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  frog dip and chips bowl Frog Porcelain Two-piece Chip And Dip Bowl

Sometimes, as the writer of copy for all the various pieces that cross my desk, and there are many beautiful ones, I have to stop and catch my breath. This is such a piece! It is made of very fine porcelain, with a lovely glaze. It is designed as two separate and individual pieces. When combined, they form the Chip and Dip Bowl. The Chip section is a deep green shaded replica of a lily pad, with curved flowing edges. The Dip section depicts a handsome green frog with friendly pop-up eyes, sporting a big black bow tie, holding out a pink water-lily shaped bowl, with curved edges, to serve the dip. He is cleverly designed with his knees folded under him so that he can easily slide under the top of the Chip Bowl, forming the Chip & Dip Unit. It is absolutely a Serving Sensation that will cause many admirable comments!!

Size:8" tall x 15.5"Long x 13"wide

    Sprogz Frogs are super cute and great for any frog lover. These porcelain figurines have a bunch of character. Each one has its own personality and meaning. Some of these Sprogz have been retired but are still available, get them while you can before they hop away! These figurines range 2" - 4".      

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