Hanukkah Frogs
  frog ten commandments Wild Fellow Frog with Yamulke and Ten Commandant Sweater

This frog is wearing the Ten Commandments on his sweater with bright yellow, maroon and blue colors to coordinate with his blue Yamulke. This is a great gift for Hanukkah or even for a Bar/Bat Mitzvah. The Yamulke is blue satin with gold trim and it is not removable it is sewn on and the sweater is removable. Super cute and super soft.

Size: 20"

Frolicking Frogs Skullcaps or (Yamaka)

A celebratory party is often given to the young man of Jewish Faith who reaches the age of thirteen. This party is known as a Bar Mitzvah. At the celebratory party, as well as the religious services, men wear a skullcap or Yamaka. To add a festive note to the Bar Mitzvah, this skullcap (or Yamaka) can be worn. It is very colorful and increases the sense of joy experienced by all. Two sizes are available: adult and child.

W-DA7799 Size: Adult $ 9.95
W-DA7788 Size: Kids $ 9.95
frog yamaka

    Frankie Frog with Star of David Sweater

Adorable Frankie frog is wearing a navy blue sweater with an embroided white star of David. The sweater also has white accents around the sleeves and neckline. The sweater is removable.

frog with star of david sweater    

  frog Wild Frog with Talit and Yamulke

Wild Frog is ready for the holiday. Super cute and super soft. Wil Fellow is wearing a blue Talit and a blue satin with gold trim yamulke. The yamulke and Talit is not removable. Great for centerpieces at Hanukkah parties, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs even baby namings. A great gift they will treasure.


  Hanukah Froganoodle

Floppy, wobbly froganoodle is all dressed for Hanukah. His sweater is bright for the festival of lights.

Size:14" Tall


  Star of David Frankie Frog

Lil frankie is all dressed up in his Star of David sweater. Sweater is removable.

Size: 12" Tall

    frog with chai Lil Wild Frog with Chai Sweater

Lil Wild Frog is super cute. He is wearing a blue sweater with yellow and white accents with an embroided Chai. (Hebrew Word For Life). What a great gift.


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