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   Swamp Party Napkins  Swamp Party Lunch Napkins

QTY 16 per pack
Swamp Party Napkins Swamp Party Beverage Napkins

QTY 16 per pack


  Swamp Party Cups Swamp Party 9 oz Cups

QTY 8 per pack
Swamp Party Table Cover Swamp Party Table Cover

Size: 54" x 108"

     Swamp Party InvitesSwamp Party Invites Swamp Party Invitations

QTY 8 per pack

  frog party hat Swamp Party Hat

Party ...On... all you frog lovers. Place this cone-shaped Frog Party Hat on your head, and let the fun begin. The front of this colorful hat, has a frog, cut-out feature. It makes the frog appear to want to jump out and join the party. Elastic string on bottom to hold hat in place.

Size: 7"
Price $3.95 Set of 8

  Swamp Party Banner Swamp Party Banner

Size: 8" Tall x 54" Wide
 Swamp Party Banner

  frog banner Super-Size Swamp Party Banner

Ultra-Super-Sized is this colorful "Swamp Party", ceiling or wall decoration. It is one Festive-Looking Banner. The blue transparent plastic background, holds all kinds of various cardboard tags like pictures of frogs, and "Party" signs , which hang from the banner. Can't miss where this party is being held. Certain to put everyone in a party-mood!

Size: 10 FT, 12" Long x 12" Wide
Price $4.95

  Froggy Party Luch Napkins Colorful Froggy Luncheon Napkins

QTY 16 per pack
Frog Gifts Lunch Napkins Cover Colorful Frog Cocktail Napkins

Pack of 16

  frog paper plates Froggie Gifts Paper Party Plate

A most colorful,delightful Froggie. wearing a red party hat is seated on a Lilly pad, surrounded by brightly wrapped gifts attached to three large balloons---so much festive fun--- He wears an enormous smile, as he beckons everyone to the Big Party!! The plates are dinner sized, 8 3/4 in., sturdy, and come in packages of 8.

Size: 8 - 3/4 " 8 / pkg.
Price $5.25

frog beverage napkins  Froggie Gifts Paper Beverage Napkins
To complete the fun ensemble, beverage napkins are also available. They are also of course matching, and are 2 ply--18 to a package--sized 9 4/5 in x9 3/4 in.
QTY 18 per pack
Size: 9 4/5" x9 3/4 "

Frog Lunch Napkins Froggie Gifts Paper Lunch Napkins
Matching Froggie Gifts Lunch Napkins in identical Froggie Party Print, come in packages of 18. They are of 2 ply strength, sized 12 7/8in X 12 3/4in.

QTY 18 per pack
Size: 12 7/8" X 12 3/4"


green paper plate Frog Green Paper Party Plates

In search of the perfect solid green party plate? Look no further----available in both dessert and luncheon size---we have them available in "Ribbit Green", a bright, vivid green color to blend with all your froggie accessories. Dessert Size: 7"--24 Plates per package Luncheon Size::9"--20 Plates per package

Dessert Plate 24/pkg W-WM1734 $2.45
Luncheon Plate 20/pkg. W-WM1735

  frog tablecloth Frog Plastic Tablecloth

A very colorful, festive Plastic Frog Tablecloth will be a welcome addition to every party situation or just for general use. It has a vivid royal blue background, upon which, green spotted realistic frogs congregate. Really very attractive and practical as well.

Size: 54" x 108"
Price $4.95

  frog confetti Frog Confetti

Or should we say "Frogfetti"........Ready to Toss and Shower delighted guests......Lots of fun..........

Size: Package size : 6" x 4" -- 1 Cup
Price $9.95
frog confetti  

  frog thank you cards Frog Thank You Cards

Fairytale Pricess Frog Thank You Cards ! Beautiful pastel colors ! Adorable princess frog with crown picture makes all of your thank you's regal special

Set of 8 cards and 8 envelopes
Price $4.95

  frog beverage napkins Frog Beverage Sized Napkins

Whether it's Hoppy Hour or you simply have a lot of thirsty froggy frineds - these beautiful pastel colored frog Princess beverage napkin will keep everyone in hoppy spirits !

