Frog aroma candle burner Frog Metal Aroma Burner

This handsome Metal Frog Aroma Burner makes an attractive addition to any room in which it is placed. Three silver colored hammered metal frogs hold up a sturdy glass container into which the burning aroma agent is added. A tea candle which is placed on the bottom, is included. Not only is this a functional piece, but quite beautiful as well.

Size 4."Tall x 5" Round

  Frog Metal T--Light Holder

Using the themed "No Evil" scenario, three little happy frogs, surround the very pretty t-light flower shaped holder. They demonstrate the holding of ears,mouth and eyes, as they stand beneath the holder , on lily pads. Covering them is the white glittering pretty open-faced petal shaped holder. It has a little dragonfly on its stem, and another leaf, with a little ladybug on it. All, nicely detailed.

Size : 7"Tall X 5" L X 4" W
frog tea light holder  

    frog candle Green Frog Candle

Light up a froggy mood with this cute green frog candle! This frog candle is perfect for table centerpieces or just for decoration. Or, for extra froggy fun, set it on top of a birthday cake.

Size: 3-1/4" tall

  frog candle  Designer Frog Candle

Quality made fun colorful frog candles. Each frog is unique and no two frog candles are the same. These frog candles even have realistic looking eyes.

Size: 3"
Price:$2.95 each
frog candle    

    frog candle Frog Votive Candle set of 4

Light it up with frog candles and have a froggy celebration! These fun green frog candles are perfect for table centerpieces or special frog-themed parties. Use them on cakes or put them in a votive holder for an extra glow. They also make great baby shower or wedding shower gifts!

Size: Box of 4 frog candles, each 2" tall and 2" wide.

    frog candle Frog Prince Candle

Candle Shaped Like Frog with Crown on Head - Comes in Gift Package with Ribbon Shown in Background.

Size: 2 1/2"

    frog rain forest candle Rain Forest Frog Floating Candle

So Unique and so Attractive --- These Rain Forest Frog Floating Candles will add a touch of enchantment to any water setting you choose to display them in --- Perhaps floating in a lovely glass bowl centerpiece, or as a part of your indoor/outdoor birdbath --- They will charm everyone with their gracefulness, in any selected setting. Set of six-Assorted colors.

Size: 2" Set Of 6

  Medium Sized Frog Shaped Candle

This Medium Sized Frog Shaped Candle is made of porcelain, with hand painted flower design on sides and back of. the candle. The color of the candle is Orchid---Pretty, Indeed. (assorted colors and scents)

Size:3.5"L X 1.5" T
frog candle    

  frog candle set Mini Handpainted Frog Shaped Candles

These Mini Handpainted Frog Shaped Candles are made of Porcelain with a pretty flower design painted on the side to match exactly the color of the candle inside the Mini Frog Use your imagination for ways to display these little treasures----Perhaps combined with a small flower arrangement etc.(assorted colors and scents)

Size:1"L X 1" T
Price:$5.45 (Set of 5)

  Large Frog With Dragonfly Aroma Burner

Frog and dragonfly with flowers aroma burner. Beautifully detailed and will add class to any room. Candle included.

Size:4 1/2" x 5"

   Frog candle holder Frog Lily Pad Umbrella Candle Holder

Bright striped pants, red jacket, blue polka dot scarf & bow tie--who wouldn't fall in love with this big grinned, lovable frog? He stands on a round based pedestal, covering himself with his unique lily pad umbrella. Light up your life and add a lovely candle to top off his umbrella. Made of delightfully painted, glossy finish metal. Why not order a pair?

Size 6.5"Tall x 3.5"Wide

  Tall Tommy Frog, Tealight Holder

Tall Tommy the Frog's Tealight Holder, beats them all! Tommy the Frog is not only tall, but in his green circled body pose of one foot in the air, carrying a tealight holder , ready to display your candle, he is a frog above all! Great to give as a gift or better yet, gift yourself and give your guests lots of enjoyment!

Size 17"Tall x 4.5"Wide
wooden frog candle holder  

  metal frog candle holder All Metal Frog Tealight Holder

In variegated shades of green, this handsome all metal tea candle holder is unique indeed. Just open a little latched door in front of the frog to reveal a built-in holder to place your tea candle. It is a double-sided design, which enables the candle light to shine from front to back, casting a lovely glow. A n attractive piece indeed.

Size 7.5"Tall x 8"Wide

  frog baby shower candle King Frog Green Unique Candle

He is absolutely adorable. With his gold crown, bulging eyes and wide mouth grin, he can't help but attract big smiles from everyone. Talk about packaging---In a transparent plastic case, with party items pictured on the bottom and tied on top with a pretty white bow, you can't beat the excitement of presenting him as a gift. Ideally packaged for baby showers or, keep him yourself to delight your guests.

frog candle  

   Frog birthday candle Hoppiest Birthday Candle Holder

A little green festive ceramic frog with polka dots is in a seated position, eating a piece of your birthday cake. His hat is red with "Hoppy Birthday" written across the front. On his pudgy belly the message continues with "May it be the Hoppiest ever!"---With cheerful greetings like that, he is certainly entitled to another piece of cake! This novel ceramic candle holder with tea candle included, comes in a lovely gift box to be given to someone very special--- perhaps yourself. Another idea to show off this little birthday froggie is to use him as your birthday cake topper. He is entirely reusable for many birthdays to come and is a wonderful lovable keepsake. E_N_J_O_Y & HOPPY BIRTHDAY!

Size 4.5"Tall x 3.5"Wide

   Birthday Candle Holder

Watch how everyone's face lights up as you bring these cute frog candle holders to the birthday party.
Size: 1" H


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