Huggable Frogs  
  Mr. Softee Cutee Frog

The first thing you notice about our Mr.Softee, Cutee Frog is that who ever named him should be hoppy to know that he was absolutely correct. Just touch him and squeeze his belly and see his cute response. Now, just sit him down on a table and look into his big glowing eyes----Cute? You Bet!! He is a definite Must-Have for the Fun of it!

Size: 6.5" X 6"
 frog plush  

  frog stuffed animal Mr. Happy Frog With Large Embroidered Eyes

A lovely shade of lime green, this Mr. Happy Frog, with his contented wide grin, is absolutely Super Soft with Lots to Love! His Huge, Bulging, Embroidered Eyes make him especially lovable. You will make anyone happy with Mr. Happy Frog.

Size: 15" X 7"

  Scraggs The Frog in Sitting Pose w/String Tie

He wears a green string tie around his neck. His handcrafted details include large fleece hands and feet. All-in-all, Scraggs is incredibly cute and adorable, and unique in appearance. His huggability fluffiness, and softness, is a tribute to the talented artisans who created him. Makes a wonderful, whimsical gift.

Size: 16" X 6.5"
frog plush   

  frog stuffed toy Cuddles

Cuddles, our Fluffy Frog, is designed of super soft plush in colors of green for the body, a snowy white chest, and two large sparkling red eyes, with white eyebrows. He is incredibly soft and huggable, and the fluffiest of frogs! He is completely endearing and makes a wonderful gift Cuddles the Ribbeting Frog Cuddles, the Ribbeting Frog, is designed of super soft plush. He is predominately green in color except for a snowy white chest. He has large, sparkling red eyes, with white shaggy eyebrows. He is incredibly soft and huggable, and the fluffiest of frogs. One of Cuddle's main features is that when you press the little red tag, with the musical note , located on his chest, he ribbets--ribbets ribbets, delightfully!! Cuddles is a completely endearing little fellow, and makes a wonderful gift!

Size: 14.5" X 6"

  Softy Sitting Plush Frog

Super-Soft Plush Sitting Frog is an adorable cuddly stuffed animal toy designed with care. This sweet snuggly super soft plush frog makes an ideal gift for all ages and is simply an amazing plush to hold and hug. So soft, so cute and so fun is what makes this a very unique plush toy, gift and souvenir.

Size: 11" T X 7" W
frog plush  

  plush frog Hug-A-Frog

Hug a frog is an adorable cuddly stuffed animal toy designed with care. This sweet snuggly plush frog makes an ideal gift for all ages and is simply an amazing plush to hold and hug. So soft, so cute and so fun is what makes this a very unique plush toy, gift and souvenir.

Size: 6"

  Plush Frog Bank

Plush Bank Frog is a colorful cute unique design, made of a soft material, and is a great functional gift & toy. Hug your money while enjoying the company of your new plush friend.

Size: 7.5" L X 5" T
frog bank Plush  

  frog plush princess Ring -A-Ling Frog

Super cute frog that actually holds your earrings. Put your earrings through the hole in the froggys hand and put the backing on and you have a safe place! has the word Jewels embroidered on its belly. Assorted colors.

Size: 18"

    singing frog "Singin' in the Rain" Frog

Plush Animated Singin' & Dancin' Frog Press the foot of this delightful singin' frog and you're in for an incredible treat. The frog literally comes to life, singing and tapping his foot to the famous Gene Kelly lyrics. He is absolutely adorable. Dressed in a shiny Green hooded rain slicker, while belting out his song, he twirls a colorful poker-dotted umbrella, which moves in time with the music. Simply Sensational. 3 AA Batteries Included

Size: 11.5"tall X 7"wide

  Froggy, The School-Boy Frog Doll

You will be absolutely enthralled when you first encounter this colorful and charming "Froggy, " the school-boy doll. All dressed up in his nifty school uniform, white shirt, red suspenders,green and black plaid shorts and red,white&blue footwear, he is more than ready for his first day at school. You won't be able to resist giving a snuggle and a hug to his soft,cuddly body, as off to school he goes, with a big, big, smile on his face.

Size: 11"
frog boys doll  

    pink frog Pinky Frog

Pinky is one super cute pink frog. She has large eyes on top of the head and she is accented with a pink bow.

Size: 14"

    green plush frog Teddy Frog

Teddy Frog is one super cute frog. He has large eyes on top of the head and he is accented with a pink bow.

Size: 14"

    plush frog Ms. Sweet And Sassy Frog

Hold on to your hats. Here she is: Ms. Sweet And Sassy Frog,,..... Super-Sized and fashioned in yellowish.-green. Ms. Sassy is so unique, you have you be aware of her detailing. First, check out the eyes. Look carefully and you will see that those big black shinny eyes and set into a surrounding circle of tiny yellow hearts on a pink background. Not so subtle but just as exciting is her hot ping glitter mouth, hands, and feet. They are a wow contrast to the basic green color. Now for the zinger: A patch of the same hot pink glitter material is sewn right in the middle of her body, with a silver framed red glowing crystal heart attached to it. No better gift for Valentines Day ,or any day that you want to impress that special someone how much you love them.