Set of 16 / 5 inch quality napkins
Price $3.75

  frog napkins Holiday King Frog Luncheon Napkins

The King & Queen are on Holiday. The King has hung his crown on the edge of a floating Lilly pad, as he sips a soda and floats away. The Queen is equally at ease as she also reclines on a floating Lilly pad, catching flies. The napkins come 20 to package, are double-sided, and made of high-quality luxury paper. Fun & Functional-

Set of 20/ 6.5" x 6.5" quality napkins
Price $5.95

  King Frog Luncheon Napkins

Large size Luncheon King Frog Napkins, 20 to package. The artwork is extremely colorful. It depicts a regal, yet jovial frog, wearing his crown, sitting on a big round ball, in a Spring Garden of gorgeous flowers. Printed on high-quality luxury paper.

Set of 20/ 6.5" x 6.5" quality napkins
Price $5.95
frog napkins  

   frog gift wrap frog gift wrap  frog gift wrap Hoppy Frogs Gift Wrap

Adorable frog flat sheet party wrap. Wrap up that special frog gift with this Hoppy Frog Wrap.

Two Sheets

  frog ribbon Decorating Frog Ribbon

Here we have a double row of frog ribbon to enjoy decorating your packages etc., with. The ribbon is pale yellow in background, with a little green frog and red daisy. It is a grosgrain ribbon and capable of curling, if desired. Have fun and decorate, decorate!

Size: 5/8" -- 27 Yards
Price $24.95

  frog straw Froggy Straws

An attractive set of 4 plastic drinking straws, light green in color, with an adorable little smiling frog clutching its round belly, seated on top of the straw.

Straw Size: 9.5" Long - - 1.5" x 2" Wide Frog
Price $2.95 Set Of 4

  frog picks Frog Puffy Picks

These colorful green Frog Puffy Picks have versatile uses. They can be used for picking up hors d'oeuvres, cheese balls, olives, etc. Another great use is to insert them into your cake creations, especially cup cakes, as a charming and distinctive topping. They are made of sturdy plastic, easy to clean, and completely re-usable. They come in 3 designs, each one, eye-catching.

Size: 3" Tall
Price $3.95 Set of 12

  frog cup cake ring Frog Puffy Rings

These Frog Puffy Rings are sooooo cute and ready to be put atop your cakes, especially cup cakes ,to enchant all your guests. They are made of green, easy to clean, reusable, colorful plastic. They come in 3 designs: all with.. yellow eyes and big grins, 2, with blue bottoms & 1 with a little hair bow. Get set for the compliments. Tip:The kids can wear it as a ribbit ring--

Size: 1.5"
Price $3.95 Set of 6

  Mini Frog Adjustable Rings

Little frog faces, with smiling bulging eyes, and big friendly grins, are anxious to adorn your fingers. They are simply adorable,and come in glistening shades of pink, green and blue. They are adjustable to fit your size.

Size: 3/4"
Price $2.95 Set of 6
frog rings  

  frog cake topper Pop Tops Frog Cake Toppers

Different, Glittery, and Fun-filled, these Frog Pop Top Cake Toppers are ready to put atop your cakes. Wait for all the WOWS! On a glistening blue water background, three little colorful frogs, in different sizes and positions, with individual expressions, are all frolicking in their own frog pond---a really delightful happy scene! Your guests will enjoy the cake topper, as much as the cake. These popular toppers are made from plastic, completely reusable.

Size: 4.5" Round
Price $3.95 Set of 3

    frog lollipop Green Frog-Hugger Lolli-Pop

These are the most Perfect Party Favors Ever. Imagine your little guests receiving a multi-colored--multi-flavored spiral shaped lolli on a big long stick-At the very top of the stick, sits an adorable, colorful little plush froggie who is embracing all the delicious flavors in his soft caressing arms. An exciting treat, even if you just want to treat yourself!

Size: 11" Lolli-Pop, 4" Plush Frog

  Blue Frog-Hugger Lolli-Pop

These are the most Perfect Party Favors Ever. Imagine your little guests receiving a multi-colored--multi-flavored spiral shaped lolli on a big long stick-At the very top of the stick, sits an adorable, colorful little plush froggie who is embracing all the delicious flavors in his soft caressing arms. An exciting treat, even if you just want to treat yourself!

Size: 11" Lolli-Pop, 4" Plush Frog
frog lollipop      

    frog lollipop Pink Frog-Hugger Lolli-Pop

These are the most Perfect Party Favors Ever. Imagine your little guests receiving a multi-colored--multi-flavored spiral shaped lolli on a big long stick-At the very top of the stick, sits an adorable, colorful little plush froggie who is embracing all the delicious flavors in his soft caressing arms. An exciting treat, even if you just want to treat yourself!

