Christmas Frogs

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  frog christmas pillow Gabriel Come Blow Your Horn Frog Christmas Pillow

Our frog, Gabriel, is blowing his horn and tooting out his Christmas message of JOY. Gabriel, himself, is a joyous sight to behold. He is the main attraction on a gorgeous Christmas Pillow. This pillow is incredibly all Handmade of a vibrant blue luxurious felt material, super soft for super head- rest comfort. Dressed in his Red Santa Suit, he heralds in the JOY of the wondrous Christmas Season.


  Gabriel Come Blow Your Horn Frog Christmas Stocking

Here we have our frog, Gabriel, again. This time appearing on a gorgeous large, vibrant green felt, Christmas Stocking.He is all Handmade and the embroidery and the colors involved in his creation are incredible. This is truly a beautiful, functional Handcrafted work of art. He is definitely of ample size to stuff him to your hearts content. Also, available in black.

Size:20"Long X 9"Wide


W-XM2092 Color: Green
W-XM2093 Color: Black
frog christmas stocking

  christmas ornament frog Froggy Shiny Metal Christmas Ornament

Shiny Metal double-sided, Christmas ornament, ready to hang on your tree to be admired and envied by all. This particular froggy is made of copper and silver type finishes. His body is scrolled with a floral design. His legs are made to dangle as they move freely........A very attractive,unique ornament!!!. Frog Christmas Ornament. Hangs on your tree from a large green beaded. ,hooked metal attachment.

Size:7.5"L X 3.5" W

  frog christmas ornament Handmade Frog Christmas Ornament

Handmade of beautiful soft felt material, this unique Frog Christmas Ornament will be a star attraction on your Tree .With a keen eye for detailing and color, this unusual ornament created by experienced artisans. will be a source of pride and joy for years to come

Size:8" X 5"

    Sample Diagram Personalize Your Froggy Ornaments!!

With these toad-ally awesome personilezed ornaments, we're predicting Christmas will be froggy with a 100% chance of elation from your frog enthusiast!

These whimsical "tree" frogs would love to take a leap into your home for the holiday season.
To the left is a sample of what you can write on the following frog ornaments. you can shoose from a frog couple to a family of five. Super cute for the Holidays!
 frog ornament

frog ornament Personalize Froggy Ornament

Hop into the Christmas “froggy” fun with these adorable amphibians complete with Santa hats. Personalized with a black paint pen. It's designed so you can write something on the lilypad, if you like (the year, or your names, or a special message). this ornament comes ready to hang with a red ribbon. 3” x 5” ornament crafted in resin.

Size:5"x 4"

  frog ornament Personalize Froggy Ornament

Hop into the Christmas “froggy” fun with these adorable amphibians complete with Santa hats. Personalized with a black paint pen. It's designed so you can write something on the lilypad, if you like (the year, or your names, or a special message). this ornament comes ready to hang with a red ribbon. 3” x 5” ornament crafted in resin.

Size:5" x5"

  frog prince ornament Personalize Frog Prince Ornament

Personalise it ! 3 - Dimensional shape. Looks great on a shelf top or hang from your favorite branch on your tree. Each ornament was made by hand. This ornament is a unique one of a kind find. You'll love it ! Personalizing pen not included.

Size: 3" x 3" x 3 "
Price: $13.95

  Christmas Frog Ornament Set Of 2

A set of two (2) glass, beautiful, Christmas Frog Ornaments. Designed in two shades of green, both frog ornaments, one, dark green, and the other, light green, are embellished with unique details. The bodies are enhanced with silver sparkles, beads and painting. They are most attractive, and a beautiful addition to any tree.

Size: set Of 2 -- 3" x 2.5" Each
Price: $27.95
frog christmas ornaments  

  frog ornaments Christmas Frog Ornament Set Of 3

Here we have a set of three (3) glass , beautiful, sparkling Christmas Frog Ornaments. They are uniquely detailed in various shades of green, with painted body features. They Glitter and Shine with silver details around the eyes, mouth, legs and feet. Very, very eye-catching.

Size:Set of 3 -- 3" x 3" Each
Price: $38.95

 frog ornament  Jumping Jack Glitter Frog Prince Ornament (Green)

Green Jumping Jack Glitter Frog Prince Ornament makes a wonderful gift for adults and children alike. Kids love the jumping jack ornaments because they can make them dance! With one gentle pull of the cord, the arms and legs go up, delighting a child with the simple animation!

