Jeweled Frog Boxes
Hinged Boxes
  frog crystal box  Green Jeweled Frog Resting On Lily Pad Trinket Box

Distinctive Style describes this beautiful green frog trinket box. The frog reclines on a curved edge lily pad whose detail is carried right to the enameled backside of the pad, with a realistic stem detail. The superior quality of this piece makes a unique and memorable gift.

Size:4.25" x 3.00" x 2.50"

  frog jewelry box  Extraordinary Swarovski Super-Sized Frog Jewelry Box
(A CIEL collection presentation)

This Magnificent Colossal-Sized Swarovski Crystal Frog Jewelry Box is the King of our Collection. He is so Colorful and Bright that placed in any room , on any surface, onlookers will be enthralled with his Unique Sparkling Appearance. He is made of glowing ,glazed enamel, encrusted with Multi Colors of Blue. Green, Gold and Ruby Crystals. The Gorgeous Swarovski Crystals are worked into an Intriguing Mosaic Design across the Frog's Back and Head. He has Gold-Plating Detail throughout. He opens up on special hinges to reveal a large yellow pearl finished compartment to store your most treasured items. The Ceil Marker also appears on the inside space. He comes to you in a satin-lined elegant gift box.----A Gift for that Very Special Someone, or for Yourself. (Comes packed in an elegant gift box).

Size:6" x 3.50" x 4.50"

  Gold Frog Trinket Box Completly Covered in Multi Swarovski Crystals
(A CIEL collection presentation)

A beautiful gold frog trinket box encrusted with shimmering gold and black Swarovski Crystals, is a work of art to proudly own ad cherish. The frog's entire body is covered completely with luminous exciting Swarovski Crystals. Makes an exclusive statement of fine quality..

Size:2.50" x 0.75" x 2.50"
frog trinket box    

  Beautiful Frogs And Flower On Leaf Trinket Box
(A CIEL collection presentation)

This lovely Swarovski multi-colored crystal trinket box will delight its proud owner with its beauty each time it is held and opened. A unique leaf designed box, enameled and embellished with two jeweled frogs and flower will prove to be a life-long treasure and keepsake.

Size: 4" x 1" x 2.50"
frog hinged box      

  frog treasure box  Frog Sitting on Gold Leaf Trinket Box
(A CIEL collection presentation)

A most handsome frog with an enameled and Swarovski Crystal body, sits upon a gold leaf. A very special trinket box indeed. It is a beautiful piece of art to be admired by all.

Size:3.50" x 2.00" x 2.70"

  frog jeweled box  Rose Colored Swarovski Crystal Trinket Box
(A CIEL collection presentation)

Elegant and Unique are two words that come to mind when you first gaze at this handsome piece. . The frog is finished in a luminous enamel, embellished with ten Swarovski unusual Rose-Colored Crystals inset in a gold finished chain on his back. Scroll work also appears on his body. A truly beautiful piece of art which of course is functional as well. His hinged body will hold your adored small treasures. (Comes packed in an elegant satin-lined gift box)

Size:21/2" x 21/2" x 11/4"

    Hanging Out Waiting for Dinner Swarovski Frog Trinket Box
(A CIEL collection presentation)

Just Clinging to a Branch with his feet resting on a Water Plant, is this Unique Little Frog. He's relaxing while waiting to catch some flies .He's dark green in color, shaded eyes of pink and ruby, and studded across both sides of his back, legs and water plant are green sparkling Swarovski Crystals. His specially hinged head opens up to reveal a space for small treasures. The dark brown pearl finished interior also carries the Ciel Marker. A Perfect Gift for the Holiday Season (Comes packed in an elegant gift box).

