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    rubber frog toy  Rubber Froggie

This adorable little rubbery frog is a joyful gift enjoyed by all. He features bulging eyes, a red heart-shaped tongue and a freckled little body--Special Bonus--Squeeze him and he will respond with a friendly squeal. Great as a party favor for children's parties, baby showers, charity functions, classroom incentives and behavioral rewards.

Size: 2" frog

  frog bath toy Three Frogs in a Frog Tub

Mama Frog holds her three little baby frogs in her tub-shaped body. They can all play-rub-a-dub-dub in the family tub. The pool, or any place they can float and have fun. Lots of enjoyment for everyone. Frogs are made of soft pliable plastic in dark green with white eyes. Set includes 4 pieces.

Size:7" L x 5" W - 3 Baby frogs are 2" Long.

  rubber floating frog Squirter - Frog

The frog squirter is a cool bath buddy and makes any water activity a joyous one, ideally suited for the bath, pool or the beach. Squirter - Frog has a cute unique design and are made of a soft material which makes it very comfortable to hold, and suitable to any age..Just fill with water and squirt !!

Size: 2 1/2" L X 2" W

    Mommy & Baby Rubber Floating Frogs

A great bathtime toy. Hours of fun!. Made of rubber and will squeak when squeezed. Ideally suited for the bath, pool or the beach.

Size: Mommy Frog : 3 1/2" T X 2.75" W
Baby Frog Size: 2" x 2"
Price:$2.95 set of 2
rubber frogs  

  rubber frog Rubber Froggie Bath Toy

Move over rubber duckie---you have been replaced by the happy faced rubber froggie. Done in a vivid shade of green, he will float beautifully in your tub..You can also take him outside for a treat in your pool or lake. Have Fun with this delightful rubber froggie pal.

Size: 2 1/2" L X 2" W

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