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frog collectable frigurine  DaNisha Miniature
Frog Sculpture / "Lily's Hat"

From the famed art studios of DaNisha Scuptures, comes this Miniature Collectible piece, named "Lily's Hat". It is a ceramic jewelry box, comprised of a a beautiful,' reclining frog figurine, which forms the base, or holding compartment of the box, to the lovely detachable lid, which resembles a charming lily pad. This miniature collectible is of a limited , numbered edition, as are all sculptures, designed and sought after worldwide, from these two extremely talented artists: Dan--Sculptor, Nisha--Painter. This particular piece, is made from porcelain and hand painted from a brilliant array of colors. The frog's face is a subtle shade of red, which transforms into a pleasing shade of orange for his lower body, with black random spotting. Lily's hat is a mellow green, with a pink & yellow-centered blossom. An absolute fantastic addition to the collector who appreciates fine art!

Size:2" Tall X 5" Wide X 4" Long

golden pond collection frog  Colector's Frog Figurine, Stretched Pose/Green & Brown

An extra glowing, extremely attractive, brown frog figurine, with vivid, bold, brown markings, and gold accented feet, is a collector's dream. He will look elegant in any setting at home, office, or anywhere. He has a protective felt covering on his belly and legs. Comes in lovely satin-lined gift box, with extra ribbon to hold frog in place.

Size: 4.5" L X 3.75" W X 2"H

   Red - Eyed Tree Frog Mini Figurine

A red-eyed tree frog is here to be your pocket buddy. He is a beautiful shade of green, with his big red eyes, and orange feet. A handsome little guy to keep you company.

Size: 2.2" W X 1.8" D X 1.25" H
Red eyed figurine  

  leopard frog figurine  Leopard Frog Mini Figurine

Pale green, with small spots covering his entire body, this little tree frog belongs to the family of pleasant, friendly looking froggies. He is smooth to touch and keep along with you as your little buddy.

Size: 1.6" W X 1.5" D X 0.9" H

   Poison Dart Frog Mini Figurine

This little fellow is handsome, indeed. He is light brown with shiny, black spots, splashed all over his body, covering, face, head,back, legs and feet. Small enough to keep with you as a constant companion.

Size: 1.8" W X 1.9" D X 1" H
Poison dart frog figurine  

   Chef "Frenchy The Frog" - Bag Of Bread

Chef "Frenchy the Frog", must have been out shopping. He is carrying a bag of bread, perhaps to go with his wine and cheese. From the expression on his face, looks like he may have forgotten something. He is forgiven of course, because blue-eyed frog chefs who wish everyone bon appetit, rule.

Size:11-1/2" Tall X 6" Wide
frog chef figurine  

  frog chef  Chef "Frenchy The Frog" - Taking A Drink

Chef "Frenchy the Frog", dressed in his chef's attire, white chef's hat, scarf around neck. white checkered-border apron, is taking a drink from a black bottle he clutches with both hands. He must certainly like what's in that bottle, as he delightfully sips it through a straw. When you're a top chef like Frenchy, nobody questions your method of drinking.

Size:11-1/2" Tall X 7" Wide

    Green Tree Frog Sculpture

Gorgeous Frog Sculpture Shimmering, shiny, glossy ! Look how BIG she is .. a foot long , a foot wide and almost 3 inches 'deep.' A 3 D sculpture with 'depth' and 'character.' Shiny glittery faceted rhinestones accept this most unique work of art !This Sculpture will look GREAT on any table or as a wall hanger.

Size: 12"
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