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    frog rocking chair Fergie Frog Rocking Fun Chair

Fergie Frog, the Rocking Fun Toy, is the new Rockin' Toy Sensation! Pure Delight is in store for every toddler who hops along on this whimsical hoppin' fun frog! He is designed for comfort and safety, from his soft, sturdy, padded seat, sides, and high back, to his natural wooden base, and easy-grip wooden handles. He is constructed of soft, luxury plush material, which is sponge-washable. An absolute joy to behold with his dynamic colorful appearance. He is light green and yellow with big bulging eyes, big red embroidered cheeks, red embroidered nose and mouth, and a big red neckerchief tied around his neck. Sure to become an instant favorite!! Bonus---Press his velvety hand and Fergie responds with "Ribbit"-"Ribbit". Recommended for children 18 months to 4 Yrs.
Size: 23.5"L X 12"W X 17.5" H
Price $92.95

    frog wind up Happy Hopper Wind-Up Froggy

Talk about adorable and fun to feel and play with. This little green, very soft to the touch, Happy Hopper Wind-Up Froggy, made of a rubberized chenille type of material, with two big bulging eyes, is sure to please kids of all ages. Makes the greatest party favor: Just wind him up and watch his all body shiver and shake as he hops around. These special frogs do more than leap. They shimmer, shake, dart, and dance when you wind them up, all the time movin’ to the grovin’. The soft rubbery spike just add to the fun.

Size: 3.75" X 2.5"
Price $1.95

    Happy Hopping Frog Robot Mini Solar Kit

Build It Yourself-------An Educational Robot Mini Solar Kit. The Kit includes complete parts and instructions for building the Happy Hopping Frog. Loads of Educational and Fun Activity. (Recommended for ages 10 and up) Here is the action almost comical, this little green amphibian friend leaps with a joyful sense of freedom. Using its hind legs and rubber feet, Happy Hopping Frog jiggles its eyes as a dog would wag its tail acknowledging its love and appreciation to its owner.
Size: 2.6" x 1.8" x 1.7"
Price $17.95
frog solar kit  

    frog racing toy Fast- Lane Racing Rainforest Frogs

Ready, Set, Pull-----That's all you have to do to get your Fast-Lane Racing Frogs to Spring into Action. They are operated with a Pull Cord Type Mechanism, Place them on a smooth surface and be prepared to watch the Zippy Action of these beautiful Rainforest Frogs.
Size: 3.5" L x 1.5" T
Price $5.95 Each

    Watch it G R O W !

Just drop this very pretty frog in a gallon or more of water and it 'grows.' Holy Goliath Frog ! Takes about 48 hours to reach max size so it's quite entertaining.

Size 3" (before it grows at all)
Price $2.95
frog necklace  

  frog swimmer Blue Wind Up Swimmer Frog

Wind up this cool transparent blue tree frog and watch him swim. It is like having a real frog swimming around. Super cool and a great party favor, stocking stuffer.

frog hopper toy Red and Blue Wind Up Hopper

Wind up the cute little frog and watch him hop around your pond. He is super cute and a great give away, stocking stuffer or party favors.


  frog bubble necklace Frog Bubble Necklace
With Whistle

Froggy bubbles are great for party favors, weddings, and frog celebrations of all kinds! The cap of this adorable frog is a whistle, it's a necklace to. The kids can run out of bubbles but not run out of fun.


  frog squeaking toy Plastic Squeaking Frog

These colorfully designed, "Plastic Squeaking Frogs", activate by pressing their undersides. Just press, and listen to them squeak. Assorted styles and colors.

Size: 3"
Price:$4.85 FOR ALL 6

  frog jump rope Froggy Jump Rope

These cute frogs will have you hoppin for hours. You and your friends can see who can leap the longest. Assorted colors.

Standard size

  frog magnet Wiggle Frog Magnet

This cool frog magnet legs and arms wiggle around from the springs in its body. It is to cute. Put these magnets anywhere to add the frogginess in your life.Assorted colors.

  frog magnet  

    flying frog Flying Frog Sling Shot

Flying Frog Slinger! Pull back and let it fly! Hear the frog scream as it flies through the air. Tons of fun for all ages.

Size: 9"

  parachute frog Parachute Frog

Hop Into Parachute Frog Fun The Frog Parachutist can create instant fun for all your party guests. The frog parachutist is a fun and entertaining favor that you can't go wrong with! 1½ long frog parachutist. Made of plastic. Real parachute action! Ideal prizes for your next Frog party or religious event. We have the party favors that your guests will love, at prices you'll love even more!

