Leap to the head of the Class ! Froggy School Stuff Leap to the Head of the Class !

Jumbo Frog Clip

This adorable Jumbo Frog Clip with the soft Three-Dimensional little frog on top with a flower in her hair, will help you organize your papers. Its Oversized Metal Clip secures multiple papers. What a fun and unique teacher gift.

Size: 2.7" x 4.5"
frog paper clip      

  frog pen Hide-A-Pen-Frog & Key Chain

This little Pudgy Frog conceals in his adorable body, a Telescopic Pen. Just pull off the head and out emerges a fully functioning pen, ready for use. Watch out kids that Mommy doesn't borrow your Hide-A-Pen too much. She appreciates the fact that it is completely covered and protected from leaking out in her purse and ruining it with ink marks. In fact, buy her one for her next birthday. (Key Chain Attachment has a Lobster Claw Clip) A unique and fun way to stay organized for all!

Size: 5" T X 1-1/2" W

  Frog Pencil
Activity Pack

Let that special frog lover have this really cool froggy fun pack. Comes with one frog pencil, a sheet of frog stickers and 4 frog erasers. Great for teachers!

Rain Forest Frog Pencil Toppers

Each one of these cool rain forest frog pencils toppers will have your child hopping to class. Assorted colors.

Size: 2 1/2"

  Unique Frog Poison Dart Pen

This unique frog pen colored in green, has a big poison dart frog on its top. As you press the pen's head down to write, the frog on top spreads his 4 legs out in a "about to leap" position. You get this fun-filled leaping action with every stroke. It is amazing and amusing! (plastic protective cap on pen point) Assorted Colors.

Size: 7.25"
frog prince      

 frog pen Fighting Frogs Light-Up Pen

The happy boxing frog, iridescent in color, raises his red boxing gloves every time you push his controls in the back. He also lights up when you write. Make writing a load of fun with this fights and lights pen! Comes in its own individual attractive package--assorted colors--



 frog pen Frog "Bug in Bubble" Pen

On top of a colored plastic pen, sits a pudgy soft- material whimsical frog's head. Here's the action: Squeeze the head - - and out of its mouth comes a big black bubble- - look closely, and in its mouth you will spy his lunch- - -a Little Black Bug! Loads of fun for everyone! (plastic protective covering on pen point) Assorted Colors.



{pens} Frog Light-Up Pens
Set of 3

These darling light-up pens have moving eyes, and as you write their heads light up!

W-LUP030 $9.95


      Set of 12 Happy Frog Pencils

Adorable assorted frog pencils. Each one has cute happy frogs all over.

Set of 12

    frog memo pads Frog Memo Pads

Original, cool paintings, which depict colorful frogs, adorn the covers of each off these "Frog Design Memo Pads" --- White unlined note paper, on the inside----Perfect for party favors, school achievement rewards, office, phone messages, and reminders. Assorted Designs.

Size: Approx. 4" x 2"
Price:$2.90 Set of 12

Ceramic Pen Holder

Matching frog pen holder. Will keep your unique pen in a safe place. Hand painted ceramic style.


  Rain Forest Plastic
Book Markers

Mark your pages with these cute little book markers. Comes in assorted colors. 12 per package.

Price: $2.95

  Frog Wall Plaque

Want a "Froggy" look in your office or work space. Hang this large frog plaque up and everyone will compliment you. Gorgeous colors and very attractive. Assorted colors.

Size: 18" x 10" x 2"

  Frog With Malibou Pen

Cute frog on a spring is surrounded by bright green malibou. These are super cute.


  Froggie Lunch Bag

Bring something fun to school, office, park or picnic. It's a froggie lunch bag that will hold your lunch in whimsical style. It is fully insulated, has a Velcro closing, as well as a Velcro adjustable top handle for carrying. It is vivid green in color, with an adorable frog face, with a wide appealing grin and big bulging eyes that are separately applied which gives a raised effect. Go ahead and Wow the crowd, and keep 'em guessing as to what delicious lunch froggie is carrying.

Size:10.5"T x 6"W X 4" Depth
frog lunch bag      

    Frog Locker Caddy

Soft and plush Locker Pal for your notepad, pencils and pens. Contains mini spiral notebook, 3 printed pencils, 3 gel pens and a 6" ruler. Has a zipper closure.

Size: 22 " long
Price: $11.95

  Frog Magnet With Moveable Limbs

This is an adorable Frog Magnet with Moveable, Poseable Limbs. It is made of Shiny Poly Resin, in brilliant colors of green, yellow and orange. You will fall in love with his Magnetic Personality.

Size: 4" X 5"
frog magnet     

   Great Science Project    Grow a Live Frog  
      Grow A Frog

Grow-a-Frog kit contains everything you need to grow the amazing live Grow-a-Frog transparent tadpole into a little baby froglet. GROW-A-FROG kit includes a LIVE transparent Grow-a-Frog tadpole certificate, a mini-aquarium with deco plant and nutri-rocks, stage one tadpole food and spoon, a frog Fun & Fact handbook and a lifetime guarantee . Available in USA and CANADA Only!

Price: $19.95


Exciting & Educational
  Live Pet Tadpole       

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