Size:6 1/2"
  Frog christmas ornament Jumping Jack Glitter Frog Prince Ornament (Burgundy)

Burgundy Jumping Jack Glitter Frog Prince Ornament makes a wonderful gift for adults and children alike. Kids love the jumping jack ornaments because they can make them dance! With one gentle pull of the cord, the arms and legs go up, delighting a child with the simple animation!

Size:6 1/2"

 frog ornament  Jumping Jack Glitter Frog Prince Ornament (Gold )

Gold Jumping Jack Glitter Frog Prince Ornament makes a wonderful gift for adults and children alike. Kids love the jumping jack ornaments because they can make them dance! With one gentle pull of the cord, the arms and legs go up, delighting a child with the simple animation!

Size:6 1/2"
  frog xmas ornament

Jumping Jack Glitter Frog Prince Ornament (Purple)

Purple Jumping Jack Glitter Frog Prince Ornament makes a wonderful gift for adults and children alike. Kids love the jumping jack ornaments because they can make them dance! With one gentle pull of the cord, the arms and legs go up, delighting a child with the simple animation!

Size:6 1/2"

  frog ornament Santa Frog Ornament

Very beautiful , very green froggy will make sure you have a 'hoppy' holiday ! This frog ornament is sure to make you smile - look at that cute red santa cap !


  green leopard frog ornament

Iridescent Green leopard Frog Ornament

Very Unique ! It's green shiny iridescent glow will bring warmth and hoppiness this christmas season. Closely resembles a real Rana frog.

Size: 5 " Long

  crystal frog

Mommy Frog With Baby Frog On Head

Very Unique ! Crystal like mommy frog with cute little baby frog resting on her head. Accented in gold.

Size: 2.5"H

  frog ornament Frog Prince Ornament

Hold that kiss...this frog is as close to a prince as he's going to get, but irresistible nonetheless! Our regal glass ornament is vividly detailed in vibrant glazes with glistening glitter accents that add to his royal appeal!. This whimsical frog prince ornament comes ready to hang with a gold cord and is perfect for your frog enthusiast for years to come!


king frog ornament Love Frog Ornament

This frog ornament is ready to leap into your life.
He sits on a green lilly pad and is covered with hearts.
Made of resin.

Size: 4"
Price: $7.95

king frog ornament Luau Dancers Frog Ornaments

Luau Frog 'Paradise' Christmas Ornaments remind you it's Hoppy Hour somewhere !
These smaller ornaments are just 3 inches tall .. so you may want to get a few to put everyone in a Hoppy Christmas Mood.
Made of resin. Styles vary slightly as pictured.

Size: 3"
Price: $3.95 Each

red eye tree frog ornament Red-Eye Tree Frog Ornament With Hat

This high-quality porcelain miniature is a unique piece of art. It takes a lot of experience, skill and attention to each tiny detail to produce this wonderful figure. Each miniature is entirely hand-painted by talented artists using a very thin brush with only a few hairs. Every piece is high-fired and subjected to rigorous quality control. This process guarantees the purity of the colors, the perfect shape and the sharpness of every detail. Each figurine makes a perfect gift for your friends, family or yourself and a treasured and wonderful addition to any collection.

Size: Length/Inches 2.2 Depth/Inches 1.8 Height/Inches 1.7
Price: $11.95

christmas frog ornament Peace Frog Ornament With Hat

This Santa frog is holding a sign that says "Hoppy Holidays" He is sure to bring a smile to anyone's face. Made of resin.

Size: 5"
Price: $14.95

glitter frog ornament Crowned Frog Ornament

Translucent green frog will allow your lights to shine thru.
Cute little frog ornament has a glittered crown and a big smile. Made of clear resin.

Size: 3"
Price: $15.95

Crowned Leaping Frog Ornament

Translucent green frog will allow your lights to shine thru. Cute little frog ornament has a glittered crown and a big smile. Made of clear resin.

Size: 3"
Price: $15.95
frog ornament

    frog ornament Rain Forest Frog Ornaments set of 2

This ornament is offiicially licensed from Discovery Communications for the Animal Planet. These ornament comes complete with the hang tag. The purchase of this ornament benefits the principal parners of R.O.A.R Animal Project Planets project to help make the world a better place for the animals. This ornament is made of resin with metallic style paint and glitter. 4 ASSORTED: RED, BLUE, TEAL AND GREEN You can purcahse as a set of 2 assorted.