Size: 11" Lolli-Pop, 4" Plush Frog

  Purple Frog-Hugger Lolli-Pop

These are the most Perfect Party Favors Ever. Imagine your little guests receiving a multi-colored--multi-flavored spiral shaped lolli on a big long stick-At the very top of the stick, sits an adorable, colorful little plush froggie who is embracing all the delicious flavors in his soft caressing arms. An exciting treat, even if you just want to treat yourself!

Size: 11" Lolli-Pop, 4" Plush Frog
frog lollipop      

  gummy frog Froggy Picture Frame !

You won't frog-et this birthday ! Put your froggy memories in this hoppy joyful picture frame !

W-RH130 Holds a standard 4 x 6 picture
Price $9.95

Frog Party Gift Bag Hoppy Birthday Gift Bag

Wrap it up with party frogs! This cute frog gift bag is a heavyweight glossy paper, decorated with green frogs wearing polka dot party hats. Has cute little frogs all over with bright colorful polka dots. Also has an attached card that says HOPPY BIRTHDAY! Sizes: X-Large Bag 12" x 11" . Large Bag 9" x 8". Medium Bag 6" x 5"

Extra Large Size
Large Size W-HP000L $2.45
Medium Size W-HP000M

Frog Party Gift Bag Small, Cutey Hoppy Birthday Gift Bag

No need for gift wrap - just put all the wondeful froggy stuff you're about to hand out in these ultra cute, very inexpensive party bags ! VERY nice quality with nylon cord handle.. they're frog-tastic ! Small Mini Bag 4 x 3 inches

Small Size

frog gift bag Froggy & Friends Medium Gift Bag

A very striking Gift Bag. It is irresistibly adorable. Vividly detailed in wonderful colors, with glistening glitter accents. Medium in size with wider side panels to accommodate your gift giving. You will be absolutely thrilled at the unique, glorious graphics. The frog in the middle of the bag, with big bulging eyes and round sparkling cheeks is fantastically portrayed. AS stated earlier, Simply Irresistible!!
Medium gift bag Size: 9-3/4" Square X 6 " Wide

Medium Gift Bag W-IG1827 $4.75
Orange Tissue Paper 10/pkg. W-IG4567

  frog gift bag Whimsical Frog Gift Bag

Carry your gift in this colorful, whimsical frog gift bag, and be assured of pleasing your recipient. On light blue background, sits our happy, friendly frog, eager to reveal its contents to the happy celebrating person!!

Sze: 10" x 5" x 13"
Price $2.39

  Jumbo Pop-Up- Frog Birthday Card

For certain, you have never received a unique fun-filled Birthday Card LIKE THIS ONE!! It features our enormous Birthday Frog whooping it up on the cover. Open the card and our Jumbo Pop-Up- Party Frog sings a "RIBBIT--RIBBIT' HAPPY BIRTHDAY SONG TO YOU.!!! GREAT, GREAT FUN!!!

Outside of card reads: Hope your bithday is fun every minute
Inside of card reads :....with a lot of sweet suprises in it!
Sze: 11.5 " X 14.5 "
Price $7.99
pop up birthday card frog  

  frog gift bag Small Tote Frog Bag

Another type of frog goodie bag. This fantastic looking little tote,complete with white woven cord handle, will delight every party guest. Great for all those party favors and memorabilia. The background color is aqua and all sorts of brilliant colored frogs,flowers, mushrooms, hearts and birds adorn the front, sides and back of this most colorful goodie bag. Certain to make a lasting impression on all who receive it!

Sze: 4-3/4" Square X 1/2 " Wide
Price $1.95

  frog goodie bags Froggy & Friends Goodie Bags

The most awesomely designed Froggy & Friends Goodie Bags. Adorable frogs, mixed with vividly colored flowers, will hold your party treats and all kinds of sweets. Eight bags per package. This food safe cello bag is 4IN X 9.5IN, and comes complete with twist ties.

Size: 4" Wide X 9.5" Long---- (8) Bags
Price $2.50

  Frogs & Friends Loot Bags

What's a party without Loot Bags to carry off with you after the party ends. These are adorable, colorful, Loot Bags. covered with picturesque frogs, and with even a place to fill in each guest's name. Your party will be long remembered whenever a Frog Loot Bag is opened.

