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   Abelman Limited Signed Exclusive Art Glass Sculptures

 Abelman Art Glass is greatly respected in the art glass world and highly prized by art glass collectors. It has been Stuart’s goal, together with the highly skilled glassblowers at Abelman Art Glass, to create the finest handblown art glass. The work created at Abelman Art Glass is in demand not only for its technical expertise, but also for its creativity and originality.

   Autumn Frog
On Clear Rock

This exquisite piece is sure to be the King of any frog collector's collection. Signed, dated and numbered with a certificate of authenticity by Stuart Abelman.
Weighs app. 2 lbs.

Size: 6 1/2" L

   The colors are achieved by adding precious metals to the Molten Glass formula. The Molten Glass then layered one color over another, and pulled with metal hand tools to form the different patterns The iridescence on our pieces is created by the permanent bonding of metals to the surface of the hot glass. Each piece of Abelman Art Glass is individually hand-blown, signed, dated and numbered at the studio. Each piece of Abelman Art Glass is accompanied by a card that ensures its authenticity.  

  Green Frogs
Sitting On Branch

Two green life-like looking frogs naturally sitting on this magnificent solid glass filled branch.
Weighs 3 1/2 pounds.

Size:12" x 12"

   Abelman Art Glass is shown in galleries and is represented in museums and private collections around the world. Abelman Art Glass has been featured in Hollywood movies and the television industries, Sunset Magazine, the White House, gourmet restaurants, an international airport, the House of Blues, corporate awards, the Disney gifts and many other famous places.  

   Violet Frogs On Decanter

This detailed breath taking art glass decanter is a limited original sculpture. Its vivid colors are striking to the eye. Adorned with adorable violet frogs sitting naturally on this extravagant piece. Each piece is signed, dated and numbered with a certificate of authenticity by Stuart Abelman.
Weighs app. 6lbs.

Size: 13" tall

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