Frog Lamps

     Beautifully Sculptured Unique Frog Lamp

What a Beauty!! Crafted from cast resin with an antique deep bronze finish, this true work of art, is enhanced further, with its entire upper body, executed in a green, luminous crackled glass. When lit, the crackled glass imparts a rich, soft glow. During the day, unlit, it represents a magnificent sculpture. A treasure to add to your fine arts collectibles. Whether displayed in your home or office, appreciative smiles will abound!!! (Light bulbs and On/Off Switch included)

Size: 6.5" H x 10" L x 8" W

Price: $66.95
frog lamp

    frog lamp Recycled Coconut Shell Frog Lamp

Under the expert hands of clever eco-friendly artisans, comes this unique handcrafted whimsical frog electric lamp. The recycled coconut shell is precisely crafted into a rolly-poly shaped frog, with coconut umbrella, big bulging hand painted eyes, recycled bleached wood movable arms and wooden large legs. The body is stylishly cut with numerous openings which provide ambient lighting, therefore saving light- bulb energy. When lit, this unique handcrafted frog lamp, sheds a special glow. You'll Love it, as will everyone else!

Size: 9.5"
Price: $24.95

    frog lamp Large Big Belly Frog Lamp

A frog lamp like this is a frog lovers dream.

Size: 13"H
Price: $189.95

    Small Big Belly Frog Lamp

Size: 8" X 7.5" X 5"
Price: $60.95
 frog lamp  

    Sitting Frog Lamp

This adorable little frog lamp will accent any night table.

Size: 6" H
Price: $36.95
 frog lamp  

    Green Glass Seated Frog Lamp

Here is another beautiful green glass frog accessory lamp, with which to add a touch of decorative beauty to your home . It is handcrafted of fine quality material and the design depicts a green glass and antique metal frog in a sitting position. The lamp uses a standard nightlight-sized (candelabra) bulb, which is included. It plugs into standard US 120v wall outlets. Enjoy the warm glow that this delightful lamp sheds, leaving a peaceful serene feeling throughout the room.

Size: 6 .25" Long X 7" Wide
Price: $59.95
frog lamp  

    frog night lamp Green Glass Small Frog Electric Lamp

A definitely jovial, well rounded green glass friendly frog, wants to light up your life. He will do just that, if you allow him to earn a place in your home. He will set a mood of peaceful serenity wherever he is placed, with his subtle glow. He is a high-quality handcrafted electric lamp, made of beautiful green glass and antique metal. A standard nightlight sized bulb is included (candelabra). Plugs into standard US 120v wall outlets. Enjoy!

Size: 4.5" W X 6" H X 15"W
Price: $56.95

    Green Glass Large Frog Electric Lamp

Here is a larger version of the jovial, well rounded Green Glass Frog Accessory Lamp. It features all the excellent handcrafted details of its smaller-sized version. The bulb, of course, is also included. There is just twice as much well-rounded joviality. So E-N-J-O-Y the design, beauty and serenity this lovely handcrafted lamp sheds with its warm glow.

Size: 9" H X 25" Wide
Price: $92.95
frog electric lamp  

    Speak No Evil Frog Lamp

Size: 7.5" H
Price: $44.95

    Hear No Evil Frog Lamp

Size: 7.5" H
Price: $44.95
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    See No Evil Frog Lamp

Size: 7.5" H
Price: $44.95
 frog lamp  

    frog lamp Frog Playing Trumpet Lamp

The top portion of this unique lamp is made of glass in shades of amber and green. The bottom base on which the frog sits and proudly blows his trumpet, is a soft glowing metal. The two components combine to form a very attractive finish. This little lamp will provide endless amounts of color and effect to any room it is placed in. The lamp uses a standard nightlight sized bulb, which is included.

Size: 6.5"
Price: $47.95

    Frog Prince Accent Lamp

The frog prince is a whimsical piece to delight all. The glass back of the lamp is hand blown in deep green. It's a great accent piece and a perfect nightlight for both young and old.

Size: 6.75" x 6.75" x 5.5"H
Price: $46.95
 frog lamp  

    frog lamp Frog Lamp and Black Light

This retro frog lamp is super cool for all ages. It is a regular lamp and a black light. What ever your in the mood for this frog will make it hoppin!

Size: 16"

  fiber optic frog night light Fiber Optic Frog Night Light

This night light is very unique. Plug it in and watch the frog change in a pattern of different colors. Super cool and very soothing.

frog night light Fabric Frog Night Light

Your little frog princess will love this fluffy frog fabric night light.

Size: 5"

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