Size:2.50" x 2.50"x 1.75"
frog jeweled box    

  frog box  Black Spotted Swarovski Crystal Trinket Box
(A CIEL collection presentation)

This Black Spotted, Green Swarovski Crystal Trinket Box is an alluring piece, as well as functional. It is made of Light Green Glazed Enamel . Two clear Swarovski Crystals appear beside the head embedded in gold rings. Along each side of the body, along the edge, is a bar of gold, with embedded crystals , which match the head treatment. The bottom of the frog is resting on his gold plated feet. The whole top of the body opens up on special hinges to access the yellow pearl finish space for your small treasures. The "Ciel" Marker appears inside the space as well. The beauty of this piece is in its craftsmanship, quality and keen eye to detail. (Comes packed in an elegant gift box).

Size:2.50" x 3" x 1.75"

     treefrog trinket box Rimmed Hat Frog Trinket Box

Bring smiles to your face! Just look at this red eyed smiling hinged frog tinket box. Opens up so you can keep your valuables inside. It has a cool sparkling green rimmed hat. Everyone will love him.

Size: 3"

    frog tinket box Frog Jewelry Box with Frog Necklace

The most colorful of frogs with green enameled and jeweled back, blue and gold front legs, and striped sides, hides a hidden treasure. You will be delighted to find a lovely gold necklace with charming small frog pendant in enameled and jeweled finish, nestled inside your beautiful jewelry box.. What a fantastic gift to that special someone.

Size: 3" x 3" x 2"
 frog necklace  

  Red Crystal Frog Hinged Box

This fine frog is crafted from gold-plated metal. His back is inset with red sparkly Austrian crystals. The frog's eyes are green crystals, and the top of his body opens on a hinge with a magnetic clasp. The inside of the frog box can be used to hold rings or other small trinkets.It comes in a gold satin-lined gift box.

Size:3"long - 2"tall
frog trinket box      

     frog tinket box Frog With Baby On Back Trinket Box

Two happy big grinning frogs, one a mama frog, and the other a baby frog invites you to share in their endearing relationship. Mama is thrilled to give baby a ride on her back and baby responds by climbing right up and clutching mama's head for safety. Both mother and baby are good looking indeed. Both are finished in an unusual spotted green sparkling enamel with shining red ruby crystal eyes. Open mama's mouth and find a hinged yellow colored space for all your small treasures. (Comes packed in an elegant satin-lined gift box.)

Size:2-1/2" x 2-1/2" x 1-1/2"

      Gold and Green Enameled Frog Trinket Box

Another version of Mama frog and baby on back---This mother and baby are a royal couple indeed. They are elegantly finished in luminous gold, green enamel, ruby red shinning eyes and intricate gold detailed work throughout. A hinged compartment will hold treasures of your choice. A very handsome piece of art that is both beautiful and functional.

Size:2 1/2" X 2 5/8" X 1 5/8"
 frog limoge box  

     frog jeweled box Fairy Riding Frog Trinket Box

This delicate finely detailed fairy with crystal studded wings chose our frog trinket box to take for a ride. She couldn't refuse his good looks, with his green enameled body and crystal studded back and legs. Together they make a unique and attractive couple. He will store your small treasures in his hinged body as soon as he lands. ( This lovely figurine comes packaged in an elegant satin-lined gift box.)

Size:2-3/4" x 2-3/4"

    frog jeweled box Striking Jeweled Trinket Box

A little regal frog with tiny pearls cascading down one half of his subtle brown body, sits atop a stunning jeweled trinket box. The frog, himself , is a beauty to behold. He has red glistening crystal eyes and delicately detailed gold-balled feet, The top of the box is leaf shaped and decorated in vivid glazed colors of sparkling green, gold and bright crystal edging The trinket box is beautifully crafted of gold, silver and sparkling see-through columns. It will hold your treasures such as rings, earrings, and other small-sized jewelry and trinkets. Just open its hinged body. Comes in a lovely yellow satin lined gift box. Some lucky frog enthusiast, upon receiving it, will enjoy the thrill of a lifetime!!

