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    bobble head frog Bobble-Head Squatting Froggy

Cute and Colorful and yes, he Bobbles. What more can you ask for? He's a rainbow of brilliant head, chartreus body, big, floppy,red & yellow feet, blue legs and plaid back. His large bulging eyes will jiggle as he bobbles on your home or office desk. Cute as can be!!

Size: 5" Tall X 5" Wide

    Frog On Lily Pad Dish

A contented green, poly-resin frog, is perched on the side of a Lily Pad Dish, just offering ways to utilize his versatile dish....a candy dish.....soap holder..... business card holder.... You name it!

Size: 6-1/2" Long X 1-1/2" Tall
frog dish  

    yoga frog Green Stretching Yoga Frog

This Super Shiny Green Lacquer Polystone Frog Figurine is Seated in a Yoga Pose - You Can Almost Feel The Energy...Stretch, Reach, Hold It - Great Gift for Any Exercise Buff or Frog Collector

Size: 8" Long

    Rain Forest Family Frogs

Colorful rain forest frog family. There is mommy frog and daddy frog and baby frog all hugging each other at the same time. These are so adorable. Assorted colors.

Size: 3"

    No Evil-Striped Frog Figurine

This is an unusual rendition of the "No Evil" frog scenario. This interpretation is a whimsical one--three stripped frogs seated in slanted position, each covering the ears, mouth, and eyes of their buddies. It's very cute and makes a good conversation piece. Made of ceramic into an interesting piece.

Size: 7.5" Long X 5" Tall
see no evil figurine  

  frog hockey player Frog Hockey Player Figurine

For All Hockey Fans--What could be more fun than owning this colorfully handpainted authentically uniformed froggy hockey player. He's equipped with hockey stick and puck, silver helmet, white top, blue pants and a big grin because he won, of course.You'll be a winner too if you decide to give him a home.

Size: 3.5" tall x 3"wide

  frog figurine King Sipping Frog On Yellow Throne

What could this royal king frog be sipping out of his silver goblet? Whatever it is , he seems to be thoroughly enjoying it. Seated on his big yellow throne, wearing his silver crown, he's happily guzzling away. Made of polyresin

Size: 5" X 5"

  frog figurine King Sipping Frog On Blue Throne

This royal king is sampling his drink seated upon a blue colored throne and enjoying it very much. Made of polyresin

Size: 5" X 5"

    see no evil frogs Green Stacked Frogs

Shiny Polystone Ceramic-Look Green Frogs Sitting One on Top of the Other Like a Totem Pole - They Convey the Proverbial Principal: See No Evil - Speak No Evil - Hear No Evil - Even It Was By Happenstance

Size: 5 1/2"H

    Funky Frog Keyboard Player

Take a close look at this clever, clever frog keyboard player. Notice he's all metal BUT he is actually made from nuts and bolts, screws and washers, chain links and assorted other hardware all cleverly shaped and welded into a unique sculpture. This little frog pianist would make a wonderful addition to your collection as well as a gift for a musician, mechanic, or engineer!!! Great conversation piece!

Size: 4-1/2"Tall X 3" Wide
frog keyboard  

    guitar frog Nuts-N-Bolts Frog Guitarist Sculpture

Here is another cleverly assembled metal frog musician made from nuts and bolts, screws and washers, chain links and assorted other hardware, shaped and welded into a unique Frog Guitarist Sculpture. Add it to your collection, or especially appropriate as a gift to a musician, mechanic, or engineer. Friends will be astonished at the cleverness of these amazing pieces!!!

Size:4-1/2" Tall X 2-1/2" Wide

    Nuts-N-Bolts Frog Drummer Sculpture

To complete the series of funky,clever, sculptures, we have the Frog Drummer Sculpture. A true frog enthusiast would consider having the entire collection, something that MUST BE DONE!! Go Ahead--Treat Yourself to Cleverness Beyond Belief!!

Size: 4-1/2" Tall X 2-1/2" Wide
frog dummer  

frog collectable Beautiful Brown/Green Collector's Frog Figurine

Elegantly designed and detailed, this frog figurine is special enough to embrace the most dedicated collector's expectations. Brown & green in glowing color and finish, in a stretched-out pose, with gold accented eyes and toes, this sculpture is a lovely piece. As an added feature, it has a felt backing across its belly and legs for protective measures--An enhancement to any collection!

Size: 4" Long X 5" Wide

Collector's Fine Frog Figurine
in Crouching Pose

Here we have an example of a fine frog figurine in crouching pose. It is a lovely glowing green color, with brown eyes & feet, which are accented in gold. It is carefully hand painted with tiny dotted markings along its head, back and legs. It has a felt protective backing around its entire underside. An absolute collector's treasure! Coms in dark green gift box with satin lining and extra ribbon to hold frog in place.

Size:4.5" Long X 3.75" Wide X 2" Tall
frog figurine  

frog collectors figurine Collector's Green Frog Figurine, Sitting Pose

This lovely frog figurine is light green in color, and has tiny dotted markings, carefully hand painted, into his face, back and legs. His feet are brown with gold accents. He will make an impressive addition to to your treasured collection.! Comes in a satin-lined gift box, with extra ribbon to hold frog in place.

Size: 4.5" Long X 3.75" Wide X 2" Tall

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