Size: 22"

  red frog Free Toes Red Frog

Free Toes Frog is a Red Frog, with a Yellow chest and foot-pads, White eye-backgrounds, and embroidered Blue eyes and Black mouth.


    frog teddy bear Rain Forest Frog Bear

Rain forest frog Teddy bear. Super cute and super froggy.

Size: 8"

  Toadally Beachy Frogs

Lets get ready to go to the beach with or cool toadally beachy frogs. She is holding a beach ball and wearing her two piece bikini. He is wearing his flowered swimming trunks and sporting an inter-tube and his snorkeling gear.

Size: 10"


  NEW ITEM Hoppy Frog

Toadally cool shimmering prismatic plush frog. Super soft and cuddly. Will be a favorite. Colors amy vary.

Size: 13"
 plush frog

    stuffed animal frog Funky Little Plush Frog (For Girls Only)

OK Girls here's your own little personal soft-soft frog. It has an embroidered front which reads: "GIRLS HAVE MORE FUN"--How cool is that? It has a colorful floral design mixture of pink, green, purple and yellow. You'll love him and so will your girlfriends.

Size: 6" Tall


Slumpter is laid-back, relaxed and loving life! Yellow and brown spotted pond frog with white belly. Complete with kid-cool "frog tags".

Large Size 18"H


    plush frog Swirly Plush Frogs

We bring you the Plushiest of the Plushiest....The most Colorful of the Colorful....The Softest of the Softest...In Other Words: Top Shelf--Beautifully Crafted Plush Stuffed Frogs! The colors just jump out at you. The quality of the plush is top-grade. They are cuddly and squishable beyond belief. Four gorgeous colors: green, blue, orange and pink make up the assortment. Each adorable frog has movable, floppy arms and legs, which are color coordinated to the multi-color swirly print on his pudgy belly. Each comes with a matching ribbon around his neck. You will absolutely love these little guys--Guaranteed! Collect all four colors. Please select color preference, below.

Price:$14.95 Each

  Froggy Bean Bag

Super soft little bean bag, great party favors.


  Happy Birthday Plush Frog

Ready to send one lucky person the ultimate in birthday wishes? Skip the card and send instead our Happy Birthday Froggy. He is the most adorable, super soft plush little froggy, with big round glistening beaded eyes. He carries the Birthday Wish on top of his head across the front of his red felt, tassel attached, hat.. "Happy Birthday" is embroidered in gold lettering. What an exciting way to send Birthday Wishes. The little froggy will prove to be a lifetime keepsake.

Size: 5"
frog birthday      

  frog plush Karrimee Frog in Pink Heart Purse

Super Soft and Sweet is our little froggy who has his wish to be carried around in style, granted. He is carried around in a Pink little Purse with six embroidered glistening hearts decorating the front and back. The Purse also has a glistening handle. Perched inside comfortably is our little froggy. He is predominately green in color with big shiny eyes ,embedded in white plush. His mouth and front of his body is also white. He wears a green ribbon around his neck. Both the adorable purse and spoiled froggy can be used separately. The froggy is completely removable. Together, however, they make a stunning duo.

Size: 8"

  Little Ballerina Frog Dressed In Pink

Absolutely charming is this little soft plush froggy all dressed up in her ballerina finery. She wears a skirt of pink netting topped with a satin bodice decorated with two rosebuds on an insert of lace. In her hair are two more rosebuds attached to a pink ribbon cascading down her back. Truly adorable and a must-have for all the ballerina enthusiasts.

frog balllerina     

  Super Soft Plush Flapper Frog

This Super Soft, Lots to Snuggle, Flapper Frog. He is. sized-just -right for cuddling, large enough for plenty hugs and kisses. His endearing face possesses glistening big eyes. He is predominately green in color with a white mouth and chest for contrast. When you're through caressing his sweet and soft fluffiness, put him to sleep right next to you in your bed. He makes a wonderful stuffed toy for your bedroom.

Size: 11.5"T x 9" W
 sitting plush frog    

  frog stuffed animal Green Chenille Plush Froggy

Super Soft -- Super Cuddly -- Super Sensational, is this adorable little Froggy. He is made of soothing chenille plush in inviting colors of dark green and white. Your child will be thrilled to carry him around as his very own pet. His bulging, bright glass eyes and his flopability, as well as his hugability, makes him a Super Charmer!!

Size: 8"T x 9.5" W

  Bungee Frog

Hold the bungee cord in your hand as your frog does the bungee dive.


poison dart frog Poison Dart Frog Plush

The poison dart frog is one of the most toxic frogs of the South American rainforest. These are very realistic looking and made of soft plush. Assorted colors.

Size: 8"
Price:$9.95 Each
poison dart frog

  Prince Frog With Wrap-Around Scarf

Fashioned in a very soft plush is our Super-Sized Prince Frog. He is predominately lime green in color with a yellow mouth, stitched black eyes and nose for contrast. He wears a green striped scarf around his neck with his name, "Prince", embroidered in green and framed in yellow. The bottom of his feet also have embroidered detail. He is of fine quality and is certain to make you smile!Available in two sizes 16" and 9".

W-GW0016 Size: 16" $18.95
W-GW0009 Size: 9" $8.95
 frog prince plush    

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