Size:3-1/2" L X 2" T X 2" W

      Peridot Frog On Leaf Trinket Box

This stunning frog which boasts its brilliant greenish yellow hue peridot finish, is absolutely breathtaking. With its ruby crystal eyes, seated upon a light green enameled leaf, he will be a most unique and memorable possession. The bottom of the leaf has a hinged opening an d magnetic closing which offers a nice size compartment for your valued treasures.

Size:2-3/4" x 2-1/4" x 1-1/2"
 frog trinket box  

  Gold With Amber Crystals Frog Trinket Box

Here's a wonderful frog jewel box! This figural frog box is made from brass with a shiny gold finish, and is inset with sparkling pale amber Austrian crystals. The top half of the frog opens with a hinge, and closes with a magnetic clasp. The inside of the frog box is enameled in a swirly pale mustard color. The frog trinket box comes in a satin-lined gift box.

frog hinged box      

  Fishing Frog
Hinged Box

What a great gift for that frog lover who loves fishing. Comes with a mini frog and a mini fish inside.

Size: 4"

  Crowned Frog With String Instrument

This lovely gold crowned frog is holding a string instrument and is sitting on a lilypad. The frog is enameled in shiny green. Its eyes are green faceted Austrian crystals and there are clear crystals set around the string instrument and box. The gold enameled interior box opens to reveal space for storing trinkets or jewelry items. It comes in a gold satin-lined gift box

frog trinket box      

     frog hinged box Sparkling Green Crystal Frog Trinket Box

This handsome hinged frog is entirely inlaid with all sparkling green Austrian crystal. His feet are gold as is his head with faceted green crystal eyes. The top opens on a hinge, and is held closed with a magnetic clasp. Inside, the box is enameled in swirly pearlescent golden-brown. This unique trinket box will be an attractive addition to any collection. "Very eye-catching". Packaged in a gold satin-lined gift box.


  Sparkling Green Enameled Frog Trinket Box

This special frog has a beautiful luminous enameled finish with sparkling jeweld sides. A lovely and charming jewely box indeed.

Size:2.5" X 2.5" X 2"
frog limoge box    

  Frog Red-Eyed Enamel Frog Trinket Box

Big Red Crystal Eyes stare up at you as this handsome enameled and jeweled Frog Trinket Box is looking for a home on your dresser. Not only is he good looking with his striped crystal body, but functional as well. He opens up to store your small treasures in his hinged body. He is perfectly designed and would be a proud member of your frog collection. As a gift, he comes packed in a satin-lined gift box. Enjoy.

Size:2 1/4" X 2 1/2" X 1 1/2"
frog jeweled box    

   frog limoge boxes Mama Frog And Three Little Froglets Trinket Box

This is it! The conversation piece that beats all.Mama frog is cradling her baby in her arms, while her two other siblings sit close by. This piece is finished in shimmering bronze and green enamel. All members of the family have happy grins which accentuate their black crystal eyes.Mama frog's hinged body opens for storage.Baby frog as well as Mama frog have clear crystal detailed feet for the elegant touch.---Whimsical-Unique-Elegant-A most memorable gift, beautifully gift boxed.

Size:4" X 2" X 2 3/8"

  Mini Emerald Frog Trinket Box

Both whimsical and charming is this little jeweled frog box. He is enameled in a shimmering green finish, with colorful yellow feet, and has handsome black enamel eyes. To give it that touch of sparkle, his body is inset with clear crystals. He opens easily because of his hinged body and is ready to store small items elegantly.

Size:3/4" tall, 2" long
frog figural jeweled box    

      Leap Frog Position Trinket Box

Two handsome ,happy, green glazed ceramic frogs in the ever-popular leap frog position, are thrilled to top a lovely Trinket Box. The frogs, predominantly green have lighter green chests and the most fetching red ,glowing crystal eyes. One frog sits atop the other with feet out-stretched, enjoying the ride on the larger lower frog. A hinged door opens to reveal space to store your small treasures.

