GIANT Fantasy Frog

Made of green shiny satin material. Gorgeous! The kind of thing you would see in a fairy tale exhibit or children's museum. Just too frog-tastic for words. BIG ! You could hold it in your arms and 'dance' with it - likley it's almost as tall (or taller) than you ! We put ours in a rocking chair. Check out the whimsical medieval hat and the kiss me shirt !

YK270 Size about 48 inches tall Price:$59.95

    Each Collectible Plush Frog is numbered for a limited series.....Fun to collect for all Frog Lovers!!  
    Each Collectible Plush Frog is numbered to a limited series. These frogs sell at fine retail stores for $24.00, but you can purchase them from Frog Gifts for our low price. Or save even more and buy the whole sha-bang gang for an even lower price.      

  Jane Ponda

Go girl! She is ready to exercise and keep her body lean, green and Hoppy. Jane Pond is wearing a blue cotton aerobics outfit, pink leg-ums and wrist bands and a towel to help keep her dry. She has long red flowing hair in a removable pony holder.
Jane is the fittest frog in the pond!

Size: 13"


       Super Frogman

Look it's a plane, its a train no it's FROGMAN. Able to Leap tall cat tails in a single leap. He is wearing a cotton red outfit and a silk red and gold cape.
If you need help he is only a leap away.


    Wart C Wallstreet

This cute frog is an expert in stocks and ponds. He is toadilly sophisticated with his cotton pin striped suit and tie, briefcase and eye glasses that flip on and off his face.
Hip Hop it's off to work he goes.

Size: 13"


    Suzie Frog

Suzie Frog is all dressed up in her yellow and white checkered lace sunday dress with a matching bow in her hair. She cooks, cleans, does laundry and takes care of all the little tadpoles. Voted "Mother Croaker" of the year. Cute as can be.
She is waiting to skip right into your heart.


Order now while supplies last!... Cute...Cute...Cute.....

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