Price:$18.95 set of 2 assorted

    frog ornament Two Wooden Froggy's Ornament

Two wooden froggy's get into the 'swing' of things just in time for the Christmas season ! Be the first in your neighborhood to hang this unique wooden roped ornament from your tree !


    frog ornament Dangling legs Wooden Frog Ornament

Old fashioned wooden frog Christmas ornament ! Hand Crafted with ribbiting precision by quality craftspersons ( sorry , no elves ). Wood looks great on any tree !


  Moving Arms And Legs Green With Purple Spots Wooden Frog Ornament

Another uniquely colored. green w/ purple spots, is our all handcrafted, wooden frog ornament.-----perfect for Xmas tree hanging.

Size:3.5"L x 1.5"W
wooden frog ornament  

  frog christmas orament Moving Arms And Legs Orange And Turquoise Wooden Frog Ornament

Great for hanging on the tree, is this orange and turquoise little frog, all hand made and hand painted.

Size:3.5"L x 1.5"W

  Long-Legged Frog Ornament

Long - Legged Green, Spotted Frog, is another of our handcrafted wooden frog tree ornaments. Both the arms and legs dangle.

Size: 5"L x 2"W
frog xmas ornament  

  frog metal ornament Metal Handcrafted King Frog Christmas Ornament

He's all handcrafted of green and gold shiny metal, with a big gold crown, studded with round glass beads which he wears proudly on his head. His eyes, black and white, with little metal hooded lashes, peer out above a big smiling grin. From the bottom of the ornament, dangles a multicolored large glass beaded white daisy pendant-------A very, very, beautiful, decorative ornament for sure!!!!

Size: 9" L x 3.25" W

Peace Frog With Love Ornament

Peace on earth - goodwill to Man and Amphibians ! This frog is showing his inner 60's by waving the peace sign and LOVE to everyone. Really, frogs need a little love too. Be nice to frogs so they may be at Peace with humans and their environment for their survival Let's help out the frogs this Holiday Season by bringing Peace to all ! Made of resin.

Size: 5"
Price: $13.95
christmas frog ornament

frog x-mas ornament Peace Frog With Hope Ornament

The holiday season will bring peace and hope into your celebration with this cute frog. Just look at this beautiful frog ornament ! What a beautiful sentiment, too ! Christmas its the time of year when we look and leap forward with aspirations and HOPE for the New Year ! HOPE you have a Hoppy Christmas ! Made of resin.

Size: 5"
Price: $13.95

angel frog ornament Peace Frog With Faith Ornament

Keep the faith ! What an eye catcher this ornament will be. It's an Angel of a frog ornament ! Every Christmas tree has an Angel on top.. and now you can adorn your evergreen with a green frog angel ! Amphibians inspire awe.... there are some things which ( mercifully ) are not man made. Hoppy Christmas !
Made of resin.

Size: 5"
Price: $15.95

Jester Frog Ornament

The most beautiful frog ornament we have ever seen. Medieval Frog Jester Trumpets in the Christmas Season ! Mr. Jester frog is blowing a shimmery shiny horn ! This frog is all decked out in a red costume accented by glittered pointed collar, shorty shorts and knee pads ! You will LOVE this Jester ( we kid not ).

Size: 5"
Price: $17.95
jester frog ornament

glass frog orniment Glassdelights Tree Frog Christmas Ornament

Delicately detailed Christmas Ornaments are known as Glassdelights. A most appropriate name for this delightful green spotted Tree Frog, perfectly detailed from his bulging black & white eyes to the subtle glaze of his realistic body. He has the advantage of being admired , both from a standing position or proudly hanging from your tree.

Size: 2.5" X 2"
Price: $9.95

  frog ornament Set of 3 Frog on
Lily Pads

These frogs are lounging on their lily pads having fun celebrating the holidays with you.

Size: 4" Each

    He And Her Plush Green Froggy Collectable Ornaments

Your little plush green froggy collectable just found himself a girlfriend. She looks very much like him, same pudgy little body with bright bulging eyes. She, however, has a little checkered bow tied around her neck instead of a scarf, and has two little pnk buttons on her outfit, instead of his green. Are they both equally adorable???You Bet!! Why not collect them both? They are made to sit comfortably on a flat surface, or even hang him up from the string attached to back of his head------how about on the Christmas Tree?