Size:2-1/2" T x 2"W
 frog treasure box  

  Poison Arrow Frog Trinket Box

WOW! Talk about COLOR! Mother Nature gave this Poison Arrow Frog loads of color and personality. He sports a brown and gold back, blue legs and jeweled feet. and an underside of blue enamel and crystal circles. He will be a stunning addition to any frog collection.Of course he's also functional. His hinged body opens to store small treasures.( Comes in a satin-lined gift box.)

Size:2 1/4" X 2 1/2" X 1 1/2"
frog trinket box    

   frog trinket box Peridot Jeweled Frog Trinket Box

For sheer beauty and sparkling excitement this is the trinket box to possess. The frog's body is completely covered in elegant, glittering greenish yellow hued peridot. It has brilliant large black enamel eyes. The box has a unique opening. The head and back lifts off entirely to reveal a small compartment to store your small treasures. The inside of the space is finished in a luminous dark green enamel A truly beautiful piece of art that is also functional.

Size:2-1/2" x 2-1/4" x 1-1/4"

     frog hinged box King Frog On A Lilly Pad Trinket Box

Our cast metal king frog is enameled in glossy gold embedded with large sparkling Austrian crystals on his back. On his head sits a ruby and gold accented crown. He is resting upon a gracefully shaped crystal studded lilly pad. At his side sits a petite sized all Austrian crystal sparkling frog. The two make a most impressive presentation. The box opens on a hinge, and is held closed with a magnetic clasp. It comes in a gold satin-lined gift box.
"Voted our most prized piece"


  Black Frog Trinket Box

It's a black enameled frog detailed with clear sparkling Austrian crystal on his back. His legs and feet are silver plated. His head is adorned with red faceted crystal eyes. The box opens on a hinge, and is held closed with a magnetic clasp. Inside, the box is enameled in swirly pearlescent silver-gray. The black and silver color combination makes for an attractive and classic piece. Packaged in a gold satin-lined gift box.

frog hinged box      

  No Evil Frogs Tinket Box

Three frogs, can't-see, can't hear, can't talk, all joined together and decorated in dark green enamel cast metal. They are studded in sparkling amber Austrian crystal. The box opens on a hinge, and is held closed with a magnetic clasp. The inside reveals three small separate compartments. This is an adorable whimsical conversation piece.

frog limoge box      

     frog limoges box Gold Grass Frog Trinket Box

Here's an impressive figural frog jewel box! This big handsome hinged metal frog box is enameled in gold. He has textured stripes running down his back, which are inlaid with sparkly clear color Austrian crystals. His eyes are large green crystals. A nature lover's dream ! The top opens on a hinge, and is held closed with a magnetic clasp. Opens wide for LOTS of trinkets.


    Hungry Frog Trinket Box

Here we have a dark green, crystal back encrusted, hungry frog. He seems to be hungry because his big bulging black crystal eyes are in search of some juicy flies. He is really a very attractive piece of glass art. He may not find flies, but you can feed him your small treasures. Just open his hinged mouth and place them in his gold and green glazed interior.

Size:3" X 3"
frog jeweled box  

    frog trinket box Frog Trinket Box...Green Enameled And Gold

Green enameled metal body, Black crystal eyes, Clear crystal studded back and gold accented legs and feet...that describes this luscious Frog Trinket Box. Open its hinged mouth and within its gold and green glazed interior, place your small-sized prized jewelry and trinkets. Makes a stunning addition to your vanity tray...Enjoy the journey.

Size:3-1/2" L X 2-1/2" W X 2" T

    Green Glazed "Legs Lilly" Frog Trinket Box

They call her "Legs Lilly". She is an attractive green glazed glass Lady Frog sitting with her legs exposed & red-crystal toes, on a jewel encrusted lily pad. These frog legs are not for eating. They are for Lil's admirers. Open Lil's mouth and place your small treasures within her glazed interior. E-N-J-O-Y

Size:4" L X 2-1/2" W X 3" T
frog treasure box  

    jeweled frog box Mini Frog Amber Trinket Box

A mini King Frog, his entire body, encrusted in jewels, sits upon the most unique amber Mini Frog Trinket Box. This little guy is handsome enough to grace any vanity tray, and he's functional as well. He will hold small treasured items within his gold and amber glazed interior. ENJOY!!

