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    frog fan Frog Fan

Don't worry, be happy, is the message our witty Frog fan conveys. With his bulging eyeballs, goofy grin and jaunty attitude, the Frog fan will definitely bring about a metamorphosis in your decor. This amusing amphibian's working fan provides a serious amount of cool-he gives new meaning to the term, green appliance! If you're looking to add a touch of frog home decor and put the fun back in function, bring this charismatic charmer home to your lily pad today. Sure, Frog will make an awesome gift for any little tadpoles in your family, but he's also a charming choice for anyone in your life who loves unique and whimsical home decor. Fan has two speeds. No Assembly Required.

Size: 15" Tall x 14.5" Wide
Price: 85.95

    Frog on Lily Pad Window Panel

This beautiful window panel is sure to bring joy to any room. Once it is hanging on your window, and the light filters through, all the vivid colors of green, shades of blue, purple , and brown will be enhanced, and the entire panel with the lovely tree frog perched in the middle of the lily pad, will be fully appreciated. It is a unique piece of frog art that will add a sense of joy and happiness for years to come..

Size: 12" W x 11" H
Price: 84.95
frog window panel  

frog double switch plate Rain Forest Double Switch Plate

Hand painted metal frog double switch plate. This gorgeous colorful tree frog is laying on a red hibiscus. They are imported from Hades and colors may vary . Each piece is an original.

Size:7" x 7"

Siting Frog Ceiling Fan Pull

Here's where fun joins functionality. Reach for this jovial little green frog, which fits in your hand comfortably. Give a "pull", and "whoosh' Cool, Cool, Air---Froggy has done his job! Made of resin.

Size:2" W x 1.5" T
frog fan pull

frog fan pull Leaping Frog Ceiling Fan Pull

Another Frog Ceiling Fan Pull, designed by artist, Melanie Rupert, in the shape of a Green Tree Frog, is here to help you with your ceiling fan. He hangs down from the fan, easy to reach and pull for refreshing cool air MAde of resin.

Size: 3" L x 2"W

Frog Door Knobs and Dresser Pulls

We were absolutely thrilled when our buyers came upon these hard to find frog door knobs and pulls. Plenty of cats and dogs, but never a frog-----So Enjoy! Use as door knob or dresser pull. White frog (goes with everything) & blue markings. Made of ceramic.

Size: 2'"L x 1 3/4" W
frog dresser draw knob  

frog hooks Double Green Frogs Hanging Hooks

Two large bronze colored metal hooks, adorned by two carved handcrafted green wooden frogs await your Hook-Ups.

Size: 6"T x 8.5" W

frog key holder plaque Frog Key-Holder Hanging Plaque

A realistic beautifully detailed green and white frog is perched atop a handsome gold decorated bar equipped with five hooks for your keys. Includes a mounting hook on back for hanging.

Size: 5.5"T x 6" W
frog key holder  

frog pillow Frog Polka Dot Decorative Pillow

Add a beautiful decorative touch to your bedroom, living room or den with this unique, luxurious-sized throw pillow. In soft muted shades of greens, yellow, browns and beige, this two-sided pillow--one side plain beige and the other side with Frog Polka-Dot design, will enhance any area. Sprawled out in the corner of the pillow is a full -sized casual, yet elegant frog. He seemed to be enjoying his surroundings of little polka dots on the edge, to large impressive striped circles all around him. On one circle, sits a cute red ladybug.. Designed by Robbin Rawlings, whose name appears on the bottom, this awesome pillow will be a great and comfy find.

W-MC000S Size: 18" X 18" $35.95
W-MC000L Size: 19" X 24" $40.95

    frog pony tail holder 3 Frog resin sculpture

Adorable frog resin sculpture. These will keep you feeling hoppy. Green Frogs Red accents !

Size: 6 incbes wide (approx)

    beaded frog Beaded Frog Sculpture

Beautiful sparkling glass-beaded frog is completely hand crafted by artisans using galvanized metals along with glass beads. It is a truly magnificent piece that you will be proud to display either inside or out, with great pride. A collector's item to treasure.

Size: 5"tall X 8"wide x 8"long

    Him And Her Plush Green Froggy Collectable Ornaments

Your little plush green froggy collectable just found himself a girlfriend. She looks very much like him, same pudgy little body with bright bulging eyes. She, however, has a little checkered bow tied around her neck instead of a scarf, and has two little pnk buttons on her outfit, instead of his green. Are they both equally adorable???You Bet!! Why not collect them both? They are made to sit comfortably on a flat surface, or even hang him up from the string attached to back of his head------how about on the Christmas Tree?