Size:2 1/2"
Price:$0.45 each
 parachute frog    

  flashing frog Flashing Frog

Push these frogs and they start flashing all sorts of cool colors.

Size: 4"
Price:$3.45 each

  Extra - Large Squeaking Frog

Our Biggest Squeaky Frogs ! No Bull - it's a squeaky bullfrog ! These gals are 'life like' size about 5 inches long.. just like a real bullfrog. If you don't have a pet bullfrog may be suggest one of these vinyl varieties instead...they won't bug you cause they won't eat a thing. Styles may vary in colors and styles as pictured.

Size: 5"
Price:$3.95 Each
squeaking frog

  frog visor Frog Visor

Froggy Visors. How "ribet-ing!" Each of our bug-eyed cotton visors has an adjustable band.

Size: 9".


  Rain Forest Frog Pencil Toppers

Each one of these cool rain forest frog pencils toppers will have your child hopping to class. Assorted colors.

Size: 2 1/2"
Price:$0.95 each

  Mini Plastic Frogs

Cute little miniature frogs. Great for give a-ways and party favors.

one dozen
Size:1 1/4"

    Large Squeaking Frog

You will have tons of fun with these oversized squeaking frogs. Assorted designs and colors.

Size: 3"
Price:$2.25 each

    rubber frog toy  Rubber Froggie

This adorable little rubbery frog is a joyful gift enjoyed by all. He features bulging eyes, a red heart-shaped tongue and a freckled little body--Special Bonus--Squeeze him and he will respond with a friendly squeal. Great as a party favor for children's parties, baby showers, charity functions, classroom incentives and behavioral rewards.

Size: 2" frog

  frog bath toy Three Frogs in a Frog Tub

Mama Frog holds her three little baby frogs in her tub-shaped body. They can all play-rub-a-dub-dub in the family tub. The pool, or any place they can float and have fun. Lots of enjoyment for everyone. Frogs are made of soft pliable plastic in dark green with white eyes. Set includes 4 pieces.

Size:7" L x 5" W - 3 Baby frogs are 2" Long.

  Frog Puzzle In Capsules

Each 2 1/2" capsule contains a 2 1/4" assorted puzzle. (18 pcs. per puzzle) Instructions included. Super cool!


Frog Puzzable

Look at this tree frog. It is a puzzle! Just take it apart and try to put it back together again. It is a brain teaser. Hours of fun! Assorted colors.

Size: 4"

  flip frog Flip The Frog

Here's a fun frog action toy! Wind up this little green plastic frog, and he starts doing back flips. Sometimes he lands on his face or his back, but if you try him on several different surfaces you should be able to get him to flip completely over and land on his feet.

Size: 2" tall

  frog wind up swimmer Tubby Frog Wind-Up Swimmer Toy

This is the largest in our series of wind-up swimmers. Tubby paddles, kicks and swims when you wind him up. He is green with black markings and has iridescent yellow back legs. Lots of fun!

Size:5" long

  frog wind up swimmer Little Swimmer Frog Wind-Up Toy

Our swimmer frog wind-up is from our collection of swimming frogs. He is one of our best swimmers because he moves both his front and back legs. Also, he happens to be the most handsome of swimmers. His green iridescent body has painted yellow stripes on his back. His legs are of green chrome. He is a champion in all respects.

Size:3" long

  frog wind up swimmer Green Swimmer w/ Purple Spots Wind-Up Toy

This little swimming frog wind-up in our collection has his own style of swimming. He's a little slow because he doesn't use his back legs at all while doing his crawl stroke. But, cute he still is--with his green plastic body, purple spots and wiggly eyes. Collect all of our little frog swimmers in our collection of wind-ups!

Size:4" long

    frog key chain  Hand Painted Wood Key Chains

Assorted frog key chains. Each one is hand painted and beautifully detailed. Assorted colors.

Price:$1.95 each

  Pull String Water Toy

Just pull this string and watch your frog toy swim like a real frog. Just adorable. Great for bath time and pools. Splish splash!!

Size: 6"

    Splat! Frog

Splat! Squish... ooze... This really sticky frog has a cold sticky-feeling skin. Just throw him against a wall or and he'll go splat! Then watch him slowly ooze down to the floor. His body is super-stretchy rubber, so he's lots of fun to play with. Caution: Toy can break if handled roughly. May stain wood or other finished surfaces.