Size:2" X 2" X 2"

     frog trinket box Two Fogs On Tree Limb Trinket Box

Two happy frogs with glistening red crystal eyes, seem to be having a great time perched atop their tree limb.They both have wide happy grins which makes them a delightful figurine to display. Their beautiful dark green enameled bodies and light green throats are very attractive. They of course are functional as well if you just open their hinged heads, you will find two storage compartments for your small treasures.

Size:3-1/2" across, about 2-1/2" tall overall. Each frog is about 2" long.

     frog trinket box Three Frogs On A Tree Limb Trinket Box

Here we have three very handsome frogs all perched on a tree limb, (totem pole style). They are glistening dark green black spotted enamel with light green throats and shiny red crystal eyes. A special surprise: Not one but three compartments to store your small treasures in. Just open the hinged heads.

Size:4" across, about 3" tall overall. Each frog is about 1-1/2" long

      Yellow Throated Frog Trinket Box

Here's a pudgy little guy with unmistakable big red crystal eyes and awaiting your special little treasures. His body is fashioned in a rough-surfaced 3 dimensional array of brilliant unusual colors of deep green, dark brown, light green and yellow. He is studded with shiny clear crystal. In his crouched position, he is one handsome relaxed little froggy.. His body opens up entirely for storage of your small loved items.

Size:2 inches long and 1.5 inches high
 frog trinket box  

     frog trinket box Royal Frog Trinket Box

Here we have royalty in a trinket box. A dark green enameled royal frog dressed in regal frog finery with a long cape and ruffled collar, holding a clear crystal studded gold crown, is awaiting your beloved small treasures. The eyes on this handsome fellow are sparkling red crystal, the cape is burgundy colored enamel with a light green front. The hinged head opens up to reveal a pearl black enamel finish. A striking royal figure indeed.

Size:2 inches long X 1.75 inches wide X 2.5 inches high

  Florescent Green Frog Tinket Box

What a gorgeous little frog! You'll love his vibrant florescent green color and, the sparkly green Austrian crystals on each toe. His eyes are red crystal, and the belly is gold plated. The top of the body opens on a hinge with a magnetic clasp at the front, to reveal a special trinket box for your finest treasures. Packaged in a gold satin-lined gift box.

frog limoge box      

    frog jewelry box Small Highly Decorative Frog Jewelry Box

This is a beautiful small frog jewelry box, vividly de tailed in vibrant green, black and gold glazed colors. From its complete gold underside, to its gold balled feet, it is an extremely handsome piece. Ever find that your precious little pearl or diamond earrings stored in a regular sized jewelry box, become entangled in the larger pieces and are difficult to locate? This smaller sized box is ideal for your small treasures. An absolute exquisite piece, functional as well, will be a lovely addition to your vanity tray.

Size: 3-3/4" X 2-7/8" X 1-3/8"

      Froggy Safe-Keeping Box

Got a little personal treasured possession that you want to keep in a safe private place? Our little colorfully painted, green circled froggy, will do just that. As he playfully squats on the floor, no one but you knows the secret of opening his hinged smiling face to reveal your hiding place. He's adorable and functional as well. Extra surprise a little ceramic frog comes inside.

Size:4" X 4"
frog treasure box  

     frog porcelian box Prince Frog Porcelain Box

Our Prince Frog wears a golden crown on his head and a bronze-colored metal collar around his neck, befitting the fine Porcelain Frog Prince that he is. He is ready to accept your small treasures for safekeeping in the hollow interior accessed by opening the hinged collar. Although he is regal, he can't help being adorable.

Size:3-1/4" tall.