Size: 5" T X 3.5" W
Price: 5.95 Set of 2
frog plush ornament  

  frog denim handbag Denim Christmas Frog Handbag

Your Santa Frog Funky Handbag is made of actual denim material. It has two side studded pockets and two back pockets. An adorable embroided Santa Frog, wearing a bright red festive Santa Hat, adorns the front of the bag. An awesome black leather -like belt , sporting the most beautiful artistically crafted bright metal western -style buckle, encrusted with jeweled beads, is looped in front, with a little teddy bear , also wearing a Santa Hat dangling on the side.That's not all--- Bright yellow crystal and metal large faceted beads, combine to form a beautiful but functional double handle. The inside is fully lined with a whimsical froggie print and side zippered compartment. As an Added Bonus, a beautifully designed Shoulder Strap attachment is included. Proudly carry this bag throughout the Christmas Season, spreading joy to all.

Size: 12" x 9" x 5"
Price: $39.95

    Green and Blue Froggy Pot Holder

Here's a bunch of fun frogs to help out in the kitchen! This potholder is made from a beautiful mottled blue fabric with fun green frogs frolicking all over it. Works great not only as a holder for handling hot dishes, but as a pad to protect your table from hot serving bowls. Super cute and sure to be a great gift.

Size: 8" b
frog pot holder  

    frog blanket Frolicking Froggy Plush Blanket

This froggy blanket will keep those froggy lovers super warm on those chilly nights. These colorful frogs are jumping around and sure to bring a smile to anyone. Great gift for all ages.

Size: 24" x 24"

     Blank Holiday Note Cards

Let your friends know you are having one Hopping Holiday Party. These invites say it all. Now with this blank Holiday Card you can have any kind of Hopp'n Party you would like. Also this would be great for personal greeting cards or even thank you. The frogget is holding all sorts of drinks and dressed like a candy cane and the frogger is dressed in holly and mistletoad. SUPER CUTE!

Set of 10 cards and 10 envelopes
ink jet and laser compatible
frog note cards    

  frog merry christmas greeting card Christmas Frog Greeting Card

Adorable Frog wearing Santa Claus Cap,displays the "Peace" sign and wishes you love,joy, and a Merry Christmas

Inside card and joy ! Merry Christmas

Size : Standard 6.5" L X 4.75" W

    frog holiday card Noahs Ark Pop Up X-Mas Card

Adorable card pops up and shows the whole ark with two little hopping frogs. Super adorable. The back says:
"With every good wish to you for a Merry Christmas."

Price:$3.95 each
frog holiday card  

  frog christmas card boxed Holiday Box of Christmas Greeting Cards

Cute Frog on top of a candy cane ...Just adorable Comes gift boxed ..
15 cards and 15 envelopes.

Inside card reads...Wishing you and yours a hoppin' good Christmas!

Size : Standard 6.5" L X 4.75" W
Price:$37.50 (Box of 15 cards)

  frog plant Grow A Frogs Hair

A great gift for a kid or a kid at heart. This frog grows either funky Grass or curly Basil hair. Each frog is handcrafted from clay and comes with everything needed to grow these fun characters. Included seeds and soil so you just add waterand it grows. Then cut and style your froggies hair.

Size: 4"

  frog candle Frog Candle Stick

10 Inch Tapered frog Candle. Adorable frog with hands behind his head. He is just laying back and relaxing and setting the mood for a Hoppy Evening. These could be used as some really fun birthday candles as well. His webbed fett have the wick and he has one big smile. Super unique and everyone will love this guy.

Size 10"
air freshner  Frog Waterglobe Auto Air Freshener

Bell Island Vanilla Frog Waterglobe Auto Air Freshener. Scented oil air freshner. Lasts up to 60 days. 0.9oz bottle. What a great gift for that frog lover in your life.

Size: 4"

  build a bear Build-A-Bear Frog

Build-A-Bear Workshop Make-And-Play Frog. Make your own Beary Cute Friend with these Make-and-Play Kits from the "Build-a-Bear" workshop. Each kit includes everything to make a 7" animal and complete outfit. Kits contain the following: 1 - pre-sewn frog front and back. 6 yards of embroidery floss. 1 plastic safety needle. 60 grams of stuffing. 1 heart. 1 tee shirt. 1 skirt. 1 pair of shoes. 1 iron on fabric phrase patch. 1 glitter glue tube. 16 diamond beads. 10 inch nylon cording. 1 iron-on butterfly patch. 1 belt buckle with 10 inches of ribbon. 1 instruction sheet. and one birth certificate. Don't worry about going to the mall..bring the fun home.

