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    artist frog figurine  Artist Frog Figurine

Any artist would enjoy being the proud owner of this unique, adorable frog artist figurine. The fetching frog is working hard on his new piece of art. He is seated on a colorful toadstool, made from a mixture of cement and resin which creates depth and realism color. The adorable frog, with paintbrush in hand seems to be pleased with his progress--(so are we). The frog, himself, is made from a green textured metal and the sturdy easel is crafted of bronze finished metal. The two separate pieces combine to present a frog lover's MUST have.

Size: Frog Artist: 8 " Tall and 4.5 " Wide

Easel: 8.25" Tall and 3 x 2.75 " Wide

       "Hello Gorgeous!" Frog

Hello Gorgeous, ...the beautiful glamorous frog that cannot escape notice. With an elegant silver finish, the design is enhanced with red iridescent crystal on the blue, silver scroll-work frog's body, enhanced with coordinating blue crystal for the bright eyes. Must be seen to be appreciated for its visual impact!

Size: 4"L X 5"W
frog silver collectable  

    yoga frog  Twin Yoga Frogs

Not one, but two, inspirational green frogs in popular Yoga Pose, are ready to be shipped, for your enjoyment. They are indeed relaxed and will put you in a calm meditating mood. They are made of poly-resin in a satin finish, with gold accents on arms and feet. A perfect gift for your yoga fitness enthusiast.

Size: 3"H X 6"W
Price:$24.95 (Set of 2)


No Evil Tier Frogs

The ever popular "No Evil" Trio: See no evil, Say no evil, Hear no evil, is depicted with three green, poly-resin classic frogs, each assuming the famous pose. Always a favorite gift giver to the frog lover!

Size: 6"T X 3"W
frog see no evil  

    frog buddies  Buddy Frogs

Here is a completely amicable frog couple. The larger frog feels absolutely comfortable supporting his little buddy on his shoulders. The smaller frog, both green in color, and made of poly-resin, peers down with admiration at his older buddy's strength. A nice, friendly frog figurine for gift giving or adding to one's collection.

Size: 5"T X 4"W

     mosaic frog figurine  Decorated Mosaic Green Frog

Aztec Inspired Mosaic and Wood Looking Green Frog - Made of Cast Resin and Inset with Decorative Mirror Tiles and Jewel Beads for Extra Detailing - Hook on Back for Wall Hanging or Table Top Decoration

Size: 5"L X 5"W

     no evil frogs  Fun Frog No Evil Figurine

This hand painted no evil frogs figurine will let your closest friends know that you know how to keep a secret.

Size: 4"

  Marilyn Monroe frog figurine Marilyn Monroe Frog Figurine

This beautiful frog figurine is dressed as iconic image of Marilyn Monroe. This spectacular and fun filled figurine will always lighten up our human spirit and at the same time bring us good laughs of admiration. It is ideal for Marilyn Monroe art collectors as well as general art lovers.

Size: 8"

  Frog in Batman Costume Figurine

This gorgeous Frog in Batman Costume Figurine has the finest details and highest quality you will find anywhere! Frog in Batman Costume Figurine is truly remarkable.

Size: 7.25"
batman frog    

  michael jackson frog Frog With Black Hat

Our green frog, with black hat, white glove, and classic pose, certainly reminds us of a famous loveable entertainer M.J.. We tip our hat to him and with this life-like frog rendition, he will always be remembered.

Size: 8" X 5"

  Action Figure Frog with Red Cape & Boots

Is it a Bird...Is it a Plane...It's SUPER FROG...Able to Reach Tall Tree Tops in a Single Leap, Because he's a TREE FROG SUPER FROG. A handsome figure he is, in his blue uniform and red cape and boots. He is made of poly-resin, with bright all-knowing eyes and a confident expression. With hands on hip, he is ready for action.

Size: 8" X 4"
superman frog    

  frog superman Mini Frog Action Figure

With the same confident expression, our MINI-SUPER TREE FROG, is also available to help his big brother. He is also made of poly-resin, with blue uniform, red cape and boots, and hands on hip. They make a very handsome, whimsical couple, whether you call them Super Man or Super Frog, they are anxious to please.