Size: 6.5" Wide X 10" Long---- (8) Bags
Price $4.95
 frog loot bags  

  frog party bags Tree Frogs Party Loot Bags

What's a party without Loot Bags to carry off with you after the party ends. These are adorable, colorful, Loot Bags. covered with picturesque frogs, and with even a place to fill in each guest's name. Your party will be long remembered whenever a Frog Loot Bag is opened.

Size: 6.5" Wide X 10" Long---- (8) Bags
Price $4.95

    frog candle Kiss me Frog !

And why not? Big green smiling frog is waiting to tote around your frog-tastic party gifts! Shiny, almost glittery foiled bag with sturdy purple vinyl handles.

Size: 10 inches tall
Price $3.95

frog gift bags Birthday Hop Gift Bag

Wearing party hats and carrying bright colored balloons and little cup cakes with candle, are the most festive , adorable frog figures you've ever seen. They frolic across a beautiful gift bag with multi-colored edges and matching colored silky twisted gift bag handles. All done on a white background, the balloons and cup cakes are finished off with vivid, glistening, shiny colored paints of red, blue, green, gold and yellow.,with attached birthday card. An extremely eye-fetching Froggy Gift Bag, Indeed!!!

Large Gift Bag - -Size: 14" X 14" X 8" Wide

Medium Gift Bag -- Size: 8.5" X 10" X 4' wide

Large Gift Bag W-GW9417 $6.50
Medium Gift Bag W-GW9402

    Birthday Hop Gift Wrapping Paper

Premium roll of frog gift wrap.......Luxury -sized roll for large-sized gifts (30 IN X 5 FT) Use for Birthday or any Festive Occasion. These little frog figurines , dressed in party hats and holding colorful balloons and candle-lit cup cakes, will add just the right touch to your special gift!!!!

Size: Per Roll 30 IN X 5 FT (12.5 SQ FT)
frog wrapping paper  

    frog candle Frog Candles ! Set of 4

Light it up with frog candles and have a froggy celebration! These fun green frog candles are perfect for table centerpieces or special frog-themed parties. Use them on cakes or put them in a votive holder for an extra glow. They also make great baby shower or wedding shower gifts!

Size: Box of 4 frog candles, each 2" tall.

      Rubber Frog Bead Necklace

This is a lusciously long, fun bead necklace. It is attractively made with round plastic beads and four happy belly clutching rubber frogs. It is such a fun thing to wear to attract smiles wherever you go. Be the life of the party and be prepared for amusing comments from everybody.

Size: 42"

    frog beanbag Glowing Frog Bean Bag !

Glittery , shiny frog floursecence ! Toss it - ! When the party's over just 'shelve it' and keep it around your room ! A Great party favor !

Size: Approx. 4 inches long

    frog ball Frog Dice Game!

Odd but lucky ! These dice have a picture of a little frog on them ! We'd bet the house you'll have a hoppy time with this jumping frog game!

Size: Standard size dice

    frog ball Slimy Frog !

Real frogs use slime as a defense mechanism. You'll be able to use this frog slime as FUN ! Just open up the plastic frog and play with the (gooey ) slime ! Assorted colors, too ! Get a bunch - we'll mix up the colors so you can slime in rainbows ! Way cool ! Just a great ( and inexpensive ) item for the hoppy days !

Size: Approx. 2 inches round

    frog can opener Froggy Bottle Opener !

Hop on in.. it's a Party ! Makes no difference if you're opening Hoppy Hour refreshments or Croak-a Cola.. this bottle opener will quench even a thirsty frog's drought. Nice quality and froggy , froggy , froggy !

Size: Approx. 6 inches long

    frog ball Froggy Paddle Ball!

Good old fashioned fun ! See how many times you can paddle the little rubbber ball on the rubber band. Very entertaining ! These are available in a variety of colors (green, yellow and blue, too ). We'll make sure you have a colorful selection when your order arrives. LOOK at that (low ) price !

Size: Approx. 8 inches long

frog paddle ball game Frog Wooden Paddle Balls

An all-time favorite hit among kids of all ages, is this little paddle ball. The wooden paddle is painted in the most striking frog related designs----It's stunning. What a party favor this paddle set makes. (Comes in three(3) delightful designs.)

Size: 4.5" Wide X 9" Long
Price $0.90 / Each
frog paddle ball  

    frog ball Frog Party Jump Rope!

Some things never hop out of style ! Party jump rope FUN is just a hop skip and a jump away ! Wonderful, colorful froggy handle jump rope !

