Frog Picture Frames  
  frog frame Frog Holding Heart Shape Frame

Showcase a special photo in this iridescent green frog-shaped picture frame. Holds a 2" x 3" picture. Porcelain Frog Picture Frame will add a vibrant touch to your home or office decor.


  frog picture frame Froggy Picture Frame

This cute green frog will hold your special picture. Put your froggy memories in this hoppy joyful picture frame !

W-RH130 Holds standard 4 x 6 pics
Price $9.95

    Blue Polka-dots Frog Frame

"You are from above" Picture Frame Spiritually inspired from the Book of James, Chapter One Verse 17.(1:17) Place a photo in this beautiful picture frame and jump for joy ! Cute green enamel frog will hold your favorite little photo. Hand-painted ceramic. Holds 4" x 6" photo.

Size: 7.5"H x 9"W
frog picture frame    

    frog picture frame Pink And Green Shelf-Sitting
Frog Picture Frame

Frame your special loved one is this adorable shelf-sitting froggy frame. The resin frog is wearing a pink poka-dot bow and flip flops. On the lower corner sits a cute dragonfly. His two 3" legs dangel freely. Holds a 2.5" x 2.5" picture.

Size:4" X 4"

    baby frog picture frame Blue And Green Shelf-Sitting
Frog Picture Frame

Frame your special loved one is this adorable shelf-sitting froggy frame. The resin frog is wearing a blue bow and flip flops. On the lower corner sits a cute dragonfly. His two 3" legs dangel freely. Holds a 2.5" x 2.5" picture.

Size:4" X 4"

  frog picture frame  Checkered Glazed Ceramic Picture Frame

Perched in the corner of this beautiful Black & White Checkered Picture Frame, is the Frog Prince. He is light green in color, wears a crown, and has the most fetching combination of jewels and crystal red sparkling eyes. In the opposite corner on top, we have a beige colored dragonfly. The entire unique Frog Picture Frame is created in a superior heavy weight glazed ceramic. Truly Impressive!!! .

Size:9" T X 7.5" W (Holds a 6" x 5" picture)

  frog frame Happy Frog Picture Frame

A great froggy frame for a favorite photo! .Handpainted raised ceramic frame. Insert oval holds 3.5" x 5 " photograph


  resin frog picture frame Three Frogs, Flowers and Mushrooms
Picture Frame

Hand painted resin picture frame has two frogs and a lizard which is surrounded by a beautiful nature scene. Holds a 3 1/2"x2 1/2" picture.

Size: 5 1/4"x4 1/2"
Price: $14.95

  Carved Wood Frog Photo Frame

A serious looking carved frog in shades of green and white, diligently performs his task. He holds up a handsome green , wooden frame, with splashes of brown, which coordinate with the exposed frog's feet. Since this piece is all carved, it presents an interesting and lovely piece of art, appreciated by all, but especially the frog lover.

Size: 9.5" X 5" (Holds a 4" X 6" Picture)
frog wooden picture frame  

  frog photo frame Metallic Iridescent Green Frog Picture Frame

A unique combination of scrolling and iridescent metallic designing, leads to this incredibly attractive Picture Frame. The two green metal iridescent 3-D Frogs, which line each side of the frame, mingling with 3-D blossoms, hug the center metal framing. It is truly a well designed, beautiful Frame.

Size: 7.5" X 6" (Holds a 3.5" X 5" Picture)

  Large White Sculptured Frame With Large Ornate Frog

This frame is absolutely an eye-catching delight from any angle. On a White Sculptured Frame, a most gorgeous lime -green glistening beaded and crystal frog, with silver accented feet, is perched along its side and top. All the jeweled accents are coordinated in design and color to complement the entire piece. Truly, a beautiful frame.

Size: 8.5" X 7.75" (Holds a 4" X 6" Picture)
frog picture frame  

  frog picture frame Tree Frog 3-D Picture Frame-Aqua Blue

A beautiful Tree Frog Picture Frame, designed with 3-D colorful Tree Frogs along its side and bottom, is truly a stunning piece. The frame, made of poly resin, is aqua-blue in color. The two Tree Frogs which line the bottom and right side of the frame, are mingling among an array of brilliantly colored flowers, (also in 3-D).

Size: 8" X 6" (Holds a 6" X 4" Picture)

  fishing frog photo frame  Frog Fisherman Photo Frame

This is a Hand-Crafted, Hand Painted realistically detailed, rustic, sportsman's frame. It depicts a 3-Dimentional Frog Fisherman reeling in his catch of 3-D fish on a white fishing line which stretches across the entire frame. Everything on the frame, including lily pad leafs, nailed wooden planks, poles with wrapped around rope and rod and reel, are all designed in 3-D life-like detail. What a wonderful frame for your frog enthusiast fisherman.

Size:7" T X 9" W (Holds a 4" x 6" picture)

    Frog On Side Photo Frame

An aged, distressed wood looking photo frame, with beautiful silver frog perched along its side, is perfect for displaying your treasured photo. Two silver leafs enhance the bottom of the frame. An elegant but casual gift for the frog enthusiast, or a gift to yourself!

Size: (Holds a 3.5" x 5" picture)
frog photo frame      

  frog picture frame Frog On Top Photo Frame

This is a beautiful, unique Photo Frame. It is designed to enhance your treasured photo in a casual yet elegant frame. Crafted with the look of aged, distressed wood, upon which is perched a realistic silver frog, reclining on the top, the frame is a perfect backdrop for that favorite photo. Two silver leafs also enhance the bottom of the frame. For gift-giving to that enthusiastic frog collector, or a treat to yourself.

Size: (Holds a 3.5" x 5" picture)

  Lilly Pads & Frogs Picture Frame

So whimsical and so different is this eye-catching picture frame, embellished with happy-go-lucky- frogs, all perfectly at home on their Lilly Pads. With great grins and straight-out laughter, you want to make your treasured photo part of the fun, these yellow-bellied, glistening eyed froggies are having.

Size: (Holds a 3" x 5" picture)
picture frame      

  frog picture frame Cute as they Come Froggy Photo Frame

A delightfully designed frame, with 14. identical, adorable froggies all along the edges. They are painted in transparent shades of green, with red and white trim. A joyous way to display your treasured pictures.

Size: 5.5" L X 4.5" W (Holds a 3.25" X 4.5" Picture)

  Green Glossy Frog Photo Frame

Absolutely stunning unique frog photo frame, finished in a lustrous brilliant green, light-weight resin. It depicts two frogs , with gold-balled feet, guarding the outer and bottom edge of the frame. They are delightful to look at, each with its own character.........a truly unique and attractive frame!!!

Size: 8.5" T X 8" W (Holds a 4" X 6" Picture)
frog picture frame  

  frog photo frame Frog River Rock Frame

This unique Frog Picture Frame is designed with two elements: frogs and river rock...a perfect, unusual, and interesting blend. The dark, natural colored river rock, surrounds the entire edge of this beautiful frame, in several layers. Three lovely green, vibrantly glazed ceramic frogs adorn three corners of the frame, resting on the equally shiny finish river rock. What a perfect setting for your treasured photograph!!!

Size:9" T X 7" W (Holds a 4" X 6" Picture)

  Photo Frame Wooden Pencil / Pen Holder

A handcrafted wooden pencil/pen holder, decorated with a lovely decorated green wooden frog sitting on top, has a unique feature: Cut out of the front of the box is a round-shaped picture frame to insert a photo of your choice. The box, itself, is further decorated on front and sides with pretty painted lily pads.

Size: 6.5" T X 4.25" L X 2.5" W (Holds a 2.5" Diameter Picture)
wooden frog photoframe  

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