      Spotted Small Frog Prince Porcelain Box

Small but just as regal, is this Spotted Frog Prince Porcelain Box. He is made of fine porcelain and is executed in brilliant colors: A red and gold crown for his head, a gold scepter, held close to his light green spotted body, which sits upon a lovely shade of blue, Frog Prince Porcelain Box. Open up the hinged box to accommodate your small treasures, and be delighted to find a small red porcelain heart, unattached to the box, inside.

Size:2-3/4" tall, box is 2" wide.
frog porcelain Box   

    frog box  No Evil Frogs Porcelain Box

Posed in the classic see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil are our three wise porcelain frogs. They are seated upon a beautiful Porcelain Box, hand painted with 3-D images of various water flowers. Against a light blue background, this stunning Porcelain Box is a gem. Not only is it striking but functional as well. Just open the hinged lid and have enough space to store your small treasures. As a bonus, you will find a tiny porcelain frog inside the space.

Size: 3" tall, box is 1" x 2" x 1" inside.

      Crowned Frog Prince on Lily Pad Porcelain Box

A spotted green Frog Prince Frog sits upon a lily pad on a lovely porcelain hinged box which is hand painted with 3D Lily Pads and Water Lily Flowers on a blue background. The Porcelain Box opens up to reveal space for storing your small treasures. Also, inside the box is a tiny porcelain water lily.

Size: 3" tall, 2" wide. Box will hold an item up to 1-3/8" wide, 3/4" tall.
frog porcelain Box  

    frog treasure box  Red-Eyed Tree Frog Porcelain Box

This is a fine porcelain, vibrantly colored Frog Porcelain Box. The big red-eyed tree frog perched on the lid of the bright yellow porcelain box, is a great contrast.The top of the box is a lovely shade of blue, on which the friendly frog with his orange feet rests. Open the box and find a surprise: A tiny porcelain frog. Your small treasures can be comfortably stored in the white interior space.

Size: about 3" tall x 2.5" wide x 2" deep

      Frog on Lily Pad Tooth Fairy Enameled Box

Here is a miniature version of an enameled art collectible. It is an attractive little hinged box, made for your child's tooth . Large enough to use for pills, pennies, etc. On top of the lid is a smiling friendly frog, sitting on a lily pad and very happy in his beautiful habitat. You too would be happy to own this piece of art, or to give it as a gift. Comes in a black satin-lined gift box. Each piece is entirely handmade, numbered, and signed in back, by the artisan who painted it.

Size: about 1 " tall x 1-1/2 " wide x 3/4" deep
frog tooth fairy holder  

  frog puzzle box Wooden Froggy Puzzle Box

This handsome, all wood, handcrafted puzzle box is a beautiful piece of workmanship. It shows a lovely, friendly frog, seated on the front of a smooth, satin finished wooden box that has a surprise element. This is not just an ordinary box, but a puzzle box. You have to take out the correct pieces in the right order to solve the puzzle to reveal a secret compartment inside the frog. It is a lot of fun figuring out the puzzle (not hard) and you will have a private place for your little treasures. Great gift idea, both unique and functional!!

Size:6.5" long X 3.5" wide X 2" depth

  Frog on Large Wooden Hinged Box

This beautiful all handcrafted wooden hinged box, is adorned with a lovely, friendly frog, in colors of brown and white perched on its lid. The wood used to make t his handsome piece, is very smooth to the touch, and very pleasant to the eye, with its subtle graining and satin luster finish. The amply sized compartment on the inside of the box, will hold your household, office, and personal items perfectly. A great gift, or perhaps a nice treat for yourself!!

Size: 4" x 4" Square -- 3" Depth
frog wooden box    

    frog box  Frog Wooden Mini Chest

Both whimsical and functional is this Frog Wooden Mini Chest. The chest is barrel-shaped just like a little treasure chest, and really, that's what it is. It is guarded by our whimsical frog, clutching a shiny ball, sitting on top of his chest. Roll open the lid to the little chest and use it to safeguard all your small treasures. It is handcrafted and also a treasure, and a delight to behold.

Size: 4" tall x 2.5 " wide x 1" deep

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