Size: For one kid to jump ( sorry no double dutch )

    frog jump game Froggy Game !

Nothing's better for parties than a game ! Better than playing leap frog because these are leaping frogs ! Just get these little plastic croakers to 'out-jump' the other and WIN! Inexpensive FUN that will keep the little ones (very) busy.

Package approx 8 inches tall

    frog jump game Vinyl frog with stick on bottom.

Froggy party Favor! Do your froggy friends a favor and get this great little party favor ! It's a vinyl, detailed frog with a round base. The bottom of the base has sitcky stuff 'with that peel off' paper. Stick it to your table, your desk or your dasboard !

Approx 3 inches long.
Price: Just .95 each

      frog motion detector Frog-tastic Party Game !

Who needs to pin a tail on a donkey when you can kiss the frog ! Hang this very original poster on the wall... put the 'glasses' over your eyes and see if you can 'kiss' the frog ! Froggy fun that actually ( could ) get you a Prince or Princess!

Poster Size

  frog party favors Tree Frog 48 Piece Value Favor Pack

Pack Contains: 8 Loot Bags, 8 Sticker Shapes, 8 Activity Sheets, 8 Frog Pencil Tops, 8 Wooly Balls, 8 Jumping Frogs

frog favor bags  Tree Frog Favor Bag

Contains: Sticker shape, frog pencil top, jumping frog, wooly ball and sticker sheet.


  frog party tote Tree Frog Favor Tote

Plastic carrying tote with fun filled frog items. Contains:Sticker shape, frog pencil top, jumping frog, wooly ball and sticker sheet.


  frog party favor Tree Frog Packaged Party Favor

This is a delightful party favor or toy . Three items comprise a colorful plastic covered package: A little yellow spotted soft frog----a green jumping frog & an orange spiked ball. All come assembled on a painted background card. Makes a delightful party favor for your little frog lovers!

Size: 4.5"
Price $3.45

  frog pencil Tree Frog Pencil Activity

One frog sticker sheet
4 assorted erasers
1 frog pencil


  plastic frog Colorful Frog Party Favors

All done up in a package of eight(8), are the brightly colored little plastic frog party favors. What a great gift for your guests...They will surely enjoy the big array of froggies.

Size: 2" L ---- (8) Frogs / Pkg.
Price $2.95

  plastic jumping frog Colorful Plastic Jumping Frogs

A popular inexpensive giveaway. These little hard plastic frogs jump, when you press down on them. Comes in package of 36 (thirty six).

Size: 2" L ---36 pcs. / Pkg.

Price $2.45 / Pkg.
jumping frogs  

  transparent color frogs Mini Transparent Colorful Frogs

What a great party favor or give away. These mini transparent, neon frogs of several fantastic colors, are a sure bet to please and fascinate frog lovers of all ages.

Size:1" L --- 72 pcs. / Pkg.
Price $5.95 / Pkg.
transparent frog  

  frog squeaking toy Plastic Squeaking Frog

These colorfully designed, "Plastic Squeaking Frogs", activate by pressing their undersides. Just press, and listen to them squeak. Assorted styles and colors.

Size: Approx. 3"
Price:$1.45 Each

  frog glitter ring Frog Glitter Rings

These very attractive glitter frog rings with wiggly eyes, make adorable party favors. They are made of silver painted plastic which actually resembles a metal ring. The plastic material stretches to accommodate different ring sizes. Both fashionable and fun! Comes in assorted great colors

Price:$2.55 Set of 6

    frog clicker Frog Clicker

Press the underside of this adorable "Little Plastic Frog Clicker" and watch this froggie open his mouth as he click, click, clicks. Lots of Fun. Assorted colors.

Size: Approx. 1.5" L
Price:$4.95 Set of 12

   frog rainforest necklaces Rainforest Frog Necklace

If you're thinking of throwing a party - Maybe a children's birthday party, bridal shower, office party etc. - What guest, young or old, wouldn't be delighted to receive one of these funky, unique, authentically designed rainforest frog necklaces? They are both adorable and strikingly colorful. The little frog is suspended from an adjustable black cord and the each necklace is packaged separately on a lovely cellophane wrapped card - Easy to hand out to each party guest - Just sit back and listen to all the Ah's and Oh's.....Assorted styles and colors

Size: Frog Size 1.5" long, 12" Necklace
Price: $2.95 FOR 4 NECKLACES

    frog memo pads Frog Memo Pads

Original, cool paintings, which depict colorful frogs, adorn the covers of each off these "Frog Design Memo Pads" --- White unlined note paper, on the inside----Perfect for party favors, school achievement rewards, office, phone messages, and reminders. Assorted Designs.