Size: About 3" wide

  Spotted Plush Frogs

Cute little 4" plush spotted frogs in bright florescent colors. Colors will vary.

Set of 3

  Vinyl Frog With Webbed Feet

Three cute vinyl frogs with webbed feet. The kids will have hours of fun. Size 2". Colors may vary.

Set of 3
Price:$2.45 each

  Puzzle Vehicle 16 Piece Set

Battery operated vehicle set. Put the cute frog on the log on to this track and watch him go like a train set. 8 interchangeable puzzle blocks, 6 accessories and 1 battery operated frog on the log vehicle. The puzzle has over 50 different layouts through appropriate assembling. Battery included.



  Frog Finger Puppets

Put this cute plastic frog puppet on your finger and have hours of entertainment. They are great for story telling and great party favors.

Size:2 3/4 "
Price:$0.60 each
Huggable Inflatable Frogs

Strap these cute inflatable frogs around your neck or arm. They have velcro on their hands for easy strapping. Give them a squeeze and listen to them squeak. Assorted colors. CUTE! CUTE! CUTE!

Size: 30" L
Price:$3.95 each

     Colorful Frog Finger Puppets

Great idea--great fun--great entertainment for young and old. Pop one of these beautifully decorated, colorful little frog puppets on as many fingers as you like, And....Instant Enjoyment! They are made of stretchy rubber material and come in an assortment of awesome colors. Get some fun froggy fingers Soon! Assorted colors.
Size: 1.5"
Price:$1.45 Set of 3

  Wiggly Eye Frog Rings

Eye catching frog rings that have wiggly eyes. Just adorable. Assorted colors.

Set of 4

Frog Discovery Putty

Stretch it..Bounce it..and discover a colorful frog inside. Packed in a reusable plastic container. This amber colored putty contains a big colorful dart frog.

Small Discovery Putty

Stretch it..Bounce it..and discover a colorful frog inside. Packed in a reusable plastic container. Colors will vary.

Size:2"D x 1" H

  Icky Sticky Frogs

Icky sticky frogs are 3" and are very gooey.
Assorted colors.

Set of 6
Puddy Eyes Frog

Squeeze these adorable little frogs and watch the puddy ooze out their eyes. Let go and their eyes go back to normal.

Size: 1 1/2"
Price:$0.95 each

Water Slippers

Watch them slip through your hands. So slippery they feel wet.


      Frog Sipper Cup

Adorable colorful plastic frog sipper cup. Comes in assorted colors and great for that special frog lover and great party favors.


  frog ring Frog Glitter Rings

These very attractive glitter frog rings with wiggly eyes, make adorable party favors. They are made of silver painted plastic which actually resembles a metal ring. The plastic material stretches to accommodate different ring sizes. Both fashionable and fun! Comes in assorted great colors

Price:$2.75 Set of 6

    frog clicker Frog Clicker

Press the underside of this adorable "Little Plastic Frog Clicker" and watch this froggie open his mouth as he click, click, clicks. Lots of Fun. Assorted colors.

Size: Approx. 1.5" L
Price:$2.75 Set of 6

  frog toy Frogs With Pop Out Eyes

Squeeze the head of these adorable, colorful little frogs and watch as their big bulging eyes pop right out of their head. Lots of fun, and a real crowd pleaser. Assorted colors.

Price:$2.25 Set of 3

  frog plastic cup Plastic Frog-Shape Cup with Straw

An adorable Froggy Cup in vibrant red with yellow cap & attached bendable straw. It has big bulging eyes, a whitebig-grinned mouth, blue feet, and yellow markings throughout. It is decorative. Functional and fun.

Size: 5" 12 oz.

frog party favor Neon Frog Pop-Up

Push these cool neon frogs head and he will pop up. Lots of fun and laughs. Comes in an assortment of cool neon colors.

{pop-up favor}frog party favor

Frog Pop-up

Push down on the frogs head and he will pop up.
lots of fun and laughs
Great party favor.

Price: $0.40 each


Squeeker Frog

Cute plastic squeeker frog. Just squeeze this frog and listen to him squeak.

Size: 3"
Price:$2.50 each

Natures Bouncers

Bounce these life-like balls and watch how they go!
Colors and style may vary.

Price:$1.95 each

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