Size: 5" X 3"

  Rock & Roll Guitar Frog

Belting out a number on his guitar, this Rock & Roll Guitar Player plucking away on his guitar, with the big wave in his hair, is a sure crowd pleaser. He is made of glazed poly-resin, green in color, with a red guitar, standing on a gray slate slab. He's a good looking figurine, reminding us of a beloved entertainer, who will always be remembered.

Size: 6" X 6-1/2"
elvis frog    

  cowboy frog Frog Cowboy Figurine

Catch the expression on our Frog Cowboy. With a cigar in his mouth, a two-gun holster around his waist, this Frog Cowboy means business. His hands are resting upon his guns, ready for action. Don't let his good looks deceive you. With his coral colored cowboy hat covering his bright eyes, and his matching scarf around his neck, do no mess with him!! His boots and spurs rest on a light green glazed poly-resin base. The rest of his body is also poly-resin. He's whimsical and wonderful.

Size: 8 " X 4.5 "

    golf frog Golf Frog Figurine

Gorgeous golf frog figurine. This frog is kneeling to make the perfect putt into that frog lover.

Size: 12"

     see no evil frog  Whimsical Stack of Frogs

The Classic "Hear No Evil - Speak No Evil - See No Evil"--But This Time With Cast Resin Frogs Sitting One On Top the Other to Bring a Bit of Humor to All that Visit the Garden or Eslewhere.

Size: 15" High

    yoga frog figurine Red Stretching Yoga Frog

Perfect for a Frog Collector, Yoga Practitioner, or Exercise Buff - She's a Slim, Shiny Orange-Red Colored Lacquer Finish Polystone Frog Figurine Gracefully Seated in a Side Bend Yoga Pose - Decoration and Motivation for Exercise and It's Benefits

Size: 8" Long

  frog bride and groom Porcelain Frog Bride & Groom

This most impressive, Hand-Painted Porcelain Frog Bride & Groom, is a magnificent sculpture of a very elegant wedding couple, arms entwined over their heads in a unique position. The bride wears a gown with scrolled detailing in the front, a dragonfly necklace covers the neck of her strapless gown., and a ruffled white veil cascades down her back. Not to be out-done, the groom sports a traditional black tuxedo ,white shirt and of course he has long black tails down his back. Absolutely a Sculpture that is the Ultimate in Beauty and Sophistication.

Size: 12" tall

    frog texting  Frog Texting on Toilet Figurine

Some People and Some Frogs Just Don't Know When to Put Down Their Electronic Devices - This Shiny Polystone Figurine Has Our Frog Sitting on a Toilet and Texting - It's Absolutely Irresistible.

Size: 5 1/4" High


     Frog In Tree Pose Yoga Position Figurine

Frog Collectors, Yoga, Dance and Exercise Buffs Will All Love This Frog Figurine Made of Polystone - The Shiny Green Frog is Gracefully Standing on a Lily Pad Balancing on One Leg in the Yoga Position Called "Tree Pose".

Size: 7 1/2" High

yoga frog  

    frog dancing  Frog In Lord Of The Dance Yoga Position Figurine

Frog Figurine Standing on a Lily Pad in the Yoga Position Known as the "Lord of the Dance" Pose - Made of Polystone - What a Unique Piece to Add to Any Frog Collection or Special Gift for a Yoga Practitioner.

Size: 6 1/4" High


     Carefree Blue Frog Figurine

This Fellow Epitomizes Leisure, He Does Not Have a Care in the World and Is Enjoying His Rest - He's a Vivid Blue Frog Made of Polystone with Big Orange Eyes, Laying on His Back with Legs Crossed - Makes a Great Gift for a Frog Collector.

Size: 6" Long

blue frog figurine  

    green frog figurine  Posing Green Frog Figurine

Striking a Bit of a Centerfold Pose, This Green and Orange Frog Figurine Knows He Looks Good - Made of Polystone, He's a Great Gift Addition for a Frog Collector.

Size: 5 3/4" Long


Frog Yoga
Poses Figurines

Here is an assortment of ten (10) authentic, fun yoga poses illustrated by green frog figurines. They are perfect for home, office and garden accessory for all seasons. They should not, however, be exposed to extreme winter climate below 33 degrees Fahrenheit.

Size:(Set of 10) 5" T X 2" W

Price:$54.95 Set Of 10
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yoga frog figurines frog yoga positions peace frogs frog yoga styles frog yoga

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