Size: Approx. 4" x 2"
Price:$2.90 Set of 12

    Party-Out Froggy Fun Hat

The Party's Over Here--Just follow the guy with the greatest Party Hat. It's a Froggy hat of course. Big and Brazen, made of velour material with 2 white pom-poms for eyes and long floppy legs. It's a Show Stopper for sure--Just try one on and count all the Wows.

Size: One Size Fits Most All The edge of the headband is about 22" in circumference, the legs flop down about 10"
frog har  

   frog baseball hat Froggy Baseball Cap

Show up wearing this fun inspired Big Floppy- Eyed Baseball Cap and watch the smiles light up all around you. It's made of a great light green felt with elastic strap in back to adjust for head size. It has a nice wide brim, fashioned after an authentic big league cap. Count the smiling faces who want a cap just like yours.

Size: One-size fits most adult heads (medium/small). The hat is about 21-22" around in circumference, with an elastic band in the back that accommodates some variation in sizes. 100% polyester

  frog place mat Frog Heaven Place Mat

On a nice-sized plastic coated place mat you will find lovely illustrations of all the popular frog species, They are very educational, as well as entertaining for the frog lovers of all ages Both sides of the place mat are printed with the fantastic array of frogs.

Size:17" L x 11-1/2 W

  Froggy Water Ring Toss

He's a cute jolly froggy and he has a belly full of water which contains the Ring Toss Game. Press the two buttons on the bottom and try to get the little rings float onto the stick. Hours of fun for young and old alike---Completely Portable, Challenging, and a load of fun. Assorted Colors.

Size:4.5" T x 3.5" W
frog water toy     

  frog candy Candy-Filled Froggy Toy

A colorful frog sits atop a bag of sugar-coated hard... candies. He beckons you to enjoy a piece. Just click his button and he will roll his eyes, open and close his mouth while saying "Ribbit-Ribbit" in his gruff but friendly froggie voice--Makes a great stocking stuffer, party favor or just a fun candy -filled toy.

Note: Small parts--Not for children under 3 years

Size: 9" Tall x 2 '' Wide
Price: $4.45 each

    frog shoe laces Red Eyed Tree Frog Show Laces

With a pair of these magic froggy shoe laces, you'll be leaping like a frog in no time! These long white laces are imprinted with a cute little tree frog on every inch of the lace on both sides. So add that extra hop to your step and get jumping!
Size: Pair of laces are 45" long and 3/4" of an inch wide
W-RT0001 $3.95

   {short description of image} Light-Up Frog Lanyard Green LED

He's Oh So Cute--- The frog and the lanyard both blink and light up. There is several different light up Multi patterns. Great for any party or just plain fun.

Size: Neck Size 22"

  Happy Birthday Plush Frog

Ready to send one lucky person the ultimate in birthday wishes? Skip the card and send instead our Happy Birthday Froggy. He is the most adorable, super soft plush little froggy, with big round glistening beaded eyes. He carries the Birthday Wish on top of his head across the front of his red felt, tassel attached, hat.. "Happy Birthday" is embroidered in gold lettering. What an exciting way to send Birthday Wishes. The little froggy will prove to be a lifetime keepsake.

Size: 5"
frog birthday      

  frog dip and chips bowl Frog Porcelain Two-piece Chip And Dip Bowl

Sometimes, as the writer of copy for all the various pieces that cross my desk, and there are many beautiful ones, I have to stop and catch my breath. This is such a piece! It is made of very fine porcelain, with a lovely glaze. It is designed as two separate and individual pieces. When combined, they form the Chip and Dip Bowl. The Chip section is a deep green shaded replica of a lily pad, with curved flowing edges. The Dip section depicts a handsome green frog with friendly pop-up eyes, sporting a big black bow tie, holding out a pink water-lily shaped bowl, with curved edges, to serve the dip. He is cleverly designed with his knees folded under him so that he can easily slide under the top of the Chip Bowl, forming the Chip & Dip Unit. It is absolutely a Serving Sensation that will cause many admirable comments!!

Size:8" tall x 15.5"Long x 13"wide

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