball, our baseball buddy, wearing a #1 Jersey and his cap, casually turned sideways, is a colorful little guy, waiting for a fan to take him home.

Size: 5" High X 4" Wide

  frog hockey player Frog Hockey Player Figurine

For All Hockey Fans--What could be more fun than owning this colorfully handpainted authentically uniformed froggy hockey player. He's equipped with hockey stick and puck, silver helmet, white top, blue pants and a big grin because he won, of course.You'll be a winner too if you decide to give him a home.

Size: 3.5" tall x 3"wide

      Baseball Frog

Batter up! Adorable resin frog waiting to hit a home run for you.

Available in 2 different sizes.

W-BRBBLG Large Size 6" H $11.95
W-BRBBSM Small Size 4" H $8.95

    frog golfer  Recreation Frog/Golf

An avid Frog Golfer, with club in position to swing, will obviously get his "Hole in One". He is a good weight, green and white textured figurine, nicely detailed. Your golfer friends will love him and so will you. Made from poly-resin.

Size: 7" High X 3-1/2" Wide

     Recreation Frog/Fisherman

A heavy-weight Frog Fisherman Figurine will delight all the fishing buddies. He is designed in green and white textured colors. He looks absolutely thrilled, with his mouth wide open in amazement upon catching his prize fish, which he proudly holds in one hand. In the other hand, he holds the fishing pole, wrapped around his body. This figurine is designed in great detail and would be a great gift for all the fishing enthusiasts.

Size: 7" High X 6" Wide
frog fisherman  

   Scuba Frog With Light
Size: 4"


   Frog On Red Scooter

Here he comes folks, riding his Red Scooter, headed straight to your door. The Scooter has great detail, even a back, as well as a front light. Please show him how to get to your house. Made from poly-resin.

Size: 4.5" High X 4" Wide
scooter frog  

  frog motorcycle figurine  "Motorcycle Frankie" the Biker Frog

This is what you've been waiting for--a Biker Frog! Here he is, "Motorcycle Frankie", posing on his decked-out brightly colored bike. After the picture, he's ready to zoom off with his gang and head for parts unknown. The greatest gift you can give a biker!

Size: 4" High X 5" Long

  frog figurine Waving Frog On A Surfboard

This frog gets a lot more action than the average pond dweller. Let the lazy frogs stay in the pond.... Surfs UP ! Made of resin.

Size: 5"

  frog surfing figurine Hawaii Frog-O!

Who said frogs can't surf? This frog has no problems surfing the Hawaii waves. Made of resin.

Size: 5"

     frog surfing  Frog And Surfboard

She's waving hello before she catches her wave ! Frogs are usually associated with spring, but this gal is definitely endless summer ! Made of resin.

Size: 5"

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