Size: 5" T X 3.5" W
Price: 5.95 Set of 2
frog plush ornament  

    frog dangle leg collectable Him And Her Dangle Legs Frog Collectable

Simply Adorable Dangling -Leg Froggy Collectable, gives us a sunny green froggy, dressed in ceckered pants, a colorful brightly colored outfit, carrying a blooming lily pad, will look awesome hanging from your shelf, dangling there feet.......oh so cute.......

Size: 7" T X 2.75" W
Price: 8.95

   frog wall art Biblical Frog Plate

You are loved ! Very colorful plate with a cute green frog reminds us of what's important. Nice decor for your home (not for foodstuffs - decor only, please)


   pot clingers Pot Clinging Frog

Adorable and Colorful Accessory to Dress Up a Plant - Assorted Polystone Frog in Vivid, Shiny Yellow and Blue Color with Gold Tipped Toes and Big Black Eyes is Designed to Hang Over the Edge of Planter or Pot (Not Included)

Size: 4 1/4" High
Price:$14.95 Set Of 2

   pot clingers Green Hanging Frog

Charming Accessory to Dress Up a Potted Plant - Assorted Polystone Frog in Brilliant Green with a High-Shine and Gold Tipped Toes - Each One is Designed to Hang By a Leg Over the Edge of Pot or Planter (Not Included)

Size: 4 1/4" High
Price:$14.95 Set Of 2

   frog fan pull Colorful Rain Forest Fan Pulls

These fan pulls are great for any decor. These frogs are hand painted and made of ceramic. Collect all 7!
Size: 2" wide, chain is 7" long

Red/Green W-FP8K20 $4.95
Gold/Blue W-FP8K30 $4.95
Green/Black W-FP8K40 $4.95
frog fan pull
frog fan pull  frog fan pull

  frog check book cover Frog Check Book Cover

Our stylish Checkbook Covers feature a plastic insert for creating duplicates, a free pen and a handy wallet opening for bills, receipts, or any other loose document you may need for your personal record keeping.

Size: 7'' x 4''

    frog tray set Frog Two Piece Tray Set

Our 2-piece melamine tray set is perfect for casual indoor or outdoor serving and dining. Our vibrant prints and lightweight tray design make these trays ideal for tailgating, picnicking, dinner or cocktail parties. Durable and easy to clean.

Large tray measures 16” x 11”
Small tray measures 12” x 6.5”

frog vase "Toby the Toad" Vase

"Toby the Toad" vase makes a great conversation piece for any room. Brightly colored green and yellow ceramic, big eyes on rim.

Size: 8"H X 2" Opening
Price: $10.95

  frog fan pull Frog Fan Pull

Cute ceramic frog fan or light pull. Just attach it to your fan or light and you will have a new way of turning on and off.

Size: 4"

Toby the Toad Planter

Adorable "Toby the Toad" ceramic planter for your patio. Brightly colored with big eyes on rim.

Size: 6" H X 4" Opening
Price: $15.95

     frog water fountain Fascinating Frog Water Fountain

This Frog Water Fountain is a joy to watch. Two frog fountain custodians perform their watering duties. The larger frog, perched upon a plant, directs the cascading water from a large leaf to a little water wheel, which turns and redirects the water to the sandy ground below, where a second frog is dutifully watching the flowing water to see that all is going well. The whole lovely watering movement takes place within a beautifully decorated container. Place this delightful fountain on your desk, kitchen counter, shelf or any place you wish to create a magical serene setting. All will absolutely love its calming effect as the sound and sight of flowing water surrounds you. Comes equipped with water pump. Runs on 2 "AA" batteries NOT included.

Size: 7" Tall X 5" Wide

     frog water fountain Frog Tire Fountain

Frogs do everything in the water, so it comes as no surprise that these green friends turn wrenches in a fountain! 50,000 mile warranty NOT included. Water pump included. Runs on 2 "AA" batteries NOT included.