Size: 7"

    froggy hankies Christmas Froggy Hankies Stocking Stuffers

These 4 ply froggy Christmas paper hankies are a great stocking stuffer for any frog lover. One side he is holding a mistletoad and all wrap up to be yours and the other side he is decorating his Christmas Tree. SO CUTE!

Set of 10

    toad playing cards Mistle Toad Playing Cards

Brighten up your holidays with these fun Mistle Toads! Cute frogs wearing Santa hats and red bowties that are real playing cards. These are great stocking stuffers and will keep all in the holiday spirit. This will be a gift they wont "froget".


    frog pony tail holder Frog Pony Tail Holders

Adorable frog pony tail holders. These will keep you feeling Hoppy. Super cute. Assorted colors. Set of 2 frog holders.

Size: 3/4" (frog) Set of 2
frog pony tail holder  

  frog jelly Frog Jam

Thats right Frog Jam! Delious Frog Jam is made of rasberry, orange and ginger. Very unique and very tasty, you will love it!

Size: 9 oz

  Frog Check Book Cover

Our stylish Checkbook Covers feature a plastic insert for creating duplicates, a free pen and a handy wallet opening for bills, receipts, or any other loose document you may need for your personal record keeping.

Size: 7'' x 4''

    Stocking Stuffer Camuflouge Prince Frog Magic Boxer Shorts

CAN YOU FIND THE PRINCE FROG? You won't believe this. Put these beautifully packaged froggy prince boxer shorts in water and they become an adult sized, high quality cotton boxer. This is just too much fun we would carry this product even if they were not 'shrunken' they are such high quality shorts. These green prince frog is super froggy and super comfortable.

frog boxer shorts    

    Frog Gifts Matted Art Print

Hang this adorable frog art print any where in the house or office to add that froggy feeling to your Christmas decor. Each frog is wearing a Santa hat and letting you know to have a Merry Christmas and a Hoppy New Year!

 8" x 10" Matted $14.95 W-SGCF0M

  {short description of image} Loopy Frog Slippers

Fun for the feet. Give your toes a treat ! These adult frog slippers are full of comfort. Slipper sole is made with multi grip for slip resistance. Not designed for outdoor use.

Size: Adult- One Size Fits Most Feet
Price: $13.95


frog lollipop Frog Lollipop

Adorable frog lollipop is just bursting with flavor. So cute you might not want to eat it.

Size: 2" (frog) 8" Stick

  frog lollipop Frog Shaped Lollipops

These fun frog lollipops come in an assortment of bright colors, and are shaped like frog faces. They're perfect for parties, stocking stuffers, and special occasions! each individually wrapped.

Size: 2" with 4" stick
Price: $1.45


  frog gift certificate Froggifts Gift Certificate !

We're hoppy we have so many choices for gift giving ! Sometimes, though it's better to let the recipient choose the gift ! FrogGifts Gift Certificates hop to the gift giving rescue !

Receive the gift certificate in the mail and simply redeem online!
available in 25, 50, and 100 dollar values


  frog mistletoe Mistle Toad Hanger

It's a frog holding 'Mistletoad' Large ten inch very green. very plastic frog meets and greets your holiday visitors ! Hang from the porch or just about anywhere from this BIG Holiday Red Ribbon ! As the whole world knows it's traditional to kiss under Mistletoe. Wanna know who'll be the first to hop over and give you a kiss like the frog and the Prince ? Hang up this Mistle TOAD and find out !

Size: 10"
Price: $11.95


   Great Science Project  Grow a Live Frog  
      Grow A Frog

Grow-a-Frog kit contains everything you need to grow the amazing live Grow-a-Frog transparent tadpole into a little baby froglet. GROW-A-FROG kit includes a LIVE transparent Grow-a-Frog tadpole certificate, a mini-aquarium with deco plant and nutri-rocks, stage one tadpole food and spoon, a frog Fun & Fact handbook and a lifetime guarantee . Available in USA and CANADA Only!

Price: $29.95

  Live Pet Tadpole   Exciting & Educational  

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