Size: 7" Tall X 5" Wide

     frog water fountain Water Urn Frog Fountain

Here is another lovely version from our frog fountain collection. This version features two terracota water urns, with two guardian frogs. The larger frog seems to be pouring the water that has accumulated from the urn above, into a fountain below. The second frog seems to be climbing up the major pouring urn, clinging to the braided rope which is wrapped around the urn's neck. He is about to pull the rope to start the water pouring into the smaller vessel. Two very busy industrious frogs at work in a beautiful fountain setting. Enjoy the fruits of their labor and become entirely enchanted with the calming serenity the sound and sight of the water provides. Place upon your desk, kitchen window sill, table or any place you wish, to refresh your senses. Crafted within a container. Water pump included. Runs on 2 "AA" batteries NOT included.

Size: 7" Tall X 5" Wide

      metal frog  Mr.Jerry Springer Frog

Beyond Description is this Mr. Jerry Springer Frog. He's colorful metal...has a big happy grin...big bulging eyes...holds up a flower and dances--dances----shakes & shakes. He brings a hearty laugh from all who come in contact with his jovial appearance and dance movements caused every time his big body swings on its metal spring. He's meant to be a garden ornament but is really good enough to be dancing with the stars OR...place him on top of your office desk and set a good mood for all who enter.

Size: 12" X 6"

      metal frog  Mrs. Jerrry Spinger Frog

Okay Folks--Here we have Mrs. Jerry Springer Frog. She is just as cute and just as agile on her springs as her husband. Yes, she can dance, and can even shake it a little more than her mate. If your office desk is large enough, you can display her beside her husband for the best dance and shake recital ever! Your kids will adore her too. They would be very happy giving her prominent shelf space in their room; and there's always the garden. With her roly - poly metal body, decorated with two black & white buttons, a poka-dot bow around her neck, bulging eyes, a big grin and a flowered branch above her head, the birds would love to have her too. With her looks and personality--she will never be homeless!

Size: 12" X 6"

     mosaic frog figurine  Red Mosaic Frog

Not just an ordinary frog! This frog's decoration is inspired by Aztec craftsmanship. It is made of cast resin in a mosaic design that closely resembles wood. It is beautifully inset with decorative mirror tile and intricate beading, which includes bright Jewel Beads. It is truly a lovely unique piece for your collection, or as an impressive gift. Hook on back for wall hanging or table top decoration.

Size: 5"L X 5"W

     mosaic frog figurine  Yellow Mosaic Frog

Not just an ordinary frog! This frog's decoration is inspired by Aztec craftsmanship. It is made of cast resin in a mosaic design that closely resembles wood. It is beautifully inset with decorative mirror tile and intricate beading, which includes bright Jewel Beads. It is truly a lovely unique piece for your collection, or as an impressive gift. Hook on back for wall hanging or table top decoration.

Size: 5"L X 5"W

     mosaic frog figurine  Decorated Mosaic Green Frog

Aztec Inspired Mosaic and Wood Looking Green Frog - Made of Cast Resin and Inset with Decorative Mirror Tiles and Jewel Beads for Extra Detailing - Hook on Back for Wall Hanging or Table Top Decoration

Size: 5" Long

    frog thermometer Frog Thermometer

Our "Weather or Not" frog thermometer features an adorable frog, made of Albesia wood. If hung outside on your window, he will give you accurate temperature readings, both in Fahrenheit and Celsius. You never have to leave your nice, cozy environment to see "Whether or Not" you need that extra sweater. The thermometers come with four plastic suction cups that hug the outside of your window, enabling the thermometer to face you indoors. A weather resistant polyurethane finish will protect your froggie weather man so that he can provide you with long faithful service. How cool is that?

Size: 6" x 5"

    frog pillows Set of 2 Hoppy Frog Pillows

These hoppy frog pillows are super soft and great for any room. These pillows have tons of frogs leaping all around. Get these pillows while you can before they all hop out of the store.

Size: 8"
Price:$12.95 set of 2

   Frog candle holder Frog Lily Pad Umbrella Candle Holder

Bright striped pants, red jacket, blue polka dot scarf & bow tie--who wouldn't fall in love with this big grinned, lovable frog? He stands on a round based pedestal, covering himself with his unique lily pad umbrella. Light up your life and add a lovely candle to top off his umbrella. Made of delightfully painted, glossy finish metal. Why not order a pair?

Size 6.5"Tall x 3.5"Wide

    frog doorbell Solid Brass Tree Frog Doorbell

A graceful brass frog doorbell plate made of solid brass includes a lighted doorbell button. Just hook it up in place of your current doorbell - installation instructions included.

Size: 2 1/2" x 6"
Price: 36.95

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